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[scrapbook] Collection of site information. And Scrapbook?

Postby Julian Rasfura on May 12th, 2010, 1:03 am


This price guide was a quick grab off of the lore section of the Mizahar site. I do not claim the price guide as my own but instead have simply reposted it after a problem with loading it on my system. The purpose of this price guide is for quick reference without being troubled by overlapping text. There is no description for the items as provided in the Lore price guide and it is recommended that you actually use the Lore price guide instead. There are items missing from this price guide, namely weapon based with exception of naval weaponry. If you are still reading this at this point I congratulate you for being able to read the fine text.
The proper Price List can be found at this location and is recommended instead of the one on this character sheet.
Price List

Edible goods :
Spices and Seasonings
Angelica 5 cm/oz
Anise 3 cm/oz
Basil 1 sm/oz
Bergamot 3 sm/oz
Borage 2 cm/oz
Caraway 2 cm/oz
Cardamon 1 gm/oz
Chives 2 cm/oz
Cinnamon 1 gm/oz
Clary 8 cm/oz
Cloves 20 gm/oz
Coriander 1 sm/oz
Costmary 3 cm/oz
Cubeb 15 gm/oz
Cumin 3 cm/oz
Dilweed 3 cm/oz
Fennel seed 1 sm/oz
Fenugreek 10 gm/oz
Garlic 4 cm/oz
Ginger 1 cm/oz
Horehound 5 cm/oz
Horseradish 3 sm/oz
Hyssop 4 gm/oz
Juniper 2 sm/oz
Laurel 4 sm/oz
Lemon balm 2 sm/oz
Liquorice root 4 sm/oz
Lovage 1 sm/oz
Mace 25 gm/oz
Marjoram 4 cm/oz
Mint 3 cm/oz
Mustard seed 5 cm/oz
Nutmeg 30 gm/oz
Oregano 2 sm/oz
Parsley 4 sm/oz
Pepper 30 gm/oz
Poppy seed 8 gm/oz
Rose hips 5 gm/oz
Rosemary 4 sm/oz
Saffron 65 gm/oz
Sage 1 sm/oz
Salt 1 cm/oz
Sweet cicely 1 sm/oz
Thyme 1 sm/oz
Tarragon 1 gm/oz
Turmeric 25 gm/oz
Woodruff 1 sm/oz

Barley 1 gm/lb
Buckwheat 5 gm/lb
Chick peas 3 gm/lb
Lentils 2 gm/lb
Millet 7 sm/lb
Oats 7 sm/lb
Rice 5 gm/lb
Rye 7 sm/lb
Wheat 1 cm/lb

Barley 2 gm/lb
Buckwheat 1 gm/lb
Rye 15 sm/lb
Wheat 3 gm/lb

Dried Fruits and Vegetables
Apples 1 gm/lb
Apricots 15 gm/lb
Carrots 1 gm/oz
Cherries 5 sm/oz
Currants 1 sm/oz
Dates 5 gm/oz
Elderberries 1 sm/oz
Fig 7 gm/oz
Green beans 2 sm/oz
Green peas 2 sm/lb
Mushrooms 1 gm/lb
Onion 5 sm/oz
Peaches 15 gm/lb
Pears 5 gm/lb
Prunes 3 gm/lb
Raisins 1 gm/lb
Tomatoes 1 gm/lb

Olive 5 gm/gal
Almonds 10 gm/gal
Walnuts 2 gm/gal
Hazelnuts 3 gm/gal
Sesame 10 gm/gal
Sunflower 3 sm/gal
Safflower 2 sm/gal
Grapeseed 1 sm/gal

Almonds 3 gm/lb
Cashews 20 gm/lb
Chestnuts 1 gm/lb
Hazelnuts 5 sm/lb
Pine nuts 10 gm/lb
Pistachios 15 gm/lb
Walnuts 3 sm/lb

Honey 1 sm/pt
Marzipan 20 gm/oz
Molasses 5 sm/pt
Sorghum 3 sm/pt
Sugar 1 gm/lb

Corned 3 gm/lb
Jerked 7 gm/lb
Sausage 2 gm/lb
Smoked 4 gm/lb

Bacon 4 gm/lb
Ham 5 gm/lb
Salted 3 gm/lb
Sausage 1 gm/lb

Pickled 3 gm/lb
Salted 5 gm/lb
Smoked 7 gm/lb

Chilies 25 gm/lb
Coffee 50 gm/lb
Coconut 50 gm/lb
Hickory nuts 200 gm/lb
Lotus 100 gm/oz
Maple sugar 75 gm/gal
Paprika 30 gm/oz
Pimento 40 gm/oz
Pineapple 150 gm/lb
Sarsaparilla 10 gm/oz
Tobacco 5 sm/lb
Vanilla 75 gm/oz
Walnuts, black 100 gm/lb

Taverns, Inns and Lodging :
Ale, Gallon 2 sm
Ale, Mug 4 cm
Banquet (per person) 10 gm
Bread, per loaf 2 cm
Cheese, hunk of 1 sm
Entertainment, Common 3 sm
Entertainment, Good 1 gm
Entertainment, Poor 5 cm
Inn, Common (per day) 5 sm
Inn, Good (per day) 2 gm
Inn, Poor (per day) 2 sm
Meals, Common (per day) 5 sm
Meals, Good (per day) 2 gm
Meals, Poor (per day) 2 sm
Meat, chunk of 3 sm
Rations, trail (per day) 5 sm
Rent, Apartment, Common (per day) 1 gm
Rent, Apartment, Good (per day) 3 gm
Rent, Apartment, Poor (per day) 5 sm
Wine, Common (pitcher) 2 sm
Wine, Fine (bottle) 10 gm

