Closed Creating Hope

It begins with a hymn to the sea and the city.

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

Creating Hope

Postby Sinoa on April 11th, 2014, 2:21 am


Sinoa was a bit confused at Gwin's question, He was unaware that changing ones form didn't occur with as much fluidity for non pycons. Sinoa had learned that not everyone worked the same way as he did but assumed that everyone could at the very least change their natural form. "well...yes..don't you?" Sinoa perplexed.
Sinoa wasn't sure what to say, He even thought statues were just pycons that had stopped moving.The pycon had learned that not everyone worked the same way as he did but assumed they could at the very least change their natural form.

"well you may not be shaped by new experiences but I still wish you luck in your search for new inspiration" Continued the pycon. "As musicians, it's important that we seek it out even if it doesn't shape our form."

Sinoa found that it was starting to get pretty late, He would need to get back to his dorm if he were to make curfew. "I have to leave, but it was very wonderful playing with you" Sinoa said with a bow "I hope to play with you again some time."

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Creating Hope

Postby Gwin on April 11th, 2014, 4:04 pm

OOCThank you for this thread! I really enjoyed it.

When the Pycon answered with another question, Gwin was perplexed in turn. It seemed like some kind of misunderstanding to her, but she still didn’t know how to clear it up. So she simply gave a shrug and a confused expression crossed her features. “No… I stay like you see me now until I die. To be exact, I’ll get wrinkles and probably lose my physical strength with age, but I don’t have the ability to change my eye color or the shape of my limbs.” She looked Sinoa up and down with new eyes – his odd appearance started to make sense.

Nevertheless, she nodded to his next words and touched her chest with a delicate finger. “It may not shape our form, but it always shapes our interior…” As experiences accumulated, life grew in variety. As memories piled up, a sense of loss became more and more acute. Gwin had experienced that too, most intensely in Eyktol.

Before she knew it, the Akvatari was tangled up in her musings again. Sinoa’s bow and last words shook her out of her thoughtless reverie. Hesitating at the unfamiliar greeting, Gwin eventually returned the bow. “It certainly was an inspiring experience and I thank you for that. If the Gods feel generous, we might meet again…” A hint of bitterness appeared in her voice. The Gods had never cared much for her kin.

As Sinoa’s little form was swallowed by the crowd, Gwin lingered a little longer. So another traveler disappeared into the distance, not knowing whether they’d meet again, and so she watched him go. Like sand, they were drifting through time and space and would always continue to. Such was life, especially life on the road.
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Creating Hope

Postby Neologism on May 25th, 2014, 2:18 pm

Sinoa :
Skills & Lores
Skill XP
Observation +1 xp
Socialization +4 xp
Investigation +1 xp
Storytelling +1 xp
Dancing +1 xp
Flute +3 xp

➢ Gwin: She Is Not Yomphis
➢ Sickly Eyed Tall Folk: Also Known As Samuel Fitznemo
➢ Socializing: Asking Names First Is More Polite
➢ Not Everyone Is Made Of Clay
➢ Shaking Hands: A New Form Of Greeting Strangers
➢ FitzNemo: Used To Sing
➢ Zeltiva: Not That Unique
➢ Music: Its All About The Emotions
➢ Non-Pycons Do Not Change Form

Way to go Sinoa! Your Character is really cute, and I love the personality you give him. I couldn't give you as much points in the Flute as I would've like to, you didn't push yourself very far, and I believe you may have played at a higher skill level than you are at. You are only a few points away from Competent, but not yet! I did give you points for the two times that I saw Sinoa playing at his skill level though. :)

Gwin :
Skills & Lores
Skill XP
Violin +2 xp
Socializing + 4 xp
Observation +1 xp
Storytelling +1 xp

➢ Cerulean Pier: Layout
➢ Sinoa: Plays The Flute
➢ Music: It's Sculpted With Emotions
➢ Sinoa: Is A Pycon
➢ Zeltiva: Unique City
➢ Sinoa: Also Learned His Instrument From A Parent
➢ Sinoa: Isn't Sure Where He Was Born
➢ Yomphis: Can Be Found At The Worlds End Grotto
➢ Adding To The Mood Of A Story With Your Violin
➢ Sinoa: He Is Seeking New Experiences

Wonderful writing Gwin! Unfortunately, I could not award you with very many Violin points, because you did not push yourself very much. I did award you the points for the few times you did, but you mostly played below your skill level. You did hit some other skills very well on the other hand! :)

Cassius Cruz :
Hey Cassius, your CS isn't updated :confused: . You need to pay your seasonal expenses. When you've done that, send me a PM and I will give you your grades. :)

Fitznemo :
Hey Fitz, your CS isn't updated :confused: . You need to pay your seasonal expenses. When you've done that, send me a PM and I will give you your grades. :)

If you find any problems or are concerned about anything, please let me know and we can work it out. :)
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