Completed Unlikely Cohorts

Noven seeks the help of a rumored animator to deliver a Daggerhand to the Hound.

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Unlikely Cohorts

Postby Noven on February 9th, 2014, 10:22 pm


The Isur tasted his name, weighing it upon her tongue, and Nov felt something stir. Now that they had plowed past graver matters, she was back to her playful ways. It was both confusing and appealing. Confusing, because she wasn't fishing for mizas. And appealing, because she wasn't fishing for mizas. He tried to remember the last time he had a conversation with a woman who didn't want to meet her quota, or to use him as a means to an end.

He tried. And he failed.

"Mae," he repeated without thinking. It sounded the way she looked. Like an inviting sigh, a suggestion that made half promises with fleeting glimpses. The merc thought of the moment he had first stepped in through her window and grinned. Yes. Fleeting glimpses indeed.

When Amael brought up blood rituals, Nov looked at her with mild surprise. He was wary of such things; they reminded him of Aland, and of all the eerie shyke that strange kid could do with blood.

"Not the ritual sort, I'm afraid," he answered. "More of the 'I'll believe it when I see it' sort. But I'll take your word, and you can do the same to mine. Can't pull this off without trust anyhow."

Then Mae mentioned wanting to try his cooking, suggesting even that it might be nice. Nov gave her another curious look. He almost asked if this was to be tacked onto their original deal, or if she was going to offer something extra in return. But that sounded crass, even to him. Instead, the merc said, "Sure. I could bring something to our next meeting. Kill two birds and eat while figuring out the rest of this plan."

He thought for a moment, "Or, maybe show up to force you to eat now and then as you draft. I live right down the hall so it would be eas--"

Ah, shyke. He'd done it. Now she would know, and it made the spying gimmick all the more demeaning. Petch it. It was too late, he'd spilled the beans. Might as well go with it. "--sy...don't, er, want you keeling over from starvation and all, before we get to the fun part. Killing the Daggerhand, that is."

Stars and stones, he was making a mess. The merc hadn't felt this out of sorts since the one time Evy had tried to drug him at Happy Endings. It seemed, he noted, that the brothel was a never ending source of amusement and trouble for him. And this new job would be no exception.

As Amael spoke of getting rest and thinking things through, Nov found himself somewhat agreeing. He did need rest after a long, harrowing day, but the thinking part...well, he preferred not to lie on his bed with his mind lost in an endless marathon of troubling thoughts. It only made his nightmares worse, and there was nothing to be gained from it, other than headaches.

"Rest, yes. Thinking, petch no," he responded. "I like my sleep, and I get little enough of it as it is."

He stood there for a few ticks, the silence growing more awkward than he cared to tolerate. With a small cough to clear his throat, Nov stuffed his hands in the pockets of his trousers and began walking towards the door. Before he closed it behind him, he said, "Well, good night then. And, um, thanks for not throwing me out of your window."

Then he shut the door, wishing for the hundredth time he had something stronger than tea leaves to help him sleep. Drugs, preferably. Hard hitting ones.

Because gods knew he needed some after tonight.

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Unlikely Cohorts

Postby Amael on February 9th, 2014, 11:09 pm

]She giggled. It was impossible not to. He’d clearly volunteered more information than initially intended. Amael rested her chin against her knuckles with a wry smile. She didn’t mean to make him feel worse than she was sure he already did, but her laughter was borne of affection. Plus, he’d taken her up on her offer to spend more time together, eliminating any misgivings she might’ve had. Things had ended rather nicely, considering how it’d all began. It was a meeting she was sure to remember.

So he was adverse to thinking? She merely arched a brow in amusement. There were more than a few jokes that sprang to mind, but the poor boy had endured enough of her slings and arrows for one night. Noven was sweet, but she didn’t wish to test the limits of his patience. ”Feel free to stop by any time.” She remarked instead, erring on the side of the pleasant. And something within her very much hoped he took her offer to heart.

She watched his retreating form, brows raised at the farewell. ”Good night,” she replied sincerely. ”Sleep well.”

As he crossed the threshold, she waited, watching as the door swung shut before she finally released a breath. In a way, the gadgeteer felt strangely railroaded. In the span of fifteen chimes, she’d let a mysterious stranger into her window and watched him leave by the door.

What a night. It certainly beat taking a bath and going to sleep. Slowly she stood, casting a lingering look out of the building for just a moment before pushing the filth-caked windows shut.

”Good night,” she whispered to no one in particular, a wide grin splitting her face.
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Unlikely Cohorts

Postby Matthew on March 15th, 2014, 3:55 am



Experience Points:

  • +1 Acrobatics
  • +1 Flirting
  • +2 Intelligence
  • +1 Interrogation
  • +1 Intimidation
  • +4 Observation
  • +1 Persuasion
  • +2 Planning
  • +3 Rhetoric
  • +1 Socialization
  • +1 Stealth


  • Amael: The Curvacious Isurian
  • Intelligence: Common Sense = Don't Give Away your Home Base
  • Isurians: The Great Physical Strength of Their Kind
  • Magic: Sometimes a Necessary Evil
  • Memories: Hard to Forget the Bad Ones
  • Mistakes: How to Learn from Failure
  • Observation: Methods of a Peeping Tom
  • Observation: Hard to Observe When Only Looking at One Thing
  • Persuasion: Bartering with an Honest Face
  • Planning: Another Person Adds Another Twist

Additional Notes :
Good thread. Excellent writing from the both of you, I thought. Lips reminding you of peach skins, I liked that one. It was a little detail that made everything seem more natural.

Amael, your CS is currently out of date. When you have updating it with the Living Expenses for Winter, please PM me and I can edit in your grade.

If you have any questions or concerns relevant to your grade, don't be afraid to send me a private message so that we can work it all out! Please remember to mark your Grading Request as Graded.

A shout-out to Ollic Rimesage, who was kind enough to make this template for me.
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Unlikely Cohorts

Postby Royal on January 23rd, 2016, 2:26 pm

Cosmetology +1
Philosophy +1
Rhetoric +5
Socialisation +1
Leadership +1
Observation +3
Logic +1
Flirting +4
Seduction +1
Investigation +2
Persuasion +2
Intelligence +4
Interrogation +1
Negotiation +2
Planning +2
Tactics +1

Location: Sunset Quarter
Cosmetology: The removal of grease from the skin
Noven: A poor spy
Logic: Recognising Krysus’ mark
Note to self: Always close the shutters!
Tactics: ‘Catch them with their pants down’
Flirting: What’s in it for me?
A successful plan requires trust, an insider and bait.
Negotiation: A favour for a kept secret
Noven: A sunberthian native
Noven: A nearby neighbour

Questions? Comments? Please don't hesitate to PM me!
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