Clothing :
Leather 2 sm
Fine 25 gm

Furred 3 gm
Linen 1 gm

Plain 2 sm
Fancy 1 gm+

High 5 sm
Low 3 sm
Riding 1 gm

Sackcloth 5 cm
Cotton 1 sm
Leather 8 sm
Wool 5 sm
Velvet 4 gm
Silk 8 gm

Half 1 gm
Full 2 gm

Sackcloth 8 cm
Linen 1 sm
Silk 6 gm

Cotton 3 sm
Wool 5 sm
Fur 20 gm+

Cotton 1 sm
Leather 3 sm
Velvet 2 gm
Brocade 8 gm

Peasant 5 sm
Average 8 sm
Fine 20 gm+
Exquisite 75 gm

Leather 5 sm
Canvas 5 cm
Mittens 8 sm
Silk 15 gm

Hat, Broad-Brim 8 gm
Hat, Fur 15 sm
Cap, cotton 8 cm
Cap, wool 1 sm
Coif 2 sm
Fez 1 sm
Hood, wool 8 cm
Hood, cotton 5 cm
Hood, fur 1 gm
Turban 2 sm

Cotton 6 sm
Leather 1 gm
Wool 1 gm
Velvet 8 gm
Silk 10 gm
Fur 50 gm+

Sackcloth 1 sm
Cotton/linen 1 gm
Velvet 3 gm
Silk 5 gm

Cotton 2 sm
Wool 1 sm
Silk 4 gm

Sackcloth 5 cm
Cotton/linen 1 sm
Velvet 5 gm
Silk 10 gm
Nightshirt, silk 6 gm

Leather 3 sm
Sandals 2 sm
Slippers 1 sm
Dancing 15 gm

Peasant 8 cm
Velvet 5 gm
Silk 45 gm

Sackcloth 5 cm
Cotton 5 sm
Velvet 2 gm
Silk 25 gm

Apron, leather 3 sm
Girdle 6 sm
Loincloth 3 cm
Stockings 4 sm
Suspenders 8 cm
Tabard 5 sm

Tools and Items :
Axe, Carpenter's 1 gm
Axe, Woodsman's 4 gm
Barrel (Empty) 1 gm
Basket (Empty) 4 sm
Block And Tackle 5 gm
Bottle, Wine, Glass 2 gm
Bucket (Empty) 5 sm
Chain (10 ft.) 30 gm
Chest (Empty) 2 gm
Crowbar 2 gm
Dice Set, Bone 8 sm
Dice Set, Silver 4 gm
Embroidering Kit 20 gm
Flask 3 cm
Grindstone 25 gm
Grindstone, Extra Large 100 gm
Hammer 5 sm
Hoe 3 gm
Hourglass 25 gm
Jug, Clay 3 cm
Ladder, 10-Foot 5 cm
Linen (sq.yd.) 4 gm
Magnifying Glass 100 gm
Manacles 15 gm
Manacles, High Quality 50 gm
Mirror, Small Steel 10 gm
Mug, Clay 2 cm
Portable Forge (Isurian) 400 gm
Pitcher, Clay 2 cm
Pitchfork 1 gm
Pole, 10-Foot 2 sm
Pot, Iron 5 sm
Rake 1 gm
Rope, Hemp (50 ft.) 1 gm
Rope, Silk (50 ft.) 10 gm
Sack (Empty) 1 sm
Scale, Merchant’s 2 gm
Sealing Wax 1 gm
Sewing Kit 18 gm
Sewing Needle 5 sm
Shovel 2 gm
Signet Ring 5 gm
Silk (2 sq.yd.) 20 gm
Sled 20 gm
Soap (Per lb.) 5 sm
Spade or Shovel 2 gm
Stocks 25 gm
Target, Archer’s 18 gm
Toolkit, Bowyer/Fletcher’s 20 gm
Toolkit, Coinsmith’s Special
Toolkit, Crafter's 25 gm
Toolkit, Keymaker’s 95 gm
Toolkit, Leatherworker’s 70 gm
Toolkit, Mapmaker’s 22 gm
Toolkit, Navigator’s 250 gm
Toolkit, Surgeon’s 200 gm
Vial, Ink 1 gm
Whetstone 2 cm

Trade goods :
Copper 5 sm/pound
Cosmetics, common 1 cm–1 sm/oz.
Cosmetics, unusual 2 sm–1 gm/oz.
Cosmetics, rare 2–10 gm/oz.
Cosmetics, exotic 11–25+ gm/oz.
Dried goods, common 1–5 sm/pound
Dried goods, unusual 6–15 sm/pound
Dried goods, rare 15–25+ sm/pound
Fabric, common 1 sm–1 gm/50lb.
Fabric, fine 2–10 gm/50lb.
Fabric, unusual 11–25 gm/50lb.
Fabric, exotic 26–50+ gm/50lb.
Flour 2 cm/pound
Furniture, plain 1–5 gm/20lb.
Furniture, fine 6–15 gm/20lb.
Furniture, exotic 15–25+ gm/20lb.
Furs and hides, common 1–5 gm/20lb.
Furs and hides, unusual 6–10 gm/20lb.
Furs and hides, rare 11–20 gm/20lb.
Furs and hides, exotic 21–50 gm/20lb.
Furs and hides, monstrous 51–200+ gm/20lb.
Gold 5 gm/pound
Iron 5 sm/pound
Isurian Steel 2 gm / pound
Lumber, local 1–10 gm/50lb.
Lumber, unusual 11–25 gm/50lb.
Lumber, exotic 26–50+ gm/50lb.
Paints and dyes, common 1 sm–1 gm/pound
Paints and dyes, unusual 2–10 gm/pound
Paints and dyes, rare 11–25 gm/pound
Paints and dyes, exotic 26–50+ gm/pound
Perfume, common 1 sm–1 gm/oz.
Perfume, unusual 2–10 gm/oz.
Perfume, rare 11–25 gm/oz.
Perfume, exotic 26–50+ gm/oz.
Rugs and tapestries, common 1–5 gm/5-15lb
Rugs and tapestries, unusual 6–10 gm/5-15lb
Rugs and tapestries, rare 11–50 gm/5-15lb
Rugs and tapestries, exotic 51–200+ gm/5-15lb
Salt 5 gm/pound
Silver 3 gm/pound
Silk 10 gm/sq.yd.
Tea leaves 2 sm/pound
Tobacco 5 sm/pound
Wheat 1 cm/pound

