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This particular Pyves was created by a single community of Pycons, one hundred and thirty years after the Valterrian. These miniature clay people were satisfied with their experience in the world and decided to settle down, situating themselves in a relatively dry area between the cities of Sultros, Alvadas, and Kalinor, creating a city of clay for their race. The ten founding Pycons eventually became statues, and were placed throughout the city in honor of their sacrifices and achievements.

The 10 Founders :
  1. Became the statue of a thinking man
  2. Became the statue of a hunter
  3. Became the statue of a healer
  4. Became the statue of an eagle
  5. Became the statue of a crone
  6. Became the statue of a joyful little boy
  7. Became the statue of a blacksmith
  8. Became the statue of a knight
  9. Became the statue of an astronomer
  10. Became the statue of a hermit

Background of Pyconia

The Pyves was created as a safe haven for both the more experienced Pycon as well as for the less adventurous of their kin. It is a place where those that travel may find rest and perhaps a bit more; by delving into the journals kept in the library, pursuits in the crafting workshops, as well as whatever they may find in any establishment within the city.

The Founders built clay houses for themselves, and invited others to join them. They shared stories and they made families. The young ones heard stories from their elders and were given the option to decide for themselves if they wanted stay and help the city or if when they grew up and felt ready, make their own journey around Mizahar. Their population generally hovers around eighty Pycon and very rarely exceeds one hundred.

City Locations

Image Lovers' Walk

A covered walkway lined with lanterns named for its romantic atmosphere, one of many paths that leads to the Garden. It is said that any couple that passes through from twilight through midnight will be blessed by the statue of a woman in robes, though her name has been forgotten. It is a place for young lovers to linger in the shade, a trait that is especially valuable in the summertime. The Lover's Walk is very often a serene place to escape from the bustle of the Garden.

The Garden

While their ancestors were placed in Pyves everywhere, those who had become statues after them, created a garden where others could place them. Often young Pycons wander there and look at them all; not only the young ones, but also those who have lost their inspiration can go wander among those before them, and be inspired to move on and reach their final form. It is also here that those who enjoy the pursuits of gardening, herbalism, and others, practice their work.

ImageThe Town and Tunnels

When new Pycons arrive in the city, there are always a few rooms available at an inn, located relatively near the outskirts of the city. If one wishes to stay for a lengthy period of time, they are able to request permission to build their own home, though they would have to construct it themselves. The houses themselves are made from various materials, largely composed of stone.

The city doesn't have necessarily have a single leader, as it is not required for their lifestyle. Instead, the city follows a hierarchy where the skilled and the elderly command greater respect and thus, a certain amount of influence. Citizens generally know what they can and can't do and mine their own clay. Those who are violent to others will be banished from the city forever. The city itself is not that large in comparison to those of the larger races, more of a small town, but to the Pycons it would be considered to be relatively large, one of the places with the largest concentration of their kin. There are tunnels that connect the city underground, some of which are also used for cultivating clay.

Gemstone Fashion

Even Pycons like to look good. Those who can afford it, can buy pretty gems like amethyst or ruby or other gems. When they eat clay, they smash these gemstones into the clay and eat it that way. This is an easy trick for them: when they shape, these shards will shine and glitter on their body as an accessory. This trend started by the newer generation, largely by what can be considered the "female" population.


Gods and Goddesses of Note

In the city there is no particular god or goddess worshiped, though there are few that tend to collect more followers than others. Prominent among these are Harameus, "The Silent Speaker," God of transformation and Alchemy, for the Pycons claim that he is the creator of their race; Aquiras, "The Voyager," God of Travel and the Outdoors, many of their race being explorers; Eyris, "The Wise One" and Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge, which is not too surprising among such a curious race, and "Night's Mistress" Akajia, the Goddess of Shadows and Secrets, for similar reasons to those who worship Eyris.

A few others that are well loved among the Pycons are "The Mother Mizahar," Semele, the Goddess of Earth, Minerals and Gemstones, for the fact that they are creatures of clay and earth, as well as the Gemstone Fashion that they enjoy; Kihala, "The Lifegiver", Goddess of Life, since they believe that the animators "stole" her knowledge of how to breath life into the inanimate, and Qalaya, "The Inscriptrix," Goddess of memory and writing, for there are those among them that follow her belief in to understand the world one lives in at present, and what will be, one must embrace an understanding of what has come to pass.

Image The Underground Temple

Since there is such a diversity in the deities that they worship, instead of creating a temple for each one, they decided to create a sort of Pantheon in an underground cavern that had existed before the city had come into being.
There are eight smaller rooms that branch off from the cavern where worshipers may have some privacy with their prayers, the largest room at the center of the far wall being reserved for Harameus alone.

In the center of the cavern rests a statue with an element that may remind one of Harameus, for depending on where the viewer is standing, what they see will change; the statue playing on their perception. More than a few have said that while gazing upon it, they have seen something that symbolizes the God(s) or Goddess(es) whom they worship. It is believed that the statue was created by one monk, priest, or priestess of each of the Gods and Goddesses, while others suspect that the statue is all of them merged into one final form, though any record of its creation, if there was one, was lost long ago.

Daily Life Image

With Pycons coming and going, much information is traded amongst visitors and those that remain in the city, creating a need for a way to store such information. There is a library that is in development, though relatively small, mostly comprised of personal journals, guides, and a few texts, travelers are encouraged to either write about their travels, or have a scribe document it for them, creating a sort of archive of what their people have learned. This is quite popular among followers of Qalaya, who are the ones that mostly administer this task.

For others who do not find excitement in such a task, they are allowed to follow whatever pursuits they wish, so long as it does not have a negative impact on the city, which has led to quite a variety of pass-times. Among these, there is the art of controlling the growth of plants and trees by trimming their roots, which has led to miniature plants, perfectly suited for a settlement of Pycons. Another popular pass-time is the study of gems and minerals, having much to do with the Gemstone Fashion, as well as finding other uses for minerals with certain qualities, such as the ability to glow in the dark which they have found uses for in the underground parts of the city.

Communicating with the Neighbors

Since there have been those that stay behind, whether they are the more elderly, or those that do not desire life on the road, there has been a relatively stable trade established with the neighboring cities of Alvadas and Sultros. Since Pyconia is relatively small by other races' standards, the city is not widely known, except for the few that trade with them, though that is quickly changing. With their small size, the Pycons are exceptional when it comes to detail, and so they produce exceptional pieces that many a collector may prize. There has been discussions in the city of whether or not to excavate tunnels in order to create safer trade routes, though it is still up to debate with questions of how long that would take, the expenses, labor, etc.

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