Closed A Second Meeting[L'orlei]

Clyde and L'orlei meet for a second time

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Home of the Konti people, this ivory city is built of native konti stone half in and half out of the sea. Its borders touch the Silverwood, and stretch upwards towards Silver Lake, home of the infamous konti vision water. [Lore]

A Second Meeting[L'orlei]

Postby Clyde Sullins on August 1st, 2014, 3:04 pm

Clyde paused for a moment when he finished listing off his rules for Reimancy. Honestly he had just made them up off the top of his head, building up speed as he went along. But then he'd been doing Reimancy for quite some time, and so he knew the magic quite well, knew of its ups and downs and risks and rewards, along with its common temptations one fell to.

Often when you looked at something with a realistic view, it was not as pretty, nor was it ugly. It just was what it was. As such he'd long since lost his glamor in regards to Reimancy, but respected it and understood it all the more for it.

While Clyde looked at the Konti, he could not help seeing her as a child, and himself as a wise adult standing over her. How could he not, with all he had done in his short time. He'd been a mage since he was five, gone through traumas, battles for his existence, and quests that would and had consumed lesser men. The fact that he still stood here showed he was a fighter, and that he had hard earned much wisdom through many trials and tribulations.

Clyde waited for her questions, inevitable as the lesson neared its end. When they did come, they were not quite what he expected, not even really about the lesson.

"No.. I can't think of any questions. You are a very good teacher, Clyde. Thank you for taking the time to help me, and not leaving me to discover this all on my own."

Clyde paused, looking the woman over, and shaking his head once.

“It would have been the height of folly to do so. Clearly, since even under my tutelage you've still made mistakes, and have needed to be corrected and curbed in your excesses.”

"Where will you go after this? I know you are leaving the island soon, but where will you go, should I ever wish to find you?"

Clyde once more paused, this time more because he was unsure of if he should answer. He could tell her, what true harm would it do, or he could lie... But it seemed the truth might be of more use to him, if she did trust him and came to the city.

“After this I will go to Ravok. I might still be there if you come looking, or I might not. The fact I am here now is further proof that my duties and quests often take me far from there. But if you do go there to find me, make sure when you arrive you tell them you are a friend of Clyde Sullins, and have come to see him.”

This was in part due to a looking to the future. While perhaps right now he did not merit such standing within the city, it was inevitable that he would rise within its ranks, and within the Ebonstryfe as he wished, and that his name would merit some measure of power. His powers demanded it and made it as such, that he would not be held in such a lowly place forever.

But it was also in part because he knew that if a Konti alone should visit Ravok, they might not be treated so well. More likely they would be enslaved. If perhaps his name could protect her in that, and allow her to come see him and be of use to him, all the better for it. It was a effort taken both on the part of the Konti, and on his own interests.

Pausing for a moment, Clyde looked at the Konti, and took in a breath.

“I suppose with that it is time for parting. I give you thanks for your assistance in acquiring the Vian Wood. Perhaps if we do meet again, then the next time the wood we gathered will be more than just the mundane wood it is now. Perhaps by then I will have something in my hand finer and more useful. Or perhaps not. Only time will tell how long my endeavors shall take. But until then I bid you goodbye, and goodlook. And give you one final bit of advice, heed my warnings, and heed my rules. They are important, and your life depends on them more than you likely understand.”

With that, Clyde prepared to leave, gathering up his things and readying to depart, unless the Konti had anything further that required him to stop and respond.

Clydes Stuff

I am actually in RL a super intelligent hamster from Rhode Island, with a 7 year plan to take over the world.

Update 6/2/18- 1:10AM EST: His 7 year plan a success, and several weeks ahead of schedule, Clyde leaves to oversee the world he has taken over.

No new threads after end of Spring 518-Will still be checking for PM's occasionally, but focusing on a new character.

Graders note: :
Please be aware Clyde is a master Magecrafter. He therefore should not be gaining full xp(or possibly shouldn't gain any at all) for simple tasks related to this magic, such as low level MC items, particularly for repetitions of creations he has done before. Feel free to contact me if unsure of a instance of his magic use compared to his skill level.
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A Second Meeting[L'orlei]

Postby L'orlei on October 8th, 2014, 1:32 am

L'orlei had nothing else to say, beyond the farewells and wishes of good luck in his travels that accompanied him leaving. She had much to think on, and a lot of practice to do in the coming days, and years. Clyde was going to Ravok, a city L'orlei knew little of. Was it a place she wanted to visit? Would she ever leave the island? She was not certain, though she knew she wanted to travel eventually. That day was a long way off, however, and she had a lot to learn.

The konti watched Clyde go, standing in the doorway as he disappeared into the city.

"Goodbye, Clyde Sullins," she whispered quietly to herself. "May Avalis bless your future, and Rak'keli keep you in good health."

Once he was gone she shut the door, waves of exhaustion coming over her as the adrenaline fueling her during her lesson waned and the effects of her exertions came to the fore front. She tiredly made her way to the bed, not caring of the time of day, and flopped down on the soft mattress, quickly falling into a deep, rejuvenating sleep.


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A Second Meeting[L'orlei]

Postby Traverse on October 30th, 2014, 7:06 pm




  • Observation 2
  • Rhetoric 5
  • Socialization 2
  • Teaching 4


  • The Enjoyment of the Theories and Discussions Surrounding Reimancy
  • The Potential of Classifying Mage Abilities and Spells
  • L'orlei: A Potential Ally for the Future



  • Meditation 2
  • Observation 3
  • Philosophy 1
  • Philtering 1
  • Reimancy 6
  • Socialization 2


  • Res: A Manifestation of Onself
  • Every Tick that Res is Outside of the Body, it Decays
  • Para Elements: Combinations of the 4 main elements: Ice, Lava, Lightning
  • Attraction VS. Transmutation
  • Incantations VS. Gestures
  • Attracting the Element of Water
  • The Distractions that Come With Using Reimancy
  • Clyde's 5 Rules of Reimancy
  • Clyde: Traveling to Ravok

Additional Notes :
A very informative thread for L'orlei especially. It was nice to see Clyde grin when he splashed her with water, proving he's not entirely a master magician robot :D. I think with the combination of L'orlei's well described exploits and Clyde's very vigorous run over of the essentials of Reimancy that L'orlei certainly earned her 6 XP in the skill, a nice boost for her the next time she goes to use it. If there was anything you guys felt I missed, shoot me a PM and we can talk about it :D.
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