[Rearing Stallion] Ale with a Murderer [Finished]

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[Rearing Stallion] Ale with a Murderer (John)

Postby Kane Roth on July 21st, 2010, 3:41 pm

As the two bid each other goodbye, Kane made his departure, allowing John to take his leave. Winding his way through the castle's bowels, Kane made his way out of the place, all of it simply a blur to him as he imagined himself as a Squire, a member of the Order... Even if he was only a sort of 'lay-man', it still counted. He just might achieve his dream yet, though, there was the matter of horsemanship, and religion... Gods? What gods were there? The gods had never done anything for him in his life, so just why should he believe? He had not a particularly good reason to believe, considering, though he probably needed to talk on it, not just think, but talk and read on the matter. But, as for his squirehood, how long would it last? One year? Two even? Kane had time, yes, (though he was a fairly impatient man) he wouldn't die anytime soon, at least not via natural causes.

The warm air of the interior soon gave way to the night air of the city, chilled in nature, and Kane began to pay more attention to where he went, his destination now being Traveler's Row and the apartment he'd rented for only ten days... Might have to rent it for ten more. Already the night had set in in earnest, much of the activity, save for around the taverns and inns, having died in the earlier hour, with many of the storefronts having closed before then even. It might've taken a good hour's walk to get back to his room, though he didn't mind, the time taken having already been used to further a good cause, the best cause really, for now, soon, an Interview with one of the leaders in the Order would determine his fate, and for just how long he would remain a Squire in the service of John; how long he'd have to wait and how hard he'd have to work to become a Knight... Soon enough he'd arrived at his 'home', having pondered a great many topics on the way, chief among them besides Squirehood being trying for a job at the stables, a route that might earn him a few mizas and mayhap some necessary knowledge. The large door to the apartment opened with a bit of encouragement, the hinges themselves being a bit sticky, from rust or another source no one truly could tell, (nor did they really care as long as it still opened) and after disposing of most of his gear on the table; his belt, longsword, cloak and the like, Kane laid down on his small single bed to rest for a minute or two before undressing.

He never really noticed falling asleep.
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[Rearing Stallion] Ale with a Murderer [Awaiting Moderation]

Postby Leviathan on July 26th, 2010, 10:42 pm

Thread Award!

Kane Roth
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John Griffin
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Additional Comments Nice job guys, very well done, good length, great quality. You guys made it easy to find things here and there to award. As usual, I am new and thus am inclined to make mistakes often, so if you have questions or comments or feel that you deserve something more than I gave you, feel free to PM me and we can discuss it and settle on an agreement. Again, nice work and I hope to see more like this from you both.
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