[Location] The General Store

For all your necessities and minor purchases.

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

[Location] The General Store

Postby Siral Avadur on January 2nd, 2013, 1:03 am

12th Day of Winter, 512 A.V.

Siral strode into the general store with his usual whimsical smile, and swept his cloak aside as he retrieved the small square of parchment he had prepared for today's errands. He made his way briskly past a couple of customers arguing about something Siral would prefer not to involve himself with, and arrived at the counter without doing so. "Hello there, friend. I was curious if you could help me find a... few things."

And so began the next few minutes of searching through cupboards and pulling off shelves as Siral went down the list. "Oh, and a journal would be nice, if you have one. This is the last scrap of my old one." He waved the small piece of paper to the shopkeep as if for proof, now covered front and back with ink. It is truly a miracle it's even legible by this point, so when the man pulls out a small book with a chuckle, Siral's smile doubles. "Excellent. I do believe that is all then, How much do I owe you?" After paying the man his dues, pocketing the small receipt, and giving the man an overly-dramatic bow, Siral makes his way past the arguing couple once more, and out the door to continue his errands of the day. As he walks out into the brisk winter air, he subtly reaches to his side, grasping ever so gently the small leather pouch on a sling under his cloak.

Still there.

Receipt :
2 Cotton Shirts - 2 sm
Pair of Leather Pants - 8 sm
Pair of High Leather Boots - 5 sm
A Pound of Dried Apples - 1 gm
Set of Dice (Ivory) - 8 sm
2 Quills - 10 cm
2 Vials of Ink - 4 gm
Blank Book - 3 gm

Total: 8 gm, 23 sm, 10 cm
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[Location] The General Store

Postby Nost on March 1st, 2013, 6:12 am

80th Day of Winter, 512 AV

Nost entered the store, without paying much attention to his surroundings.
He needed supplies for his studies, since his journal was already full, and his writing quills were broken due to excessive usage.

"Hello Mister Clarke!" He greeted the store clerk. Since Nost was born in Zeltiva, he was a frequent customer at the general store. He had meet Halabin Clarke before, and he was a good friend of his father.

"Hello there Nost! How can I help you today?" He answered the kid, with enthusiasm.

"Well, today, I'll need a blank book, a pair of quills, and ink vial..." He suddenly stopped talking.

"Also, something a bit different from the usual. I need a hatchet, a nail hammer, and a pound of nails."

"Ah, you have something planned, don't you?" Halabin said, with a friendly tone.
"You are just like your father. That will be 5gm, 11 sm and 5 cm"

Nost took some money from his pocker, counted it, and then paid the clerk the indicated quantity.

The goods were delivered to him, and then he left, waving his hand to Mr. Clarke, who did the same to him.
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[Location] The General Store

Postby Lexa Maze on March 8th, 2013, 11:53 pm

10th Day of Spring

It was the day Lexa had arrived in Zeltiva, and she had one thing on her mind now that she'd got a room in an Inn and was fed and rested after a nap, she wanted to buy something that she had always wanted but never owned. Ink and a brush and a quill. She walked up the the counter of the general store and greeted the man who stood there.
"Hello, how may I help you today?"
"Hi. I'm looking for a large blank book, a couple of quills two vials of ink and a small and tiny paintbrush" Lexa said matter-of-factly
"Certainly" He said as he went to get the items she requested.

"All together that will be 8gm and 6sm, Ma'am" Lexa nodded reaching into her pocket to retrieve the money.
"Thank-you" She said, putting her new items in her backpack, and leaving for the Inn at which she stayed.

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[Location] The General Store

Postby Castor Riley on May 19th, 2013, 1:49 am

Day 43, Spring of 513 AV

Castor walked into the general store with a clear idea of what he wanted to walk out with. His recent work for Mr Sol had left him a bit short on writing materials; materials he'd need for both future research for the man, if he chose to keep him on, as well as for his University responsibilities.

He walked up to the counter. The man behind it inquired with a smile

"Hello there young man, how may I help you today?"

"I'd like to get five blank books, for some writing I'm planning on doing, and... uh... 2 vials of ink, please."
replied Castor.

"That doesn't sound like some writing. That sounds like a lot" was the man's response, eyebrow raised, as he gathered the requested items. "That'll be 19 gold mizas, thank you very much."

