Flashback Innocence Within the Waves

(Tydus Tempest) Travel back to a chapter in history, where two young boys of the sea first met.

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Innocence Within the Waves

Postby Ricky Maze on October 3rd, 2014, 4:55 am

"Huh?" Ricky looked puzzled at first as he didn't quite grasp at what the woman Aedre said, although he knew what it was she had asked him mainly one thing failed to register in his young mind in that particular moment. Oi've got an accent? He wondered if that was something good or bad to be worried about, given that both his father and godfather sounded the same when they spoke in the Common Tongue. Did sailors have accents then? This woman had an accent much similar to his but her words weren't jumbled together, not like Tydus' was when he tried to speak in the manner that Ricky tried to understand.

"Oi don't know too much yet but Pa's teachin' me, said dat plenty o' sailors know enough Fratava durin' deir trips. He might actually be part Svefra!" He cheered as though the possible lineage could link him to Aedre and Tydus, though that just showed how little he really knew of the Svefra and their culture. Suddenly though Tydus decided to take action and leap onto his family member out of nowhere, and proceeded to climb onto her all while Aedre practically remained unchanged by the disturbances. At first Ricky watched only in wonder but when she decided to point out he actually should know some common, he could only laugh a little as he continued to see Tydus deny such a claim with his cheeks already blushing red.

He no doubt felt his pride wounded upon hearing such a thing, but given that the woman's remark suggested that he only needed to try harder, Ricky could assume out of the few words he caught that Tydus knew only so little. Likely enough to hold an actual conversation at best, but probably no where near enough to feel comfortable speaking it just yet. Oi wonder... He couldn't help but feel mostly curious about the woman, if Aedre had in fact been Tydus' own mother. She certainly had qualities that suited the role in Ricky's standards, then again he'd never had a mother therefore didn't know what exactly it felt like to have one to begin with. "So, if its okay fer me t' ask... 're yew Tydus' Ma?" He asked with interest as he hoped the woman wouldn't be offended or anything, as his mind had already began to wrap around the curiosity.
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Innocence Within the Waves

Postby Tydus Tempest on October 24th, 2014, 10:31 pm

The Tempest child understood enough of what Ricky to say to know that he had just insulted Aedre. Unintentionally, but to call her Ty's mother was to put her out as far, far older than she actually was. Tydus immediately dropped from the woman's back, throwing himself into the water to prevent the laughter from rising from his throat. Bubbles erupted around his mouth underwater as he released the fit there, the elder Tempest woman staring at Ricky before she simply chuckled and shook her head,

"I'm not. Tydus is too old to be my child. He is... family, if you could call it that. He is one of the Tempest pod, just like me."

It was difficult for Aedre to explain what the pod was to a child. Like a family yet so distinct from it, as well. A brotherhood, a community, a tribe. All in one, yet it was more than that. Moving parts to one, living union of Svefra that worked together to te. Small cogs to the clockwork of the whole. But, it was the fact that the boy mentioned that the boy's father might've been part Svefra that caught her interest.

"There are no 'part' Svefra. Having part of the culture is the same of having none of it at all. If the language is all he knows of us, then he is little more than a common merchant."

The woman had no intention of running her mouth off about an opinion that the children in her presence were too young to learn or even begin to understand. Tydus failed to notice any kind of change in her expression, hidden from his view as it was, but when she looked down, Tydus found something that he couldn't quite identify in her.

Is Aedre angry? That's no good.

Immediately, the Tempest decided to stand up, shaking the water from his knotted hair before he tugged on her arm,


The woman seemed to start, but quickly adjusted and smiled down at Tydus,

"I'm going to go back to the ship, Tydus. Have fun with your friend."

The young Tempest pursed his lips to form a pout, though when she bent low to press a kiss to his forehead, he hugged her once before looking over to Ricky with a resigned expression,

"Well, Aedre's no foon anywah. Whadder to do?"

The Svefra woman turned around and left the two be, though she did not return fully to the ship, sitting herself on a desolate pier as if to keep her eye on the two. Tydus ignored it, intent on focusing on the other boy.

Aedre was supposed to help me talk to you... Grr, whatever. I guess I can manage alone.

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Innocence Within the Waves

Postby Perplexity on November 29th, 2014, 5:14 pm

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