Animals :
Boar 15 gm
Bull 25 gm
Calf 5 gm
Cat 2 sm
Chicken 5 cm
Cow 15 gm
Dog, companion 10 gm
Dog, guard 25 gm
Dog, hunting 15 gm
Dog, riding 150 gm
Dog, war 25 gm
Donkey/mule 8 gm
Duck 6 cm
Eagle 50 gm
Elephant 3,000 gm
Goat 5 gm
Goose 1 sm
Hawk 35 gm
Horse, Draft 200 gm
Horse, Light 75 gm
Horse, Heavy 200 gm
Llama 75 gm
Ox 15 gm
Partridge 1sm
Pony 30 gm
Pig 6 gm
Pigeon 2 cm
Pigeon, homing 100 gm
Sheep 4 gm
Songbird 1 gm
Warhorse, Heavy 400 gm
Warhorse, Light 150 gm
Warpony 100 gm

Mount-related Gear :
Barding, Padded 20 gm
Barding, Leather 40 gm
Barding, Studded Leather 100 gm
Barding, Chain Mantle 400 gm
Barding, Hide 60 gm
Barding, Scale 200 gm
Barding, Chain 600 gm
Barding, Splint 800 gm
Barding, Banded 1,000 gm
Barding, Half-Plate 2,400 gm
Bit And Bridle 2 gm
Blanket And Hood, Horse, Huge 18 gm
Blanket And Hood, Horse, Large 8 gm
Blanket And Hood, Horse, Medium 4 gm
Branding Iron 6 gm
Cart (3 person) 15 gm
Cart harness 2 gm
Carriage (4 pass, 2 driver) 100 gm
Carriage, Armored (4 pass, 2 driver) 2,000 gm
Chariot, light (2 person) 40 gm
Feed, 10lbs 5 cm
Halter 1 sm
Saddle, Light Cavalry 12 gm
Saddle, Military 20 gm
Saddle, Pack 5 gm
Saddle, Riding 10 gm
Saddlebags, Small 4 gm
Saddlebags, Large 8 gm
Stabling (Per Day) 5 sm
Wagon 35 gm
Yoke, horse 7 gm
Yoke, oxen 5 gm

Outdoors, Wilderness and Exploration :
Animal Snare, Bird 2 gm
Animal Snare, Small 5 gm
Animal Snare, Tiny . 1 gm
Antifungal Ointment (10 Days) 25 gm
Backpack (Empty) 2 gm
Bedroll 1 sm
Bird Call 5 sm
Blanket, Winter 5 sm
Blood Decoy 5 gm
Boat Boots 25 gm
Body Pack 10 gm
Body Sled 45 gm
Bladed Boots 18 gm
Breath Bag 2 gm
Brick Press 10 gm
Camouflage Tarp (10 sq.ft.) 12 gm
Canoe, Bark 10 gm
Canoe, Dugout 10 gm
Canoe, Outrigger 50 gm
Canvas (1 sq.yd.) 1 sm
Case, Map Or Scroll 1 gm
Chalk (1 Piece) 1 cm
Climber’s Kit 80 gm
Climber’s Kit, Advanced 400 gm
Compass 200 gm
Dowsing Rod 5 gm
Fins (Pair) 15 gm
Fishing Kit 10 gm
Fishing Pole 1 gm
Fishing Net (25 sq.ft.) 4 gm
Flint And Steel 1 gm
Forest Blind 55 gm
Grappling Hook 1 gm
Gripping Resin (4 uses) 10 gm
Hammock 5 gm
Horn, Hunting 15 gm
Horn, Small 1 gm
Ice Boots 15 gm
Insect Netting 250 gm
Insect Repellent 1 gm
Insect Repelling Candle 5 gm
Ladder, Rope (30 ft.) 2 gm
Lamp, Common 1 sm
Lantern, Bullseye 12 gm
Lantern, Hooded 7 gm
Leash, Huge 6 gm
Leash, Large 2 gm
Leash, Medium-size 1 gm
Leash, Small 5 sm
Leash, Tiny 2 sm
Oil (1-Pint Flask) 1 sm
Packing Board 1 gm
Piton 1 sm
Pouch, Belt 1 gm
Preserving Kit 5 gm
Preserving Kit, High Quality 55 gm
Rope, Hemp (50 ft.) 1 gm
Rope, Silk (50 ft.) 10 gm
Rucksack 1 gm
Sighting Lens 55 gm
Signal Whistle 8 sm Sleigh,
Two-Person 18 gm
Sleigh, Four-Person 50 gm
Skates 2 gm
Skis 6 gm
Snow Guards 7 gm
Snowshoes 8 sm
Sounding Drum 20 gm
Spyglass 100 gm
Strong Rations 7 gm
Torch 2 cm
Tent, one-person 2 gm
Tent, four-person 10 gm
Tent, pavilion 50 gm
Torch 1 cm
Tourniquet 2 cm
Traveller’s Stock 3 gm
Tree Net 14 gm
Water Additive 3 gm
Water Pack 10 gm Water Trap 45 gm
Waterskin 1 gm