"It does, doesn't it? Here you go. Have a nice day!" Castor hurried through the exchange, anxious to get on with a paper his Auristics research had inspired him towards.

"Have a nice day!" The man called behind him, shaking his head at the student's speedy departure.

Receipt :
5x Blank Book - 15 GM
2x Vial of Ink - 4 GM
Total - 19 GM
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[Location] The General Store

Postby Castor Riley on June 2nd, 2013, 3:56 pm

Day 1, Summer of 513 AV
Around the 14th Bell

Once more Castor found himself walking into the General Store. He'd seen the flyers for the opening of an herbalist's shop around town and thus knew of a Potluck taking place later on in the day. He had no cooking skills, so he had figured that bringing alcohol would be an acceptable - and much kinder - substitute. He approached the counter and the kindly man behind it.

"Hello Mr Clarke"
he'd finally learned the man's name. "Happy Summer! Hope it's not too interesting!"
"Well, hello Mr Riley! The same to you! How may I help you?" asked the proprietor.
"I've got quite a big order. I'd like a cask of Kelp Beer, if that's possible?"
"Sure it is, just wait here a moment while I get you ready." said the man, hurrying off. Castor watched as the man located an empty cask and began filling it from the bottles he generally sold. Once it was full, he stoppered up the cask and lugged it back to the counter. "Phew, that will be 10 gold mizas, thank you very much."

The price was a bit steep, but Castor had expected it. He felt that the money would be well-spent as he wished to celebrate getting through the previous season. He had gotten involved in so many ventures, he really needed a few days to just have fun. Hopefully, those wouldn't be accompanied by a massive hangover. He fished the coins out of his pocket and handed them over to the shopkeeper. "Thank you, have a nice day!" he called back as he exited the store, carrying his load.

Receipt :
1x Cask of Kelp Beer - 10 GM
Total - 10 GM
OOCThe price has been confirmed with Echelon
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[Location] The General Store

Postby Ruebia on June 10th, 2013, 10:37 am

Summer, 11th, 513 AV

Ruebia found her way to the General store without a problem. She had been her families unofficial errand girl and she had come in the store often before. She pushed the door open and it creaked like always, it didnt matter how many times Mr. Clarke oiled it, it would still creak. She looked around the store for the man, paying little attention to any other patrons, none looked familiar enough to greet. After a bit of looking, she found him with another customer and she turned away towards a wall. She would wait for him to finish before she asked his opinion.
She needed to fully stock her backpack for her journey. And she wasnt exactly sure what she would need. A fork and spoon, for sure and a small bowl could double as a plate as well. A small pot would be enough to make a simple stew and she had better get a cooking spoon to go with it. She would also need rope and maybe a small animal snare. She could wrap a bedroll around her belt and place it where a rucksack would go under her backpack.
At this point her arms were full as she moved to a different part of the store. A shortbow had caught her attention and she stood staring at it. Her mother's bondmate had taught her and his two sons a bit about archery, and Ruebia was wondering if she should get it. She couldn't hunt huge game in her other form, it was too impractical. She would have to practice and Ruebia wouldnt need to hunt so much if she had an animal snare. And yet if she did get it and she got really good at it, maybe she could sell the pelts and the meat to earn money on her travels. She stood there, her eyes transfixed on the arrow and the quiver next to it until Mr Clarke tapped her on the shoulder. She jumped, her reflexes the only thing keeping all the supplies in her hand from falling.
"Doing quite a bit of shopping there, arent we, Rue?" Mr. Clarke said, chuckling.
"I've moved out of my mothers house and Im going to travel. Ive picked up a few things, am I missing anything?"she asked, holding her arms up and out a bit so that he could see the contents. He called her up to the contour so she could lay them out.
"Wont you need a tarp? To keep out the rain? Or perhaps Water Additive so that you wont get sick from bad water? And what about a tent?" He pointed out each suggestion and Ruebia looked towards them. She wouldnt need Water Additive, she didnt have trouble with that, being Kelvic gave her a stronger immune system. She didnt want a tent, she hated close spaces. But a tarp might be useful. She went over and retrieved one, on the way back her gaze rested on the shortbow and the quiver again. Underneath them lay an archers glove and an archers arm guard. She tossed the pros and cons around in her mind then went and plucked the bow, quiver, 20 arrows, one glove and one arm guard off the wall and rested them and the tarp with the rest of her supplies. Mr. Clarke eyed the bow and raised an eyebrow at Ruebia who gave him her most confident look back. He grinned and gave her a final price, wrapping the supplies up in a easy to carry fashion. She paid and received her change and headed to the door with a final wave and smile. She wasnt sure if she would be back in here again.
"Good luck on your journey Rue!" Mr. Clarke called after her and she turned quickly and waved again before exiting.

