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[Volanaro] The reunion between Ricky and Volanaro happens, but what can we expect to unfold now that it's just the two of them?

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The Austere Child

Postby Ricky Maze on April 10th, 2014, 7:30 am

The Austere Child
Spring 11th 514 AV, 17th Bell
Location: Mathew’s Bay, Outskirts of Zeltiva

There was no way he’d take risks without means of preparation for this, since Ricky knew no matter how hard he tried, there would likely be no avoiding the strange child that proved to be called Volanaro. The date that was due should’ve been around this general time period as he was instructed, so as the fisherman continued to walk along the shores to the spot of seclusion he felt himself all the more secured in terms of evened ground… though their grounds weren’t all too even if his shields weren’t able to resist the Leeching ability the mage possessed. Something Ricky would have to pray to Priskil about in hopes that they would not only last, but work in protection as they would ward against any sudden surprises from Vol’s Reimancy. Though not at all strong like he wanted them to be, Ricky’s skill with Shielding had improved some over the course of the passing into the beginning of spring. Now of course he’d not only a secure shield made to cover his skin, but enough recovery of his Djed after some time taken to eat and rest before he made the trip out here.

The 7th Bell (22 Bells Earlier)

The room Ricky resided in wasn’t all that much of a mess but it held signs that resembled people living within it, Telion had gone out to handle what they would be having for supper today which left Ricky alone with Martin for the time being. Of course Ricky was happy to be with his son, but the constant worry that the strange child Volanaro would return nagged his mind to no end. He was given instruction yet didn’t know what to expect, either way to listen or not listen would give way to different consequences depending on which he chose to do. It unnerved him greatly, enough to where he felt not just curious about this opportunity… but almost rather mad with a driven need to know more. Was this the very thing he had to worry about when it came to magic? Did he have to fear losing himself to the constant need to know more? No… it wasn’t magic that was the problem.

The problem was Vol himself. The boy proved to not only be a danger but a threat both at the same time, putting the two words together never settled with Ricky it seems. The only way to ensure that nobody else would come to harm by that boy was to follow through with instruction, yet there was still the paranoia that something could happen to him even after Vol got whatever he wanted out of the fisherman. Countermeasures… countermeasures. How to prepare for something like this carefully. He had to be considerate, which in turn led him to remember the reaction of his shields as they absorbed Vol’s res that day. The moment not only sent Ricky’s mind racing but also helped him realize that his shields were capable wards that could prove useful, in turn this could serve well as a gambit for defense seeing as he’d wagered Volanaro wouldn’t be able to see them. He based that assumption on the fact Telion and the others couldn’t see his shields until after he’d casted his water on it, if they couldn’t see it until then sure enough nobody else wouldn’t be able to.

As Ricky took his a deep breath he pondered at how he would go about covering himself in a shield, he’d never really done it before but given the fact he’d accidentally shielded portions of both Telion and Martin… he should be able to. Martin remained positioned on his bottom snug between the two soft pillows of his parent’s bed for support, a smile on his face as he watched his dad walk in circles without end in trying to figure out how to approach this idea. Okay okay okay, best t’ing t’ do is just give it a shot. He flicked his hands outwards a few times as a sort of motion to wake up his nerves some, or at least try to gain control of the anxiety that shook them before he tapped within the reserves of his Djed. It wasn’t hard to find that same exact feeling he needed when Martin was in danger, all he needed was to retrace his mind back to that exact moment where he saw the crimson Res ever so near his child.

Sure enough that started to set the emotion he needed off, enough for him to cling onto that feeling as he pulled his reserves forward, and willed his Djed to flow throughout his arms and down to where his hands were. Ricky stood tall and then started to focus as he allowed that very emotion to dictate his will, the discipline behind his incantations already hewn into the act as he solely focused on one thing. Protection. Though unable to literally protect him from dangerous projectiles he assumed his shields would hold that quality they were meant to be purposed for, mainly the protection against magic that threatened him should he encounter any. It was the basic principle as his shields seemed to have, as Djed was the very fuel to feed them once they were weaved. Ricky’s palms were held open as he allowed his Djed to flow outward, a pulsation from his palm filled the air above it as the fabrics of his Djed started to mold into a watery substance.

This water substance held a slight glimmer sheen that slowly started to cover his palms as he willed for more to continue it’s flow outward, he could feel a tingly sensation over his skin as the liquid sheen flowed outward from his palms and finally covered his wrists. For some reason though the weaving stopped there as his concentration only made the shield resembled paper until it started to gain some thickness. His time dedication to the shield would make it a better quality one so long as he avoided rushing it, which is where the disciplined part came into play as he found himself with no more need to weave further Djed. ’ow in de big blue am Oi suppose t’ cover de rest o’ me body? He looked at his palms puzzled as the royal blue sheen dulled to a transparent look that no doubt looked opague to the rest of the world, Martin though seemed to mimic claps as he cheered excitedly for more… as though he were imagining his dad pulling some fun game, unless…. Could he see the shimmer? It’s true the weaving process did tend to leave a noticeable sheen at first glance but that was only during the molding process for Ricky…. He couldn’t tell for sure, but either way his son found it fun to watch his dad.

Ricky smiled with a chuckle, then looked at his belly as he remembered how Martin’s belly and chest were shielded that day. Maybe… It was worth a shot….

The 17th Bell (Current)

It was a matter of trial and error that happened earlier but all the same Ricky was prepared for whatever he was about to face, now all he had to do was meet with Volanaro once again to see how this event would go down.

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The Austere Child

Postby Aoren on June 27th, 2014, 12:42 am

Riddled With Rewards

Skill XP Earned
Planning + 1 EXP
Shielding + 1 EXP

Lore Earned
Planning: Drafting Countermeasures
Shielding: Weaving A Shield Over One’s Hands

Notes :
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