Subterranean Items and Tools :
Axe, Stonecutting 90 gm
Climbing Harness 50 gm
Collapsing Cart 40 gm
Descending Staff (Isurian) 60 gm
Firebox 100 gm
Fungal Rations 50 gm
Gas Finder 200 gm
Giantspars 80 gm
Lye, Scouring 5 gm
Miner’s Pack 150 gm
Pick, Miner’s 3 gm
Pulverizer (Isurian) 200 gm
Sounding Drums (Pair) 80 gm
Sifting Pan 20 gm
Slide Grease 25 gm
Travois, Miner’s 60 gm

Entertainment Gear :
Bag of Glass 10 gm
Balls, Juggling (set of 5) 8 gm
Disguise Kit (10 uses) 50 gm
Dramatic makeup (10 uses) 50 gm
False Faces Kit 150 gm
Horn, Speaking 4 gm
Lantern, Stage 75 gm
Magician’s Chest 100 gm
Manikin . 180 gm
Pocket Of Sashes 20 gm
Reversible Clothes 250 gm
Trampoline 80 gm
Tuning Fork 5 gm

Musical Instruments :
Bagpipes 15 gm
Bellows Organ 500 gm
Clappers 1 sm
Drums, Buckle 2 gm
Drums, Kettle 10 gm
Drums, War 10 gm
Fiddle 50 gm
Flute, Metal 15 gm
Flute, Wooden 5 sm
Harp 50 gm
Trumpet 30 gm

Jewelry (without stones) :
Prices are copper/silver/gold.

Broad Belt NA / 6sm+ / 6gm+
Armband 15cm+ / 15sm+ / 15gm+
Bracelet 1sm+ / 2gm+ / 20gm+
Brooch 45 cm+ / 45sm+ / 45gm+
Earrings 2sm+ / 2gm+ / 20gm+
Headband 4sm+ / 4gm+ / 40gm+
Locket 25cm+ / 25sm+ / 25gm+
Necklace 5sm+ / 5gm+ / 50gm+
Pendant 45cm+ / 45sm+ / 45gm+
Ring 3cm+ / 3 gm+ / 30gm+
Torc 5sm+ / 5gm+ / 50gm+

Religious Gear :
Altar Shroud 50 gm
Back Travois 100 gm
Banner 350 gm
Bell 100 gm Besom 1 gm
Blessed Food (Per Meal) 1 gm
Candle Snuffer 7 sm
Candlemaking Kit 20 gm
Chalice 100 gm
Clerical Vestments 5 gm
Crystals 1 gm
Diadem 250 gm
Divine Symbol Flask 50 gm
Drum, Ceremonial 50 gm
Estuary Case 120 gm
Field Healer’s Kit 55 gm
Font, Great (Per 10x10 ft. section) 1,500 gm
Font, Portable 150 gm
Graveyard Soil 3 gm
Headgear, Ritual 50 gm
Healer’s Kit 50 gm
Holy Symbol, Bronze 15 gm
Holy Symbol, Copper 5 gm
Holy Symbol, Gold 50 gm
Holy Symbol, Silver 25 gm
Holy Symbol, Wooden 1 gm
Holy Texts (copies) 40 gm
Holy Water (1-Pint Flask) 25 gm
Horn 20 gm
Icon, Huge 1,600 gm
Icon, Large 800 gm
Icon, Medium-size 400 gm
Icon, Small 200 gm
Icon, Tiny 100 gm
Kneeling Bar 30 gm
Offering Bowl 40 gm
Pendulum 100 gm
Pennant 200 gm
Pipe 5 gm
Pipe Organ 1,900 gm
Portable Altar 160 gm
Prayer Beads 50 gm
Prayer Book 100 gm
Prayer Rug 80 gm
Preservative Fluid (1-Pint Flask) 30 gm
Sacred Cords (1 ft.) 1 sm
Sprinkler, Holy Water 20 gm
Thurible 25 gm
Tingshas 60 gm
Tower Bells (Per Bell) 2,000 gm
Vase 40 gm
Wine, Ritual (Per Bottle) 15 gm

Larceny and Underworld :
Acid (Per vial) 5 gm
Bird’s Tongue 3 gm
Blackface (5 uses) 50 gm
Bodysuit, Silk 225 gm
Caltrops (Bag) 1 gm
Camouflage Makeup 10 gm
Compartment Book 10 gm
Disguise Kit, Waterproof 250 gm
Ear Blade 15 gm
False Knife 5 gm
False Tooth 2 gm
Finger Blade 4 sm
Flash Powder 75 gm
Glass Cutter 10 gm
Gloves, False Finger 3 gm
Horse Nails (Bag) 30 gm
Jailbreak Tools 60 gm
Listening Cone 5 sm
Lock, Amazing 150 gm
Lock, Average 40 gm
Lock, Good 80 gm
Lock, Very Simple 20 gm
Lock Picks, Long Stemmed 100 gm
Marbles (Covers 10 sq.ft. area) 8 sm
Mask 3 sm
Nettle Cloak 40 gm
Oilskin Bodysuit 80 gm
Quiver, Climber’s 50 gm
Thieves’ Tools 30 gm
Thieves’ Tools, Exceptional 100 gm
Vest, Burglar’s 75 gm
Weapon Tarnish 4 gm

