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An inland sea created by Ivak's cataclismic fury during the Valterrian, the Suvan Sea is a major trade route and the foremost hub for piracy in Mizahar. [lore]

Call to Action!

Postby Tydus Tempest on October 5th, 2014, 10:35 am


Well, kind of.

Hi, there! I am Tydus Tempest. Some may know me as the dashing rogue of the Tempest pod. Others as the daring Hypnotist of the Suvan Seas. Others as the overly boastful and entirely overcompensating Svefra man. Any of these work. Preferably the first two. Anyway, this Svefra has some plans for any and all who wish to play as the dashing rogues of the sea known as the Svefra (or you know, Svefrafel, aquatic Kelvics, sailors who identify with Svefra values, etc.) and want to either flash back with Tydu Tempest (511-513) or participate in plans that will go under way in the coming days. (PM for details)

So! I eagerly await hearing from any and all who wish to delve into the excitement that can be made of the Suvan Sea! ^.^

-Tempest, out.

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[Suvan Sea OOC Thread] The Fierce Currents

Postby Kai' on October 12th, 2015, 4:01 pm

Hello fellow Svefras!!

As a little side project of mine, I was thinking of developing out the Tidalwave Pod a little. I do plan to go as deep as into the Pod's History etc. But for now I think I'll start slowly by giving a go at developing some NPC's for the Pod.

I've started just adding a few NPC's that are relative to my PC Kai. However I'd be very interested if there were any NPC ideas any of you would like inputted. I would welcome any and all ideas/criticisms/input/advice from you all and it would be very much appreciated!! Especially regarding the development of the Lia, as I'm a little apprehensive about touching her xD

Here is what I have so far, please let me know your thoughts, I would really appreciate it!

NPC Developments: Tidalwave Pod

Thanks very much! :thumbsup:
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