[Location] Frostpoint Lighthouse

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This northernmost city is the home of Morwen, The Goddess of Winter, and her followers who dwell year round in a land of frozen wonder. [Lore]

[Location] Frostpoint Lighthouse

Postby Valkyrie on July 4th, 2012, 5:58 pm

Frostpoint Lighthouse


Frostpoint Lighthouse is located on a long spar of land that juts into the port of Avanthal. The ground of the narrow spar is covered in thick sheets of ice made slick by constant lapping of the waves. With only a light coating of snow to provide traction the lighthouse was very dangerous to get to. It was originally commissioned by the Coolwater Hold in 268 AV to help their sailors find their way home during storms. Frostpoint was built by Icegalze Hold and blessed by Morwen for use in 269 AV. Iceglaze built the lighthouse entirely of icestone and included a small room for whoever was on duty to relax in.

When Avanthal first came into contact with outsiders in 457 AV it was decided to enlarge the lighthouse for full time use. Iceglaze completed rebuilt Frostpoint in 459 AV again out of icestone. The enlarged lighthouse contains three floors and is only accessible by a bridge of wood and imported steel. The bridge leads from the lighthouse to a set of stairs that descend on firmer and safer land to traverse. Where the bridge meets the lighthouse a stairs leads around and up the outside to the third level where the only door to the interior is located. The third floor has a railed deck wrapped around it where visitors are invited to view the sea on calm days. The door to the interior is usually locked but one of the caretakers will usually open it to any knocking. In the interior of the third floor a map room shares space with a reception area for visitors. The second floor contains living and eating space for the caretakers, and the bottom floor contains their sleeping quarters. The lighthouse was nearly destroyed during the Great Melt of 512 but was saved and restored to its appropriate condition.

In 458 AV while the lighthouse was still being rebuilt a gifted magecrafter named Kennar arrived with his family on a tradeship from Sylira. Kennar immediately loved Avanthal and determined to craft a gift for Morwen that would benefit all of Avanthal. He finally decided to craft a large crystal to sit atop the lighthouse that would change color to warn sailors of the conditions in the port and surrounding sea. Kennar managed to complete his project but died several days later due to effects of overgiving. His sister presented the magicked crystal and schematics to Morwen at Kennar’s funeral. Morwen had the newly named Kennar’s Beacon placed atop the lighthouse and promptly hid the schematics deep within her palace vaults. Kennar’s Beacon shines a beam of clear light when the port conditions are optimal, blue light when the ice is thick and may be difficult to cross, green when storms are brewing or in progress, and red when conditions are mortally dangerous to approach land.

(NPC)Svarra Coolwater :
Name: Svarra Coolwater
Race: Vantha
DoB: Spring 29, 486 AV
PoB: Avanthal
Title: Cartographer/Lighthouse Caretaker
Skills: Cartography 59, Sea Navigation 54, Drawing 37, Sailing 28, Copying 16
Gnosis: 2 Marks of Morwen

Svarra Coolwater was born in Avanthal in the Spring of 486 AV and received her first mark of Morwen not long after. Her father was a Coolwater fisherman and her mother was a Skyglow charcoal artist. Both Svarra and her mother would accompany her father out on his boat while he went on fishing trips. Her mother would use charcoal to create beautiful pictures of the coastline and the sea while Svarra practiced at her feet with a charcoal nub and scrap paper. When she ran out of room to scribble she would help her father sail the boat and navigate. Svarra loved hearing about the stars and which were important for finding shore again so as she grew older she decided to put the small artistic talent she inherited from her mother to use making maps.

When Svarra came of age she was married to Klaryn, a young Coolwater sailor. Klaryn encouraged Svarra’s mapmaking efforts and used many of her early creations himself. Svarra was happy with her new husband and worked on her drawing skills until she was employed full time as a Cartographer for the Coolwater Hold. One particularly stormy night in spring, Klaryn’s boat crashed into an ice flow and all aboard were drowned. So after only four years of marriage, Svarra was left a widow. She disliked the loudness of Coolwater Hold while she grieved, and so she volunteered to live at the lighthouse with the elderly caretaker. Several years after moving in, the caretaker passed away and Svarra became the permanent caretaker and Morwen awarded her a second mark for dedicating her life to service of Avanthal. She enjoyed living on the coast in the lighthouse and spent her time making maps of the stars and currents. All the time alone made the Vantha lonely, but she soon found companionship in a newly arrived Kelvic, Haegran. Svarra and Haegran split up the day into two shifts. Svarra oversaw the lighthouse during the day and Haegran during the night. Since one was usually sleeping during the other’s shift the two only get to spend the dusk and dawn hours together in quiet conversation.

(NPC)Haegran :
Name: Haegran
Race: Kelvic, Snowy Owl
DoB: Winter 76, 506 AV
PoB: Zeltiva
Title: Lighthouse Caretaker
Skills: Observation 72, Tracking 37, Wilderness Survival 21, Singing 18, Fishing 17
Gnosis 1 Mark of Morwen

Haegran was born during Winter in Zeltiva under the name Poplar. Dissatisfied with the loud, scholarly city Poplar left Zeltiva for quieter and cooler places. Poplar traveled north a full year before reaching Avanthal, taking rest stops in Syliras and the Spires. The owl enjoyed the quiet of the Northern Wastes and determined to settle in Avanthal. In late summer of 509 AV, Poplar met a young Vantha woman who shared her desire to live quietly. The woman was Svarra, and the two quickly became friends. By the time fall came around Poplar had bonded to Svarra, taken the name Haegran, and moved into the lighthouse.

Haegran and Svarra decided to split the day into two shifts, with Svarra taking the day shift and Haegran the night. Being that one is usually sleeping while the other is on watch they only get to spend the dawn and dusk hours together unless an emergency occurs. Though she was not particularly religious, benevolent Morwen bestowed her mark upon the young Kelvic to make her nightly watch easier. A small roost was installed near the top of the lighthouse for Haegran to reside comfortably outdoors when she chose. The owl spends most of her nights in the roost watching the tide come in, though occasionally she can be seen diving for the rare fish that surfaces in the port. With her keen eyesight, Haegran is often sent out to search for missing ships or sailors thrown overboard by rough waters.

Employment and Training :
Employment Available
  • Scribe – 3gm/day

Training Available
  • Cartography
  • Copying

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