House Components :
Alchemy Lab (Simple) 700 gm 400 sq.ft.
Alchemy Lab (Elaborate) . 1,500 gm 400 sq.ft.
Armory (Simple) 500 gm 400 sq.ft.
Armory (Elaborate) 1,000 gm 400 sq.ft.
Barracks 800 gm 400 sq.ft.
Barn 1,500 gm 1,600 sq.ft.
Bath (Simple) 200 gm 200 sq.ft.
Bath (Elaborate) 1,000 gm 400 sq.ft.
Bath (Luxurious) 5,000 gm 1600 sq.ft.
Master Bedroom (Simple) 800 gm 400 sq.ft.
Master Bedroom (Elaborate) . 2,500 gm 400 sq.ft.
Master Bedroom (Luxurious) 12,500 gm 1600 sq.ft.
Bedroom (Simple) 350 gm 400 sq.ft.
Bedroom (Elaborate) 2,000 gm 400 sq.ft.
Bedroom (Luxurious) 10,000 gm 1600 sq.ft.
Chapel (Simple) 1,000 gm 400 sq.ft.
Chapel (Elaborate) 6,000 gm 1600 sq.ft.
Chapel (Luxurious) 25,000 gm 3600 sq.ft.
Common Area (Simple) 250 gm 400 sq.ft.
Common Area (Elaborate) 1,500 gm 400 sq.ft.
Cottage, One-Room (Simple) 500 gm 400 sq.ft.
Cottage, One-Room (Elaborate) 1,000 gm 400 sq.ft.
Courtyard (Simple) 500 gm 400 sq.ft.
Courtyard (Elaborate) 1,500 gm 400 sq.ft.
Courtyard (Luxurious) 7,500 gm 400 sq.ft.
Dining Hall (Simple) 1,500 gm 1600 sq.ft.
Dining Hall (Elaborate) 5,000 gm 1600 sq.ft.
Dining Hall (Luxurious) 20,000 gm 1600 sq.ft.
Dock (Simple) 500 gm 400 sq.ft.
Dock (Elaborate) 3,000 gm 1600 sq.ft.
Dock, Dry 25,000 gm 1600 sq.ft.
Dovecote 800 gm 800 sq.ft.
Gatehouse 1,000 gm 400 sq.ft.
Granary 1,200 gm 1,600 sq.ft
Guard Post 300 gm 200 sq.ft.
Kitchen (Simple) 800 gm 400 sq.ft.
Kitchen (Elaborate) 6,000 gm 400 sq.ft.
Kitchen (Luxurious) 15,000 gm 1600 sq.ft.
Library (Simple) 500 gm 400 sq.ft.
Library (Elaborate) 1,500 gm 400 sq.ft.
Library (Luxurious) 9,000 gm 1600 sq.ft.
Magical Laboratory (Simple) 1,500 gm 400 sq.ft.
Magical Laboratory (Elaborate) 3,500 gm 400 sq.ft.
Prison Cell 300 gm 200 sq.ft.
Servants Quarters 400 gm 400 sq.ft.
Shop (Simple) 600 gm 400 sq.ft.
Shop (Elaborate) 2,000 gm 400 sq.ft.
Shop (Luxurious) 8,000 gm 400 sq.ft.
Smithy (Simple) 700 gm 400 sq.ft.
Smithy (Elaborate) 2,000 gm 400 sq.ft.
Stables (Simple) 1,000 gm 400 sq.ft.
Stables (Elaborate) 3,000 gm 400 sq.ft.
Stables (Luxurious) 9,000 gm 400 sq.ft.
Storage (Simple) 250 gm 400 sq.ft.
Storage (Elaborate) 1,000 gm 400 sq.ft.
Storage (Luxurious) . 3,000 gm 400 sq.ft.
Office (Simple) 1,500 gm 400 sq.ft.
Office (Luxurious) 9,000 gm 900 sq.ft.
Tavern (Simple) 1000 gm 400 sq.ft.
Tavern (Elaborate) 2,500 gm 400 sq.ft.
Tavern (Luxurious) 10,000 gm 400 sq.ft.
Torture Chamber 3,000 gm 400 sq.ft.
Training Room 1,000 gm 400 sq.ft.
Trophy Hall (Simple) 1,000 gm 400 sq.ft.
Trophy Hall (Elaborate) 5,000 gm 400 sq.ft.
Workshop (Simple) 600 gm 400 sq.ft.
Workshop (Elaborate) 2,000 gm 400 sq.ft.

Construction material :
Masonry 2 gm/sq.ft.
Stone 4 gm/sq.ft.
Wood 1 gm/sq.ft.
Free-Standing Masonry 125 gm/section
Free-Standing Stone 300 gm/section
Free-Standing Wood 50 gm/section

Land Value :
Desert 100 gm/acre
Mountains 150 gm/acre
Underground 200 gm/acre
Marsh 300 gm/acre
Hills 500 gm/acre
Forest 600 gm/acre
Plains 700 gm/acre
Farmland 800 gm/acre
City 1,000 gm/acre

Furniture :
Arm Chair, Average 4 gm
Arm Chair, Good 8 gm
Arm Chair, Fine 20 gm
Arm Chair, Poor 8 sm
Bed, Average 10 gm
Bed, Good 20 gm
Bed, Fine 40 gm
Bed, Poor 1 gm
Body Pillow 5 sm
Bookcase, Average (50 books avg) 8 gm
Bookcase, Good (250 books avg) 20 gm
Bookcase, Fine (500 books avg) 40 gm
Bookcase, Poor (10 books avg) 1 gm
Chair, Average 7 sm
Chair, Good 1 gm
Chair, Fine 5 gm
Chair, Poor 3 sm
Chamber Pot 2 sm
Couch, Average 3 gm
Couch, Good 6 gm
Couch, Fine 20 gm
Couch, Poor 1 gm
Cupboard, Average 2 gm
Cupboard, Good 4 gm
Cupboard, Fine 8 gm
Cupboard, Poor 8 sm
Desk, Average 2 gm
Desk, Good 5 gm
Desk, Fine 12 gm
Desk, Poor 8 sm
Dresser, Average 2 gm
Dresser, Good 5 gm
Dresser, Fine 10 gm
Dresser, Poor 7 sm
End Table, Average 3 sm
End Table, Good 7 sm
End Table, Fine 2 gm
End Table, Poor 8 cm
Firepit 1 gm
Fireplace 15 gm
Hearth, Average 3 gm
Hearth, Good 6 gm
Hutch, Average 2 gm
Hutch, Good 5 gm
Hutch, Fine 10 gm
Hutch, Poor 7 sm
Table, Average 1 gm
Table, Good 3 gm
Table, Fine 8 gm
Table, Poor 7 sm
Wardrobe, Average 2 gm
Wardrobe, Good 5 gm
Wardrobe, Fine 10 gm
Wardrobe, Poor 8 sm
Wash Basin, Average 2 gm
Wash Basin, Good 5 gm
Wash Basin, Fine 10 gm
Wash Basin, Poor 8 sm

