Quest Ruin Ravagers

The dive into the ruins of past.

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Ruin Ravagers

Postby Eldritch on May 21st, 2014, 7:56 pm

70th of Spring, 514 AV

The morning was given a grey overcast upon the sky above, the slightest of rumblings sounding in the distance to signal the coming of the storm. Most vessels were not upon the open bay waters at this time, though there was a single exception to this. A smaller vessel, more of a barge really was drifting through the waters of Matthew’s Bay towards the structure known to many as the Labyrinth of Time. A ruin of the time before the Valterrian, few dared to approach it and indeed this expedition was to be the final for a long while due to the dangers associated with the place.

There were individuals from all walks of life upon the barge, volunteers one and all. Mercenaries and city servants, warriors and mages and everything in between. All were gathered upon the barge, one individual in particular was the University’s own representative sent to assess magical affairs. An older man with steely grey eyes and a perpetually stern expression, the de facto organizer of this entire affair. University students would know him as Professor Ignatius Stonemiller, Head of the Magic Department in the College of Djed.

As they approached the towering ruin situated in the middle of the Bay the older gentleman would step forward, gazing all about him. The grizzled old scholar sighed ever so slightly before raising a hand to call for attention to be brought to him. Clearly he was far more comfortable in a classroom than he was leading an expedition into Pre-Valterrian ruins, though he was doubtlessly excited on the inside. It was not every day one got to stare into the past, then again Professor Stonemiller had long had his experiences with the past and they had been none to pleasant.

“Greetings all of you. I certainly hope you are prepared for what is to come, once this vessel departs the entrance it will not return until tomorrow most likely. Today we are to delve into the past of our fair city; a past I expect will hold its share of dangers. Those of you that cannot accept taking your life in your own hands I suggest you return to the city, and if you have concerns I suggest you voice them now for there may be no other such chance once we descend those steps into the ruin.” The old Professor said, his tone rough and his words blunt.

The barge came to a stop at the makeshift docks before the stairs that led down into the darkness below, waiting to swallow up those who would enter. The old man looked around at those gathered, his sight almost seeming to look through the people arrayed. This was indeed the final chance, who would be joining the Professor in his decent into the ruins and who would remain behind this day?
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Ruin Ravagers

Postby Gwin on May 21st, 2014, 8:59 pm


Gwin didn’t require transportation to and from the peculiar structures known as the Labyrinth of Time. Nevertheless she was sitting on the railing, green butterfly wings moving gently, out of curiosity for the other volunteers and the expedition itself. Many times she’d passed by the Labyrinth on her way from or to Zeltiva, yet she’d never even dared to peek inside.

The Akvatari sat alone, clad in the usual black strip of fabric and carrying a worn satchel. The breeze was tugging at her blond curls and her furry tail curled around her like a batch of moss. The other passengers seemed to come from all walks of life, yet she didn’t engage any of them in conversation. Observing was quite sufficient for the musician.

As people fell silent, Gwin spotted the raised hand and its owner. Despite studying music, she’d heard enough students talk about magic and courses to know who he was. She listened carefully as he talked about what lay ahead and gave a warning of dangers. Gwin was neither surprised nor scared. She expected the Labyrinth to hold mysteries greater than imagination, but everything had its price. The Akvatari thought herself an artist, but also a traveler, thus she wouldn’t back down from dangers on the road. Wherever it led, she’d follow and face what was waiting along the way. Surely the knowledge, greater understanding of places and people would be worth it…

When the professor asked about concerns, Gwin bit her lower lip for a moment before speaking up. Although she rarely raised her voice in a crowd, it sounded as clear as a bell. “I would like to ask questions. Why this expedition or, more precisely, why now? And what is known about this Labyrinth so far?” Those had been rotating in her head between the volunteering and departure of the barge. They weren’t supposed to venture into it completely oblivious of its nature, were they?
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Ruin Ravagers

Postby Aoren on May 21st, 2014, 11:06 pm

Aoren had almost been late to the departure of the barge setting sail for the Labyrinth of Time. He had gotten a little overzealous in his studying of the material he had covered in classes thus far. Life at the University was already proving to be an enjoyable one for him. When he’d awoken that morning he’d almost been certain that he missed the opportunity to join in on the expedition into the ancient ruins. Fortunately, he had possessed the wisdom enough to pack his gear the day prior. He’d thrown on his clothes, ushered Isikai out the door with him, locked up and sped for the docks as fast as he could. Needless to say he’d been quite out of breath by the time he reached the barge.