Reciept :
Item Cost
Fork 1cm
Spoon 1cm
Bowl, 10 oz 2cm
Cooking Pot, 2-Quart 2sm
Serving Spoon 3cm
Rope, hemp (50 ft) 1gm
Animal Snare, small 5gm
Bedroll 1sm
Camoflauge Tarp 20 sq. ft 12gm
Shortbow 30gm
Shortbow arrows(20) 1gm
Quiver 20gm
Archery glove 1gm
Archer's arm guard 1gm
Total 71gm 3sm 7cm
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[Location] The General Store

Postby Reign on June 15th, 2013, 3:09 pm

Summer 13th, on the 13th Bell. 513 AV

Blood, that’s what her tunic smelt like; even after an hour of careful scrubbing, the deep red stains in the faded black cloth refused to be coaxed out. It didn’t matter much though, the shirt was in desperate need to be replaced anyways. Patched and torn, part of the left sleeve was missing, as well as a chunk of fabric in the back. Poking her head into the door of the General store, Reign’s eyes met with the crinkly eyes of an old man standing behind the rustic wooden counter. He grinned pleasantly at her. Stepping inside the store Reign attempted to smile back, although it ended up looking much more alike a grimace.

“How can I help you today?” he asked, his eyes wandering to her disheveled clothing and hair.

Shifting her weight uncomfortably from foot to foot, Reign mumbled, “I need two shirts. Black if you have them. “

“Well they might be a little large on you but I have one black shirt and one white shirt,” the shopkeeper said, pulling two bundles from underneath his counter. Reign sighed, she needed two shirts, and while she loathed bright, noticeable colors, white would be nice for a hot summer day. Ducking under the counter once more, the old man pulled out a third bundle. A small, brown leather jacket that still had a nice gleam to it, “I’ve had this for a while, no one quite small enough has managed to wander into here though. Would you be interested, it’s exactly your size.”

“Sure,” Reign chimed quickly, in love with the look of the garment. She would have required a jacket anyways, for the winter and fall. Her cloak couldn’t last her forever. In the light of her spontaneous purchase; Reign selected a light black scarf from the counter, adding it onto her pile. The ability to tie her hair back would be invaluable in the blistering heat. “Oh!” she cried, spotting a sharp looking knife from across the store, “a knife too.”
“That will be 2gms.”

Putting the money into the shop keeper’s outstretched hand, Reign gathered her things (and the knife) before strutting out into the street.
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[Location] The General Store

Postby Johann Ambrosius on August 21st, 2013, 4:32 am

5th Summer, 513 AV. 11th Bell.

He had managed to enter the building on the cusp of the upswing that must have occurred everyday here. Just full enough to keep Johann and inconspicuous, but empty enough that the proprietor couldn't attend to his every need. And his needs were great.

It was only upon entry into the prestigious Zeltiva university and looked at the breadth and scope of the courses that he intended to study in his time here, that Johann noticed he was woefully unprepared. His trip from Alvadas to Zeltiva had left him full of knowledge and promise, but little in the way of tangible possessions that would be of serious benefit to him in this City. He needed equipment and it couldn't come soon enough.

"Finally got what you wanted sir?"

"Well, I think so. Just started at the University and I wasn't ready for the amount of stuff I needed."

"Well, no shame in that sir. Can happen to the best of us. If you like, I can get."

The older gentleman smiled and propped up his glasses unconsciously as he gestured at Johann toward the rest of the store. The young mage was never one to down aid offered, especially when he knew the intentions of those offering it. Halabim Clarke needed his cash, Johann had the coin to pay for his custom.

