[Location] The General Store

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

[Location] The General Store

Postby Paragon on March 14th, 2012, 12:47 pm

The General Store


Constructed from durable grey granite weathered to a silvery sheen, this general store forms the image of solid respectability. Two full stories it stands, dwarfing its neighbor Treasures of the Sea, crowned with a sloping shingled roof and adorned with a large wooden sign proclaiming the building to be Zeltiva's general store. The front of the shop boasts a large window draped with curtains made from old sails, a nod to the city's seafaring nature that also betrays the shopkeeper Halabin Clarke's thrifty and unwasteful nature. A cloth awning of deep blue shades the double doors leading into the store, which inevitably creak and protest with every opening and closing despite the shopkeeper's best efforts to tend and oil their hinges.

Much like its exterior, the general store's interior is well-maintained but plain and unpretentious. Illuminated by hanging lanterns that cast a warm amber glow, the shop's low ceiling and tightly packed rows of glass display cases and finely crafted wooden shelves make for a cozy, almost intimate atmosphere. A broad selection of merchandise and dry goods for household use is on sale, from staple foods like smoked fish and bottled kelp beer to everyday necessities and tools. Along one side of the store are shelves full of bolts of sturdy fabric like cotton, canvas, and calico in a variety of colors, as well as simple, utilitarian items of clothing in a small range of sizes and styles. Cheaply made fisherman's boots, all-terrain boots, riding boots, and ordinary shoes are also on sale, though perfect fit and comfort are far from guaranteed. Plank counters run along the back of the store, and laid out on the floor beside the counters are kegs full of nails, sacks full of salt and sugar, and barrels full of lampoil, nails, and fresh water. On top of the counters are large glass jars brimming with nuts, dried fruits, salted fish, molasses, and something pickled and fleshy that very few customers dare examine for too long.

on the other side of the store, large display cases showcase common everyday items like steel axe heads, hammers, saws, shovels, fishing nets, and several different kinds of knives, like hunting knives, skinning knives, knives for eating, and butcher knives. Coils of rope lie beside arrays of pots, pitchers, and waterskins; vials of ink keep company with boxes of sealing wax, sheets of parchment and paper, and leather scroll-cases. These and many more items are all offered at the general store, none in huge quantities or of particularly high quality, but all intended to be convenient and useful. The general store is, after all, a store intended for ordinary people to obtain ordinary things, not luxuries or curiosities, so that they can continue on with their ordinary lives even in the face of extraordinary dangers and hardships.

Behind the plank counters, a narrow stairway leads to the second floor, which functions as the stockroom for the general store. No less than two heavy padlocks guard the door to this room, and the inventory is meticulously tallied every day by the shopkeeper and his assistant. Every few days, depending on demand, old stock is taken off the store shelves and replaced with new merchandise from the stockroom with great ceremony, as though the replenishing of supplies is considered a mystical ritual for Halabin Clarke and his ever-changing succession of clerks.

ImageHalabin Clarke
Born and bred in Zeltiva, Halabin Clarke is a genial, quick-witted man in his early fifties with once-dark hair gone grey and sharp brown eyes obscured by tortoise-shell spectacles. Born in a family of intellectuals and scholars, he received an excellent education and attended the University of Zeltiva as a matter of course, pursuing the study of economics and finance. Everyone expected Halabin to excel effortlessly at his studies and become a scholar like the rest of his family. However, after three years of study and in the midst of slogging through his thesis, Halabin came to a sudden realization. What he wanted most in life wasn't to become an ivory-tower intellectual or to study the great abstract forces of economics. Instead, Halabin's passion was for the exchanges, negotiations, and bargaining in everyday commerce, the selling, buying, and bartering of goods, the smiles or frowns of buyers, and the clatter of mizas in his hand. Halabin wasn't even interested in profits; he thought of bargaining and negotiating as a means of exchanging ideas with customers and making friends.