Magic Items :
Acid (1-Pint Flask) 10 gm
Acid Bulb 90 gm
Acidic Tar (½-Pint Flask) 50 gm
Alchemist’s Fire (1-Pint Flask) 20 gm
Alembic, Greater 100 gm
Antitoxin (Vial) 50 gm
Appraisal Kit 50 gm
Barrister Case 250 gm
Book, Common 5-10 gm
Book, Average 50 gm
Book, Blank 3 gm
Book, Exquisite 100 gm
Book, Pre-Valterrian 100-500+ gm
Burning Glove 50 gm
Candle 1 cm
Candle, Bright 1 gm
Candle, Cold 1 gm
Candle, Relighting 1 sm
Candle, Standing 2 gm
Candle, Self-Lighting 1 gm
Candle, Smoking . 5 sm
Candle, Sparking 5 sm
Chortle Bomb 100 gm
Concealing Ring 50 gm
Darkfire Orb 50 gm
Darkfire Stick 25 gm
Familiar’s Pack 90 gm
Familiar’s Pack, Plated 150 gm
Fire Gloves 10 gm
Fireproof Oil 50 gm
Flare Paste 5 gm
Fox Fire (½-Pint Flask) Foxfire 10 gm
Isurian Gum 10 gm
Gelatinous Breath 250 gm
Glitter 25 gm
Hastening Oil (10 Applications) 300 gm
Ice Cutter 15 gm
Ice-Maker 25 gm
Identification Kit 50 gm
Ink (1 Oz. Vial) 2 gm, Colored 4 gm
Inscribing Paint 3 gm
Jester’s Bell 10 gm
Otterskin 90 gm
Paper (Sheet) 4 sp
Philtering Kit 150 gm
Philtering Lab 400 gm
Parchment (Sheet) 2 sp
Quill 5 cm
Robe, Alchemist’s 10 gm
Robe, Arcane 55 gm
Robe, Deep Pockets 7 gm
Robe, Shadowsilk 35 gm
Robe, Winterbane 20 gm
Ruler, Wizard’s Cloth 80 gm
Rust Orb 550 gm
Scroll, Waterproof +10% to the cost
Scrollcase, Isurian Steel 500 gm
Scrollcase, Leather 1 gm
Scrollcase, Watertight 5 gm
Smokestick 20 gm
Staff, Arcane 100 gm
Staff, Explorer’s 15 gm
Staff, Extending 75 gm
Staff, Final Strike 150 gm
Staff, Fire 45 gm
Staff, Kestrel Stand 50 gm
Staff, Light 25 gm
Staff, Hollow Core 150 gm
Staff, Sage 75 gm
Stinging Smoke 35 gm
Sunrod 2 gm
Tindertwig 1 gm
Traveling Chest 100 gm
Water Clock 1,000gp

ships :
Rowboat 100 gm
Ship's Boat 300 gm
Barge 3,000 gm
Fishing Boat (25 ton cargo) 7,500 gm
Saique (50 ton cargo) 15,000 gm
Sloop (80 ton cargo) 24,000 gm
Cromster (90 ton cargo) (Mt: 3L) 27,000 gm
Brigantine (100 ton cargo) (Mt: 4L, 1H) 36,000 gm
Mizaharan (160 ton cargo) (Mt: 12L, 4H) 48,000 gm
Galleon (400 ton cargo) (Mt: 10L, 3H) 120,000 gm

Ship Weapons :
Ballista (Light Mount) 500 gm
Ballista Bolt 1 gm
Bombard, Light (Light Mount) 2,000 gm
Bombard, Great (Heavy Mount) 8,000 gm
Catapult (Heavy Mount) 550 gm
Firebomb (Bombard or Catapult Fired) 50 gm
Smoke Powder 25 gm/pound
Stone Shot 2gm/light, 4gm/heavy

Extra Ship Parts :
Mooring, Large (Light Mount) 500 gm
Mooring, Huge (Heavy Mount) 1,500 gm
Diving Bell (Heavy Mount) 7,000 gm
Grappling Ramp (Heavy Mount) 500 gm
Netting, Large 50 gm
Netting, Huge 150 gm

Sailing Gear :
Sextant 250 gm
Grapple Pole 15 gm
Float bladder 10 gm
Swimming goggles 15 gm

Links Of Interest.
These links are to various portions of the site and can have a vast amount of information in each one. Please follow each link only after reading it's description to know what you are going to. Also please note that I do not claim anything in these links and that they are purposed once more fully for the use of the owner of the CS you are currently viewing. I do not believe in distributing things that are not mine and even tried sending the creator of my avatar an e-mail so that I could get permission. I have yet to recieve a reply. Point is, these links are fully the possesion of Mizahar with possible exception of a number of pictures of which I will not stake claim to on the behalf of the owners of Mizahar. I can't believe your eyesight is this good.

Links of Interest List :
. http://www.mizahar.com/forums/topic2370.html
This link is for a thread that is currently under question as possible travel times for Mizahar cities. I am currently using this as my travel scheme on account to the fact that Mizahar does not have set time basis and I don't do math well enough to multiply length by time divided by travel method plus terrain and weather conditions times length of the conditions/terrain.

This is a link for a portion of the site that has a large list of the magics in Mizahar. You will be able to get a small description below the name of each magic and a much more detailed description by clicking on the name of the magic in question. A small warning however as all magic is extremely dangerous and the inclusion of it in your character should be carefully planned out. Also, I personally do not believe that I will ever be including magic into Julian, however, only time will tell of such.

