Location The Icewall Gates

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This northernmost city is the home of Morwen, The Goddess of Winter, and her followers who dwell year round in a land of frozen wonder. [Lore]

The Icewall Gates

Postby Cheshire on August 16th, 2010, 6:13 pm

Icewall Gates


As you fight your way through the northern weather a shimmer catches your eye in the distance. It is not the relentless north playing tricks on your eyes. It is the Icewall Gates that lead into the great city of Avanthal. The gates may seem to be made of ice, but that is far from the case. The gates are made of a mineral only found in Avanthal, an element called icestone. It shines with the luster of ice and is cold to the touch, but it will not melt if you touch it. It is surely the perfect material with which to make the gate leading to Avanthal.

The gates are guarded at all times by two members of Icewatch who are switched out weekly, each with a kelvic polar bear at their side. They are there to protect the city from intruders. In times past, they rarely stopped anyone coming into the city unless they had been forewarned about an intruder. In fact, they were friendly to interested explorers and happy to help anyone who needed assistance getting into the city. However, with the recent changes in Vantha treatment around the world, the way is barred, and guests of the city must do so under escort.

Mod NoteWhile previously a post here would allow entrance into the city, times have changed. Unless you are Vantha or you were living in Avanthal prior to Morwen’s disappearance and the persecution of the Vantha, access is limited. Outsiders who wish to be in the city do so under an Icewatch escort. As the Icewatch is stretched thin, these opportunities are limited. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your current ST (Bluster). If political tensions ease and fear subsides, this will be changed; and this note, updated.
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[Location] The Icewall Gates

Postby Fenilen on October 8th, 2010, 9:16 pm

20th of Fall, 510 AV


A short figure approached the gates to Avanthal. He was wrapped tightly in an Inartan Kavintu, a heavy scarf wrapped tightly around his neck. He was slightly hunched over, his green eyes watching everyone, everything. Fenilen could trust no one. No one.

He approached the gates, nodding to the guards. With his swords on his hips and his bow on his back, Fenilen passed through the gates. A new chapter in his life had officially began. The redhead had a smile play across his. Now, he just had to find a job, and wait for Winter to end, so that he could make the journey south to Syliras.
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[Location] The Icewall Gates

Postby Jonas on October 29th, 2010, 8:03 pm

The wind picked up yet again as the man solemly trod up the path leading to The Icewall Gates, wind that brought with it a cold that seemed to seep into one's very bones. The man let out a slight shiver and hugged his winter cloak even closer, almost as if hoping in some way that would coax more warmth from the thing. For the moment the snow had stopped, giving him clear site to the looming gates and the promise of warmth and food beyond it. As if his stomach had a direct line to his stomach it let a sudden growl, moaning for the food he had deprived it of in order to make it to the gates by night fall. Lifting his head from snowy floor, his face feeling the sudden sting of the cold winter air, he gazed at the gates yet again. The awe never seemed to diminish when one saw those gates, seemingly cut from the very ice itself. Feeling the warmth in his lips leave him he bent his head back down.

Minutes later he was but a few meters from the opening in the wall of icerock, His gaze up and a thin smile on his lips as his deep brown eyes peered forward. Despite having not yet stepped through the gates he could still catch a glimmer of activity here or there, bustling about as every town did, despite their locations. It had been a while since he had had contact with other sentient creatures, days of simply walking on the road with not even the site of a small animal to keep him company though he had seen plenty of animal tracks. His mood had drastically brightened as he stepped through the gates, causing him to even go so far as to nod politely to the guards on either side. He had made it after all. He had finally reached Avanthal.
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[Location] The Icewall Gates

Postby Kiren Vena on November 6th, 2010, 9:32 pm

10 of Fall 510 AV

The wind was crisp against the Kelvic's cheek as she walked along the road. Her hazel-green eyes searched around her, making sure that she wasn't being watched or followed. Her sapphire cloak was wrapped around her, although she wasn't very cold. It was more of a protection method, in case the weather did threw a surprise her way. Her black hair was shimmering with her golden brown highlights as she moved further along the road. Soon enough she came to the very place she had been looking for, that Icewall Gates. She had left to go exploring before, but now she was back at home. A smile spread across her lips at this thought, and she quickened her pace.

Upon coming to the entrance of Avanthal, she had gave a greeting to the guards and the polar bears that stood beside them. With a swift pace, she glided through the gates of her hometown, excited to be back at home for good.

Credit is due to Nidassasyae Iskedarst for the lovely set!
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[Location] The Icewall Gates

Postby Ian on December 6th, 2010, 3:50 am

1st of Winter, 510 AV 13:50

Ian let out a sneeze as he watched the Icewall gates. After months of travelling he had eventually come to the far north of Taldera. The sight of the gates of Avanthal was by themselves a wonder worth the long and harsh trip. A cold, piercing wind made Ian's eyes tear and he let out another sneeze. "I better find a fireplace before I catch a cold." Ian mumbles to himself.