Though he knew too well how disappointed and upset his family would be, Halabin quit his studies right then and there and embarked on a solitary journey as a peddler of general merchandise and dry goods. His knowledge of continental markets and ability to wield erudite, incomprehensible jargon like the finest University scholar impressed many sailors and traders from Syliras, Mura, Nyka, and other cities to which Zeltiva had trade routes. With his contacts and inheritance, Halabin was able to set up a modest shop in Zeltiva. Since then, he's expanded his shop several times into a thriving business selling a wide variety of household tools and items. To this day, he retains his quick wit, love of bargaining, and acumen with numbers and money, making him a sharp negotiator toward customers looking for a deal and a friendly, amiable manager of his store with a surprisingly keen understanding of economic and financial forces in the wider world.

Negotiation 55
Persuasion 30
Economics 30
Organization 40

Moderators Notes: Credit goes to Avari. All minor purchases can be made here - if in doubt, ask a moderator!
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[Location] The General Store

Postby Idue on March 16th, 2012, 11:45 pm

OOCEchelon approved this transaction this one time.

9th day of Spring, 512 AV

Idue had a free day off from the University, and decided he needed to buy some new clothes. He had worn the same shirt for a while and needed a little variety. So as he wandered the Zeltiva, he had come upon this General Store. Assuming a general store would have clothing, he entered.

Walking to the counter, he smiled to the clerk, and asked, "Does this shop sell clothing?"

"Not often, " Halabin Clarke's response began, "but in our recent shipment, a few shirts were in the midst. They seem like they might fit you to. Three of them."

"I'll take all three. How much?"

"Three silver miza. Wait here while I fetch them."

While Halabin went over to get the shirts, Idue fetched three silver miza from his pocket, setting them on the table. The exchange was made, and Idue stood at the counter long enough to look at the shirts. They appeared like they would fit him, with a slight slit along the chest. All different colors, black, white, and green, they didn't seem like it would go well with his blue turban and sash. But he cared little with his appearance, so he left without a second thought. They were good enough for him.
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[Location] The General Store

Postby Ndale Soromund on March 19th, 2012, 6:41 pm

Season of Spring, Day 29, Year 512AV

Nadle was sure now was time. Stores were beginning to tentatively open, a small influx of ships could go to and from Zeltiva. It was once more becoming a thriving city. As such, with all that had been done, all that she herself had seen she now knew what she wished for.

Her thoughts firmly in place and for the moment not brimming with questions she had no answers too she approached the store. Stepping up the counter she quickly pulled out her coin purse, she was sparse on Miza but this would be a worth while purchase.

"You sell the books here, yes? The empty ones with papers?"

"That we do." He had a kind smile but his eyes sharp, not severe simply a person who knew what was what. She liked him already. "You'll be needing them for school then? Many students have stopped by since classes have picked up again."

"No. For me." she paused, thinking carefully and coming to the conclusion she had no ink either, "Some ink and a...writing tool."

Nodding the man moved swiftly about the shop, grabbing her items with practiced ease. It was his shop after all, of course he would know where everything was.

"A book, a quill and some ink, how much would you like?"


"Two it is." Both occupants of the transaction smiled at each other widely, Ndale quickly paying the man and grabbing her items. With the promise to return to his shop when she ran out of ink, she exited the store and quickly made her way home.
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[Location] The General Store

Postby Elem Bree on March 21st, 2012, 6:07 am

Spring, Day 36, AV 512

With the volume of patients stalling a bit, Elem felt he could take a day off. He asked Mistress Claira, who assigned him to sweep the Infirmary out and do a round of visits to those in the Infirmary first. His Mother's light shone on many, easing their pains, be they physical or emotional. His sweeping gave him time to think about the many things he needed to purchase at the General Store. Once finished, he left the broom in the corner and gave himself the rest of the day off, anxious to get the many items procured and stowed.

Buzzing with excitement, he tried to keep himself in check when he entered the general store. His eyes widened, however, at the plethora of wares presented. It was so organized and neat, a far cry from his ramshackle workspace and the Infirmary. He had only come to get things with his mother and father before and he was usually just the mule to carry it all back. It was quite different to have a shopping trip for himself.