The two concluded, their tour of the store, and after all the persuasion to by more from the store keeper and the gentle refutation of the customer, the duo concluded the deal. Halabim hailed him as he turned on his heels and made for the exit.

"Thank you very much sir. Hope all goes well with the studies."

"I hope it does to. Thanks for the stuff."

  • Parchment (50 Sheets) - 1GM
  • Ink - 2GM
  • Inscribing Paint - 3GM
  • Quill (2) - 10CM
  • Scrollcase, Watertight - 5GM
  • Book, Blank (3) - 6GM
  • Toolkit: Engravers - 50GM
  • Toolkit: Artists - 25GM
Total: 92GM 10CM
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[Location] The General Store

Postby Lani Stranger on April 5th, 2014, 2:39 am

3rd of Spring 514AV
The wind whipped at her loose shirt, stealing her warmth away with its sharp fingers as she stopped at the shop door. Aquiras please bless this door and its purpose to aid those in need of their material objects. She placed her right hand on the wood frame and her left on the knob. And I pray this door will lead me to the objects I need to worship you properly and also to aid my daily life. Her prayers were not the most formal in all of Mizahar, but she wasn't a very formal person. Her respect ad gratitude was present, but not through fake fancy words that some Gods deemed necessary of their worshippers. Lani turned the knob, stepping into the warm room, once her prayer was done. Her eyes scanned the rather large store in front of her. She could buy anything she wanted. Anything. Except she really couldn't, she had left most of her mizas locked in her dorm room, not wanting to splurge and waste her money or get robbed for all she has. She was just going to get the necessities, that was all.

She dropped her shoes on the floor, slipping her feet into them and crushing the heel. She wasn't used to this necessity, no one had minded if she wore shoes or not on the road, nor in the Spires. Here in Zeltiva, wearing nothing on her feet was as if she was walking through the streets like a naked whore the way people glared at her. She didn't care too much though, the only time she felt it necessary to wear shoes was inside, where it was even less needed, but even more polite to.

Strolling somewhat leisurely through the shelves and racks, Lani had a few things she absolutely needed to get her hands on and others that she found interesting or necessary. Nothing Lani picked up was large and so it was relatively easy for her to pile her things into the two baskets she bought and head back to her dorm. She had gotten almost everything she needed, including the map, which Lani didn't think she would find. However cheap the materials were, she would be able to get fancier supplies for her God when she got a job, but until then she would have to work with what she had. But Lani needed just one more thing for her ritual . . . and she would have to get it specially made.

Receipt :
Item Price
Detail Brush 5 sm
Charcoal Sticks (x10) 5 cm
Common Medium Birchwood Basket 15 cm
Common Small Birchwood Basket 2 cm
High Quality Coffer 2 gm
Bath Salt (12 oz) 1 gm
Toothbrush 3 gm
Toot Paste (8 oz) 2 gm
Unglazed Clay Bowl (16 oz) 2 cm
Zeltiva City Map 2 gm
Common Lamp 1 sm
Tinder (x4) 4 cm
Quills (x2) 1 sm
Blank Book 3 gm
Black Ink Vials (x2) 2 gm
Red Ink Vial 3 gm
Scented Candles (x3) 15 sm

Total= 20 gm, 4 sm, 8 cm
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[Location] The General Store

Postby Turais on April 11th, 2014, 9:42 pm

4th of Spring, 514 AV

Turais stopped into the Store as the ninth bell of the day went off. He had decided it was high time to go and get some supplies for this seasons classes. He had a book for taking notes for his magic classes, but he needed loose, blank paper for his teaching class. He quickly spotted the owner, Halabin Clarke who looked at him for a while as Turais took in the surroundings and all the items. After recovering from his state of awe he moved to the counter and cleared his throat, "Ten sheets of paper, ten ink sticks and.... five candles please?" He asked as he pulled his coin purse out and waited for the man to grab the items and give him the total.

Halabin gathered all the items Turais had requested and wrapped them up for him before telling him the total. The Ethaefal quickly handed over the Mizas' and left once the supplies had been tucked away into his bag.

receiptPaper (10) - 4gm
Ink Sticks (10) - 3gm
Candles (5) - 2sm 5cm
Total - 7gm 2sm 5cm

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