Rubbing his nose and wiping away some snot, Ian continues walking forward toward the gates. Two guards watch him as he approach the gates. By their side they both have large white bears whose eyes seem to watch him with the same intelligence as a person would. Realizing that the best thing to do would be to get some directions he walks up to one of the guards. "Excuse me sir, I'm new to this city and I were wondering if you could give me directions toward a tavern?" The guard gives his outfit a quick glance before answering. While the guard points out the directions toward a tavern called The Crystal Cave, one of the bears come closer to Ian, starting to sniff in the air giving out an occasional grunt. Doing his best to keep his eyes on the bear Ian also tries to listen and memorize the directions given by the guard.

Finally after a few minutes Ian can say his thanks to the guard and be on his way in to the city, giving the bear one last uneasy look.
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[Location] The Icewall Gates

Postby Sage Eleanor on December 8th, 2010, 12:07 am

A small girl stepped timidly toward the gates. Black eyes scanned the entire area before she began walking again, light foot prints marked in the crisp snow, tracking her wary trek through the frozen wilderness. Giving a soft sigh of relief Sage greeted the guards with a short nod and gingerly took her glove off so the Kelvic’s could smell her open palm. They gave her a bemused look but she ignored it mostly and took an attentive step back as they began to sniff her further. When they were satisfied Sage was aloud past. She scurried away quickly only glancing back once before furthermore entering Avanthal.
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[Location] The Icewall Gates

Postby Shysk on December 21st, 2010, 11:30 am

The Mixblood Shysk cautiously advanced forward, the wind lashing his thin lithe body. He wiped the crimson hair from his eyes and slinked forwards, his fur rigid and on end. He dug his claws into the snow and forced onwards towards the great icerock gates, wishing with all his might that he was inside, where it was warm and he would be sheltered.

As the doors loomed above him like some ancient titans of a long forgotten age, he heard low growling on either side. He stood stock still, fear transfixing him to the spot. Then without warning, two huge white bears their eyes black as pitch and claws the colour of midnight leapt out of the dark and bowled him to the ground. His horse scream was ended abruptly by the butt of a spear striking his chest. Two guards hualed him up and began yelling at him.When they were satisfied that he wasn't a 'pure' Zith they spoke again, asking his name. Shysk shook his head.
"Look friend, we can't let you in until you answer. Do you want to be warm tonight?"

Shysk looked at them with undiluted shame and self-loathing. Then he slowly opened his mouth, revealing a torn and malaformed stump were the knife had carved out his tongue all those years ago. They stepped back in shock and one of them nearly retched. The other nodded slowly then guided Shysk to the gate and opened it and led him towards a large ugly building...
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[Location] The Icewall Gates

Postby Fordwen on December 21st, 2010, 1:54 pm

It was almost midnight as he approached the gates, he looked at the guards completely expecting them to stop him just like the last time. He needed food though, so one way or another he was getting through the gate. But to his surprise they said nothing as he strode past, the bears didn't even look his way. That was good, he had been traveling for far to long and almost couldn't stand. "So," he thought, "where might I sleep for the night."
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[Location] The Icewall Gates

Postby Dayed on January 10th, 2011, 6:29 am

23rd of Winder, 510 AV

Dayed clutched his sheepskin cloak close around him as his pony made it's plodding path towards the shimmering gates. Night was falling, and the already frigid temperatures were plunging already. Given his choice, Dayed would have traded everything in his pack and saddlebags for the warmth of Mount Skyinarta. The steamy, natural heat would have been a soothing balm against his skin, now cracked and raw from the intense cold and wind of the Northern Reaches. His shelter had barely sufficed as he wandered farther and farther north, and eventually he was forced to risk leaving the fire roaring untended so as to not freeze to death in his sleep.

The wind howled, full of menace and death. Dayed shivered, urging the pony onward. When they finally passed through the massive portals, just the lack of wind made the air feel twenty degrees warmer on Dayed's nearly frostbitten face. Now if he could just find a warm fire and a decent bed for the night....
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[Location] The Icewall Gates

Postby Audeo on January 12th, 2011, 1:00 pm

20th of Winter, 510 AV

After been found in the snow in the north after falling into hibernation Audeo was taken by a group of traveling Exotic Animal salesmen that were the ones that found him in his Snake form and thought he was an escaped Snake from some from Avanthal and they planned to return him to their owner and hopeful get a reward of some kind they took his stuff with him as well after placing him in a container which had a warming light he awoke from his hibernation to find himself locked up after transforming and breaking out he explained to the group he was traveling the world and got lost up here in the north they said they will take him to Avanthal but after that he was on his own, they gave him back his stuff and dropped him just outside the Gates of Avanthal.

Audeo walked to the gate and over to a guard who he then asked where the nearest Inn was after getting his directions he then passed through the gates heading off towards the Inn, he took a brief glance at the gates and the walls which seemed to be made of ice if it wasn’t for the cold Audeo would have stay long and stared at the walls more but the icey chill in the air along with the wind just made him keep moving as he did he started muttering to himself that went something along the lines of “Dammed cold..” and “friggen winter…” as he made his way through the streets towards the Inn holding himself as he tried to keep warm.
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