This is a link for a portion of the site that has a large list of the magics in Mizahar. You will be able to get a a brief or large description of the skill in question by clicking on its name. Mind you however that not all of the skills may be filled out and there may also be some yet to be added to the list. You will simply have to be patient with the people who add to this list or you yourself help provide a description for the skills. You can make said descriptions in the "WORLD DEVELOPMENT" Thread

This is a link for a portion of the site that will help you understand the methods of getting started. This will include large descriptions on the process of character development which is recommended to read, as well as how time flows and the story of Mizahar itself. All of this information can end up being a large change for you. Case in point. If your character is homeless you will start with 600 gold miza instead of 100. In other words you will get 6 times your money. But if you didn't read such information you would be cut short 500 miza at starting, which would leave you with not even enough to purchase a house later on in the game.

This is a link for a list of the races that are foudn in Mizahar. You will be able to get a small description of them at the side of their picture but it is recommended that you actually look through the race of interest. Races, mostly human have skill points able to be put into anything, while others such as the Charoda who can live underwater, Kelvic/Dhani who can transform, and even the Akvatari and Zith who can both fly will have their points put into a "SPECIFIC" Skill of which cannot be altered if you chose to play as said races.
Watashi wa ki ga daisuki desu. Sore ga shizen no naka de kanpeki na, seikatsu no naka de kanpeki na, kanpeki subete issho desu. Kyōryoku na mada yawarakaku, jōbu de ataeru. Nani mo nai yori de ari, soko ni suru koto wa deki mase n.
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[scrapbook] Collection of site information. And Scrapbook?

Postby Julian Rasfura on May 13th, 2010, 2:05 am

This is a quick reference to Mizahar and how some of it's systems work. This can help for referencing what certain creatures/people are able to do and what skills/abilities they start out with. This information can be helpful when creating a character sheet or remembering how to create a timestamp for one's thread. This is all information that was found in Mizahar but was reconfigured to a much more miniscule scale for easier comprehension.

Mizahar Date and Time. :
Mizahar is equivelant to our adverage calenders, however, the months dropped and replaced by seasons. There are four seasons in a year, 365 days a year.

SPRING: 91 days__________Summer: 91 days.

Fall: 91 days._____________Winter: 92 days.

When creating a thread you can date the day at whatever day you wish to date it. Such as, when it is the Summer time, you can date your thread anywhere between Summer 1st to Summer 91st. Please keep watch over what you are doing however as it is easy to forget your dates. An easy way to remember the dates is to create a timeline.

This means that in your CS you would put a link to a thread you made, and above or below it, the season and day. Remember that you HAVE to put a day on the thread though so that people know what day of the season it is that you are currently roleplaying at.
__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

How are hours and minutes measured though? Same way as we do regularly. With hours and minutes, however the words are simply replaced.

Hours= Bells.

In other words, a quarter till seven, 6:45 would instead be fifteen chimes till the seventh bell, 6 bells 45 chimes.

Mizahar Currency :
Currency is easy to remember mainly as the Miza/Dollar. As there are one hundred Pennies to a dollar, there are one hundred Copper Miza to a Gold Miza. In other words, the easiest way to remember the value of a Miza is to remember the value of the monetary system of the US. $1.00 or similar currencies of same principle. The Ashl and Bikka however would be considered a three dollar bill $3.00.

Main Currencies:
Miza which is Minted in Syliras.

Gold Miza= 10 Silver Miza, 100 Copper Miza. ($1.00)
Silver Miza= .1 Gold Miza, 10 Copper Miza. ($0.10)
Copper Miza= .01 Gold Miza, .1 Silver Miza. ($0.01)

Other Currencies:
Traveler Coin=1 gold Miza. Found in many trade cities. Widely accepted by most traders. ($1.00)

Bikka=3 gold Miza. Found in Taloba. Rare to see them outside the city.($3.00)

Ashl=3 gold Miza. Found in Black Rock. They cannot be removed from Black Rock. ($3.00)

Races, Abilities, and Skill Points. :
There are a large number of Races in Mizahar. These races each have their own special abilities and personality quirks. They may also have set skills when created. No matter what though you will always have 50 skill points to spend on whatever skills you want. So if your character gave you something such at +10 Seduction. You would have +60 skill total, 10 of them having to be in Seduction. I shall explain to you the races now in my own way, as well as give you quick notes on what they do.

+10 to Unarmed Skill
ABILITY:Infravision, Very strong, Very good at learning weapon masteries.
Specs: Height=6'1-7'5 and Weight=180-300 Ibs. Blue skinned people.
Problems:Split Personality. 2nd personality being cruel and dangerous. Can only be Men.

Choice in +10 to visual art such as Drawing, Painting, or Sculting.
ABILITY:Great flyers and swimmers. Able to hold breath for 6 Hours+
Specs: Male Height= 6 Female Height= 5'8. They have magnificent wings and the tails of a furseal.

+15 points in any skill of choice.
Specs: Height=5-6'6. Weight=90-200 Ibs. Tan skin, light eyes, brown hair.

+10 to Camouflage
ABILITY:Able to sense motion. Able to survive without water for 10 days.
Specs: Height=4'6-6'6. Weight=115-280 Ibs. Copper skin, Black eyes, Black hair.

+10 Coral Manipulation.
ABILITY:Underwater breathing, swimming, coral manipulation
Specs: Height=5-6'. Weight=90 - 150 Ibs. Very oceanic based body structure.

+10 Poison
ABILITY:Shapeshifting (Snake form/Dhani form)(30 seconds to shift)
Specs: Height=4'11-6'4 depending on subrace. Scaley bodied. Slit eyes.
Problems:Generally disliked by other races.