Mr. Clarke looked up from his ledger, a glimmer of recognition in his face.

"Hello, Mr. Clarke. Elem Bree." He approached the older man and shook hands with him, his gnosis mark evident on his offered hand.

"The Brees, yes. Cobbler and herbalist? Yes, good people. They are doing well?"

Elem retracted his hand, nodding. "As well as anyone else in these trying times, Sir. Thank you for asking. I have quite a few things in mind to purchase from you today. Should I bring all of it up here to the counter? I'm afraid I am unsure of how to do it."

Clarke smiled, shaking his head. "No, no. I'll have one of my clerks tally for you." The merchant gave a shrill whistle and a thin boy in his teens came down from the stairs behind the counter. Clarke passed him a small journal and a quill. "Tally Mister Bree's purchases." The boy nodded and looked prepared, quill at the ready. Elem nodded and they began.

The first stop was an area with various containers. " Two buckets, half a dozen glass jars with lids, a clay pitcher and two clay mugs, two iron pots, and five flasks." He looked as the boy made marks, nodding patiently. They moved on to the section of writing implements. " Two blank books, two ink vials, four quills. And that should do it." The boy nodded again and made his way to the counter and Mister Clarke with Elem in tow.

Clarke looked the order over, sending the boy to begin gathering the items after he made a notation in his own ledger. "Very good, Elem, was it?" Elem nodded in response. "Give me a moment to calculate it." Elem watched the young clerk expertly place containers in containers, using the books as buffers from glass and iron. He had done this sort of thing often. "Alright, Mister Bree, the total would be twenty six gold mizas, nine silver mizas and three copper mizas."

Elem counted out twenty seven gold mizas, a bit sad that it left him with only four, but that was the life of a student, he supposed. Mister Clarke returned his one silver miza and seven copper mizas before whistling again, bringing a second clerk from above. " Assist Mister Bree with his purchases here." Looking at Elem, he shook his hand again. "Thank you, Mister Bree. Orders are distant enough, every miza helps." Elem smiled and held the door open for the clerks.

Once the trio arrived, he instructed them to leave the items at the door, that he would handle them himself. They nodded and began to shuffle off. Elem stopped them. "I don't really have change, but please take this silver and these copper." The boys opened their eyes wider, guessing at how to split the tip up as they walked off, waving to Elem.

"Now I just have to put it all away."
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[Location] The General Store

Postby Marcus Dymez on May 30th, 2012, 6:15 am

87th Day of Spring, 512 A.V.

Marcus walked into the general store with his eyes skimming over a crumpled note in his hands, ignorant of his merchandise-laden surroundings. It was because of this fact that Marcus almost tripped on his was in, but his composure remained (slightly) intact. He chuckled a bit as he finished reviewing his list of supplies and clothing he required for his next season of University, and noticed the odd favoring of the number Three. He politely smiled to the shopkeeper as he approached the rugged wooden counter, and began the run-down.

"Hello there. I'm in a bit of a hurry, so I apologize for the lack of formalities. So, let's see..." Marcus traced the items with his hand, pausing after each as the shop-tender either pointed him in the right direction, or retrieved it for him. Three sets of cotton clothing (Shirts and Pants), three pairs of leather shoes, two linen robes, a pair of leather leather gloves three vials of ink, three quills, ten scrolls of parchment, a dozen candles, and four blank books, as well as a sack to carry all of the new clothing. Marcus went over the total with the shopkeeper, and counted out the sum from his coin-purse, his heart-strings luckily unaffected by the spending.

"Alright then, 21 G's and 37 Cop's." Marcus laid 22 gold mizas on the wooden counter, and after packing up all of his new materials into his backpack (and sack), he pocketed his change and flashed the gentle man one last smile before heading off.

"Take Care Now!" Marcus yelled over his shoulder as he walked out the door, content with finally overcoming his procrastination and going out for supplies.

