Closed Colors From Within

(Turais) Ricky encounters a fellow who can help him figure out what exactly his condition consists of.

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Colors From Within

Postby Ricky Maze on April 30th, 2014, 7:59 pm

Colors From Within
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Today felt beautiful with the weather Zeltiva was having but for some reason it didn’t feel quite as much, no instead it seemed as though the weather in general was the least of Ricky’s worries today. After what he learned yesterday a lot seemed less important now considering the circumstances, and yet even if he had made his choice he hadn’t the slightest idea what his condition was. He’d been sitting at the fountain, watching as the water flowed ever so gracefully from its peak down into the body below. Funny. Almost a year ago he stood here, in this same exact spot, and took his vows with his beloved to be united by Cheva. Now? Now it was the one place he couldn’t seem to leave, not when it came to the serious amount of heavy thinking he had to do. What does a man do when he knows that his end is coming? How does he defy the odds and follow through with his decision for life?

The answer was unknown. Ricky only knew that he was sick, and it was a sickness he couldn’t seem to stop. This condition. He’d seen the ghost of a memory for almost half a year until finally she told him yesterday, just what exactly she was doing when Ricky believed he’d moved on. At first he’d thought it a way of her torturing him, a way to get back for all the things she missed out on before she too had her life cut short. But no. She was here for another reason, or so to speak. “I’m here, for you.” How many times did he hear those words, yet not a single time did he connect them in the meaning she intended until yesterday. She wasn’t here for him, but here for him. Meaning she came to be here and take him, like an agent of Dira herself. Yet… she wasn’t. She was a memory. Or was she? Ricky didn’t know anymore. He felt as though all he did know was far too little, and in short his only worries were to that of the ones that he had yet to tell.

What am Oi gonna tell Tel, and Gale… and ‘annah. ‘ow will Oi tell dem Oi’m gonna… His mind trailed off as the reality was still in the process of being grasped, the concept all to surreal in the act of facing the truth behind it. He was going to die. Even if he had a choice he was dying, so how would he follow through with it? How would he see to it that he chose life? He wasn’t afraid of death, too many times had he come close to encountering it off and on and it seemed to become pointless. Yet his past struggles were the very thing that made him live and survive, so how exactly do you overcome something on the inside? Something you have no clue what it is, nor how it’s going to kill you other than slowly.

A drop of ruby red tapped on the base of the fountain where he sat, and suddenly Ricky realized that his nose had bled once more. A hand went up to touch the end of his nostrils, the stains of warm wet blood on his index and middle finger, as he looked to them in puzzlement clear on his expression. Anot’er nosebleed. Maybe… He thought about Natalie’s statement yesterday, about how they’re getting worse. Were they connected to his condition? That would just go to show that both Telion and Martin’s fear for their beloved fisherman wasn’t without cause, and that the bleeding came from some abnormality somewhere within. Natalie’s appearances… They were of the mind were they not? Only he could see her, hear her as she teased and taunted away. He sighed as he felt more blood trickle out the nose and drip down, a look of pain on his face after he started to feel a sudden tension headache right in the middle of his skull.
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Colors From Within

Postby Aoren on June 27th, 2014, 1:22 am

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