+10 Riding.
Specs: Height= 5-6'5. Weight= 120 - 250 lbs

+10 Astronomy
ABILITY:Were-race. Can age things a day by touch
Specs: Height= 5'6-7'.5 Weight=100-250 Ibs. Luminous skin. Subtle Horns.
Problems:Uncontrolled Physical Appearance Alterations By Time.

+10 in any weapons
Specs: Height= 4'6 to 7. Weight=100-300. Many arms, Light guilded skin.
Problems:May be considered a Racist species.

+10 Materialization
ABILITY:Harmful Touch, Possession, Short distance Teleporting (Blinking)
Specs: Ethereal beings that retain the form of their death. Kelvis/Dhani being shown in human form.
Problems:Cannot use personal magic without host, Unable to train skills except Materialization, Possession, Soulmist Projection without a host. May cause harm if touching someone, Emotionally unstable.

+15 in skill of choice.
Specs: Height= 5'-7. Weight= High variation.


+10 Blacksmithing
ABILITY: Night Vision. Dense Flesh and Bone.
Specs: Height=5' Weight= 200-250 Male, 150-200 Female, Blue arms.

+10 Wilderness Survival.
ABILITY:Natural camouflage, Recover Past Life Knowledge
Specs: Height=8' Male 7' Female. Ape-like body structure/appearance.

+10 Hunting
ABILITY:Shapeshifting (One mammal/Bird of course), Heightened senses.
Specs: Height=5'8-6'8 Male 5'4-6'4 Female. Weight=Varies. Animal Eyes.
Problems:Short lifespan depending on animal side's lifespan.

+10 Fortune telling or Medicine
ABILITY:Divination, foresight, weather and truth sensitivity.
Specs: Height=5'0-5'10. Weight= 80-150 lbs. Pale skin, light eyes
Problems: Sight can be a curse. Some find the ability to see what others cannot see yet an unescapable agony. Can only be Women.

+10 in skill of choice.
ABILITY:Depends on subrace.
Specs: Height=5'-7' Weight=Depends on Subrace. Appearance=Depends on subrace.
Problems:Outcasts from the societies. There are a few that are accepted by the other race however, they are ultimately deemed unwanted by a vast majority.

+10 Tracking.
ABILITY: High Stamina and dexterity. Immune to some local poisons.
Specs: Height= 5'-6 Males, 5'4"-6'4 Females. Weight= Varies. dark skin and eyes.
Problems:Bad reputation as violent savages. Some are Canabalistic.

+10 Embalming
ABILITY: Undead. Able to change bodies.
Specs: Depends on the current body. Dark eyes, black tongue.
Problems: Cold to the touch and constantly have to find new bodies to live in. Able to preserve bodies and make them last longer with Embalming skill.

+10 escape artist.
ABILITY:Body can stretch and recompose.
Specs: Height=3"-1'. Weight= 5-25 pounds. Made of Clay.
Problems: Small and hard to see. Possibly stepped on by people walking the streets.

+10 Acrobatics
ABILITY: Able to scale surfaces. Poisonous bite.
Specs: Height= 5-6'6 feet. Weight= 100-180 Ibs. Black claws, Black fangs, Pale/ashy skin.
Problems:Considered dangerous and may be treated with hostility.

+10 Carving or Storytelling
Specs: Height= 4'8-6'0 Weight= 80-150 lbs. Dark skin, black hair. Eyes change color with mood.

+10 Detection.
ABILITY: Flight, Nightvision, Enhanced Hearing
Specs: Bat wings. Claws. Body covered in fine layer of silky fur.
Problems: Very hated by all races. Very rarely accepted into other societies. Very poor reputation.

Basic Charactersheet :
A character sheet is one's best friend, allowing a person to develop a wondeful person to roleplay with. These sheets can have a vast array of information on it, such as name, appearance, personality, history, skills, and what threads you've participated in. It is recommended that you keep your information up to date as it could prove helpful in the future. However, not everyone is good at making a charactersheet, nor are they good at finding some that are hidden around the site. This is why I have one here that is simple fill in the blanks. Fill in the blanks and you'll have your player. Adding images is acceptable. Pictures of subraces/animal forms is also acceptable, such as a picture of a cow if you're a Kelvic who can turn into a cow.

Here are a few quick links that will help you develope your character.

Skill List

Magic List

Race List

Price of Items

How to Decorate Your Charactersheet (Warning! May be difficult to load with poor CPU or Internet Connectivity)

RACE: (Include subrace/animal form if any)

SCARS: (If any)



SKILLS: (50 points to put into any skills you want. Can put a minimal of 5 and max of 30. Also don't forget your Racial Bonus)

LORES: (These are experiences. Example. Lore of Shattered Shield. A shield you hit or your own shield was shattered by a heavy blow. You can start out with 2 lores which will often be related to your history)

LEDGER: (This is your ledger. You start with 100 Gold Miza unless you are homeless, in which case you start with 600 Gold Miza. Remember to use the price list to check price items when purchasing them.)

1 Set of Clothing (cloak/coat & footwear included)
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
[tab]1 comb
1 brush
1 razor
1 soap
1 week worth the food.
1 eating knife [/tab]
Flint & Steel

(You may also add an heirloom from your history if any. The value of the item cannot exceed 50 Gold Miza though. Besides this, any other items added will be deducted from your starting Miza. Such as -5 gold for a weapon or -5 copper miza for a loaf of bread.)

THREAD LIST:(Here is where you would post a link to all the threads you have done. It would also be wise to add the time in which the thread took place above or below the link. This will allow you to keep track of your time.)
Watashi wa ki ga daisuki desu. Sore ga shizen no naka de kanpeki na, seikatsu no naka de kanpeki na, kanpeki subete issho desu. Kyōryoku na mada yawarakaku, jōbu de ataeru. Nani mo nai yori de ari, soko ni suru koto wa deki mase n.
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