Completed Dissolving The Fantasy

[The Docks] Ricky is coming to find himself now realizing the truth in his denial, now coming devolving into a more regretful state of mind his perspective becomes rendered. Therefore leading him on into the next step of his grief...

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Dissolving The Fantasy

Postby Wyatti on February 9th, 2013, 8:43 am

For a moment, Wyatti had a broad grin plastered across her face, thoughts of magic and adventure filling her eyes as she imagined this rather wonderful team of Zeltivan heroes created to fight crime. But then alas the brief fantasy of the mind of a child was shattered, and her mind tried to comprehend why this team had split so quickly after its creation. Wyatti for the most part was silent when Valo returned, the cat like smile having been reduced down to little more than a frown. She did not question his words, nor did she make chase, for if it was indeed business then following it would mean she would only get in the way. She gave a sigh, before turning her attention to Reaver. She gave a small nod, followed by a half-hearted attempt to smile.

“Nice meeting you Mister Reaver. Let’s go on an adventure next time Mister Reaver.”

She clambered down from her chair at that point, before giving a small wave to the ‘Wizard’ and disappearing to the outside world. The ‘side-kick’ released a sigh and continued on her way through the sea of people and the ever changing faces of the city, oblivious to the true feelings of those who she had met.
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Dissolving The Fantasy

Postby Reaver Riatal on February 9th, 2013, 10:25 am

With people eyeing him he coughed awkwardly. Now without company as he held his stance he slowly got off his chair and sat down scratching his head. He left the money for his meal but he was not paying for everyone else. Unfortunately he was not made of money and he didn't want to pay for everybody. Maybe for Wyatti she had been the most friendly of them all. "They where all the most utterly strangest people I have ever met." He paused as he looked around, did he just say that out loud? From the look of things probably not. He looked down at the table for a moment thinking, all his new acquaintances have left him. Honestly he felt a little sad at it. Oh well, this had ended and now it was time to move on. He had payed his dues. Standing up he took his coat and slipped it on. Worming his arms into the sleeves he sighed lightly. Rolling his shoulders as he made to stride out. Opening the door he felt the blast of cold on his person. Shuddering he wrapped his arms around himself shaking. He wasn't good with the cold and it appeared his shield

Closing his eyes and stepping out into the streets he decided to warm himself up. Focusing he felt his djed lifting from his skin and forming, he focused on the weave. Knitting his djed into a shield as it coated himself, the thickness varied but all he needed was something that would last a good long walk. He waited chime after chime to make sure his weave would at least hold until then. Once it was complete he gave it the task he needed it to perform. Keep out the cold. With the chilly breezes now blocked he decided to put foot to pavement and trail his way out of here. His boots clicked on the cobble stone, making his way towards an inn.
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Dissolving The Fantasy

Postby Ariann on March 13th, 2014, 6:55 pm


Congratulations! The following records the grades all you wonderful people have recieved! Good job! ^_^

Congrats, Ricky!
Ricky :

Socialization+4 SP
Observation+2 SP
Intimidate+1 SP
Rhetoric+1 SP

People - Valo, A Second Meeting
People - Reaver, Acquaintance
People - Wyatti, The Hidden Kelvic
Events - Having Dinner With Friends1
Social - Getting Angry!

Notes: O_O For my first thread to grade for you, this gives me a lot of insight on what Ricky is like a long, long time ago. He definitely has changed ^_^ For the better, that is! It was a good read! :D

Apologies, Wyatti!
Wyatti :

Notes: Your ledger is not up to date! :( I cannot award you points or lores until it has been updated.

Apologies, Reaver!
Reaver :

Notes: Your ledger is not up to date! :( I cannot award you points or lores until it has been updated.

If there is any issues with the points I have given, or if you think you deserve More/Different Lores, then feel free to PM me! I will rectify the issue ASAP, if I am indeed incorrect. ^_^ Have a nice day!

Unfortunately, I am not going to be able to play Ariann until my life stabilizes. Sorry in advance to whoever ends up loosing out on threads because of this :\

I am now an official Grader of Mizahar! Happy squeals for all! ^_^ I will be focusing primarily on Zeltiva, but if another region needs cleaning up, let me know! I have a TON of free-time and I always enjoy reading other's threads!

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