Mission Accomplished.
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[Location] The General Store

Postby Casper on July 6th, 2012, 3:29 pm

13th of Summer, 512 AV

Casper walked into the general store with the singular purpose of finally buying himself some armor. There were only so many attacks he could dodge before one of them actually hit him, and he would be much happier if the enemy had at least a little more trouble doing that. After all, the difference between a fatal wound and incredibly painful one was a few millimeters, give or take.

He wandered over to the side of the store that seemed to be packed with clothing. It was only logical that he would find what he needed there. after maneuvering through the myriad of silks, cottons and other fabrics, he came upon a display of different armor sets. The first was metal, and though his eyes lingered on it for a moment, he easily decided it was not the one for him. He didn't want to be heard clanking about from miles away, not to mention speed was all too important when it came to wielding his Tulwar. He needed something lighter, that he could wear casually and comfortably...

Just as he spotted what he was looking for, he was surprised by the shopkeeper. "Hello, how can I help you?" He said cheerily as he came up behind him. Casper gave him a quick look, acknowledging his presence, then pointed to a set of studded leather armor. It covered the entire torso including his arms, the only major part left open being his knees. "How much iss that?" he asked, already reaching for his pouch.

"Fine choice," he said with a smile, "That is twenty-five gold mizas, which I assure you--"
"Done," he replied curtly, pulling out the money and handing it to him. He wasn't one for bargaining. Before he concluded the end of his shopping, he grabbed a pair of fingerless leather gloves, tired of seeing his knuckles bloodied, and added that to the cost. With an air of satisfaction, he walked out of the shop and back into the sunny Zeltivan street.

LedgerStudded leather armor -25 gm
Leather gloves -5 sm
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[Location] The General Store

Postby Larknas Tider on July 8th, 2012, 10:58 am

20st of Summer 512AV

It was a sunny and windy day even so no cloud in the sky normally a perfect day for swimming ,but Larknas had a free day from his job today and he wanted to spent it in the Library he had taken some of his stuf with him in the rucksack for that but he needed a couple more to help him write down some stuff he might wanted to re-read at a later day besides he could always go swimming later.

Remembering about a store he had heard from the various sailors at the dock he took the road there based on what he heard and half hours later he found it Zeltiva's general store read the sign in front like it was daring him to enter.
Entering the shop Larknas noticed the creeking from the doors but soon saw all the goods lined up oohh i wonder if they have fishing nets too he thought "Can i help you young man?" called an old man from the counter this must be the shopkeeper "Yes i am searching for some writing supplies and if you have in stock a scrollcase resistant to water"
"hm what kind of writing supplies for caligraphy or simply a paper sheet to write on?" asked the old man "I will just buy a few paper sheets say seven the Scrollcase i told you and a Quill and one Vial of ink" replied Larknas reaching to his pouch as the old man asked his assistant to bring the items and count them all "It will be seven golden 28 silver and five coper mizas in total" he said with a smille.
Larknas counted them and gave them to the shopkeeper placing his items in the rucksack "pleasure doing business with ya sir" and with that he turned back to leave the shop next stop the library it was going to be a long day.

ooc NotesThere two vials of ink one at Tools and Items
another at
Enlightened, Magic and Magic Related
Which one to use just pm me(il use the second and i guess teh first is for filling the vial??).
If something is wrong tell me pretty sure got the prices ok
So its
Ink=2 gm
Quil=5 cm
Scrollcase, Watertight=5gm
Paper =4 sp each
28 sp(paper)
Total:7 gm 28sp 5 cm
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[Location] The General Store

Postby Nira'lia on July 19th, 2012, 7:27 pm

494 Fall 20th (Flashback)
“Hello! Good morning!” called out Nira’lia as she tried her best to look for Halabin Clarke across the countertop. At her young age and short height, she could barely see past it. Finally, as if to make it easier for her, the shopkeeper went around the counter to greet her.