At the moment he was seated atop what could be constituted as a crate. His pack was on his back containing it everything he felt he would need for the expedition into the Labyrinth. He was almost certain that he might have forgotten something but seeing the future was not one of his gifts. He was running his fingers through the fur on Isikai’s head. The dog was a little nervous being out on the water. That much the Drykas man could tell simply because of the way his canine companion fidgeted. It had been a difficult decision as to whether or not he should bring the dog along but he certainly wasn’t going to leave him cooped up in his room at the University. Besides, in a sea of strangers it was a small comfort to have a familiar presence to soothe his own nerves.

As the chatter and bustle died down he turned his attention to the elder man at the front of the barge just as everyone else did. Professor Stonemiller was someone Aoren at the very least knew of. He had never met the man face to face but as a student in his department at the College of Djed he had heard the name. The man’s blunt nature, while a little offsetting was appreciated. At least Aoren didn’t have to wonder about where the man stood. He could respect such forthright honesty. When a very odd and exotic woman spoke up inquiring, asking the questions that she did, Aoren had to agree with them.

He supposed it wasn’t the wisest of things to do to dive headlong into the depths of an ancient ruin searching for mysteries that very well might have been better off buried. The past was sometimes better off remaining exactly where it was, in the past. Aoren had learned that lesson that hard way some years ago but he did not linger on such thoughts. He shifted a leg rolling his quarterstaff a bit closer. Grasping it he thumbed it as he listened to what Professor Stonemiller had to say. Whatever the response, it wouldn’t change Aoren’s mind. It would help him become better prepared for what lay ahead though. Stonemiller wasn’t a man that Aoren took to be someone who went into the thick of things without reason.

How will we be foraging into the Labyrinth? Will it be in separate teams or as a group?” If they were going to be separated it would be better to know right then. Taking a look around the gathered Aoren took stock of who was assembled. Isikai gave a slight huff shifting back and forth. The Drykas man carded his fingers through the dogs fur as a means to make him less jittery.

Items of Note
-Tinder (x5)
-Flint and Steel (x1)
-Rope(Hemp) 50ft. (x2)
-Waterskin (x1)
-Bedroll (x1)
-Blanket (x1)
-Compass (x1)
-Lantern (x1)
-Quarterstaff (x1)
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Ruin Ravagers

Postby Yuri Lehrer on May 22nd, 2014, 1:37 am


The sky was grey and overcast with the sounds of thunder in the distance, an ominous sign to Yuri Lehrer, especially considering that he was on a ship, albeit with others, heading towards the rather foreboding structures known as the Labyrinth of Time. As the ship gently rocked with the waves, Yuri found himself towards the front of a small crowd of people he barely knew and contemplated why he had decided to take part in this quest in the first place I know I'm here, and it's not for renown or money like some of the others, I chose to join this expedition simply out of curiosity. But still, I wonder what will lie in wait for us when we enter?

While musing about the events which had brought him to be on this barge, Yuri listened to some of the chatter which took place around him, concerns about the weather, talk of what people would get from this expedition and if he wasn't mistaken, the grumbling of someone saying that this whole thing was a "bad idea", Yuri decided to remain optimistic in spite of this and looked around the small ship for anyone he knew, but was disappointed, so instead he looked for anyone who appeared to be open to a conversation if for no reason other than to pass the time.

Just as he spotted someone who appeared to be somewhat willing to have a conversation, someone whom Yuri had only heard about but never actually seen, raised their hand to quieten down those whom had gathered, which they did quickly, Yuri then proceeded to face the man trying to recall his name I remember that he is a professor, but not of what... After this thought briefly crossed his mind, the Professor began talking bluntly about what would happen once they departed from the ship.

Yuri appreciated the bluntness of the speech, because it would answer many questions people would have before they were asked, yet there were still a few questions that required asking, some of the questions were asked by someone not known Yuri and he agreed with them, why now? and what was already known about the labyrinth? another question was asked which made logical sense to ask "How will we be foraging into the Labyrinth? Will it be in separate teams or as a group?" Yuri looked for the source of the voice but was unsuccessful, and he had a question on his mind as well and proceeded to ask with little hesitation "What should happen if we should somehow get lost?" Question asked, Yuri shifted his weight to his back foot and crossed his arms while waiting for all of the questions to get answered.

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