“What do you need today?” asked Halabin.

“Hi!” she waved as she stared at him. “I need a small tent, a bedroll, and…”

The young Konti paused as she thought about it. Her sister had dictated the items, and she stubbornly refused to write it down.

“And a blanket!” she finally said. “I’m going camping with my sisters, so I need these things… would you have them?”

Halabin nodded, and he went to the back. Nira’lia patiently waited for him. Soon enough, he came back with a myriad of things in his arms. Nira’lia gaped—with all of it together, it looked quite heavy. However, Halabin folded and tied the items together in such a way that she would be able to carry it in her arms. She would do it with much effort and trouble, but it was possible.

“Two golden and six silver mizas, dear,” he told her.

The Konti nodded and went through her pocket, bringing out the said amount and placing it on the counter. With that, she took her purchases from him.

Receipt :
Bedroll - 1sm
Blanket, Winter - 5sm
Tent, one-person - 2gm
Total - 2gm 6sm
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[Location] The General Store

Postby Kaeson Dakano on July 27th, 2012, 1:21 am

10th of Summer

"You lookin' to buy something or just browsin' for now?"

"Huh? Oh, um, yes." Kaeson paused, "A weapon would be good, I think," he muttered quietly.

"A weapon? Any weapon?" The older man asked, adding, "You don't look much a warrior, kid. Maybe a nice book, instead?"

Kaeson ignored the man's comment. "Maybe a bow?"

"Are you sure? I've got some nice --,"

"What kind of bows do you have? And arrows?" Kaeson interrupted, clearly decided on what he was leaving the store with.

"Look, kid. I don't think it's the best idea. Maybe --,"

"I've got money." Kaeson said pointedly, already walking over to the opposite side of the shop.

"I never said nothing 'bout money, --,"

"This'll work," Kaeson interrupted, pulling a long bow off the shelf. It was almost, if not exactly the same size as the young animator. "And these," he added casually, taking 3 bags of arrows off the wall.

"Do you even know what that is? I mean, --,"

"It's 75 for the bow and 60 for the arrows, right?" Kaeson asked, rummaging through his pack.

"Yeah, but --,"

"Here," Kaeson handed him the mizas, and headed out the door.

"Do you even know how to use a longbow?" The shopkeeper asked, still obviously concerned.

"A longbow?" Kaeson repeated, almost as if he hadn't know what to call his knew purchase. "No, but it'll learn. Thanks though."

LEDGERLong bow = 75gm, 60 long bow arrows = 3 gm (1 gm = 20gm)
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[Location] The General Store

Postby Jibril Keenan on October 6th, 2012, 8:59 pm

90th of Winter, 511 AV (Flashback)

As Jibril was creeping around the West street searching for some school supplies for his upcoming schooling. He was really excited by the idea of entering one of Miza's renown universities. He abruptly stopped by a shop and noticed an adorable large wooden sign proclaiming it was Zeltiva's general store. And rushing through the counter, he observed the shop owner in his 50's wearing his spectacles.

"May I help you?"
The old man glimpsed, while busy arranging the store's displays.

"A blank book please, one vial of ink and a quill..."
Jibril replied while travelling his gazed through the various different products the store's offered.

"Is that all? 3 gm for the blank book, 1gm for one vial of ink and 5cm for a quill..."

Jibril drew his money out of his pocket and counted it making sure that he'll paid the exact amount.

"Can't you make it 4 gm? Mr...?" Jibril asked with hesitation.

"No, it's fixed. Im Mr. Halabin Clarke, by the way, if you don't mind other customers were waiting at the back of you."

Jibril handed down the money promptly after realizing the waiting customers at the back of him. The two did the necessary transaction and Mr. Clarke gave Jibril his purchased with the receipt stick on top of the blank unused brand new book.

Receipt :
Zeltiva's General Store

Blank Book (1)= 3gm
Vial of Ink (1)= 1gm
Quill (1)= 5cm

Total purchased=4 gm, 5 cm
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