Closed To know the beginning (Aoren)

A Healer and a Seer meets. What the past holds?

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To know the beginning (Aoren)

Postby S'Essy on July 3rd, 2014, 7:06 am

People with changing eye color. It explained her memory a bit. Still she knew nothing more but what she did was more than anything. She was overreacting it perhaps but she didn't care. She got an answer what her mother never told her, in fact nobody told her. Yet a man with Avalis's gift went through the trouble to find the it for her. She was grateful, and she felt that she couldn't tell it or show it properly toward him.

He accepted her hug and gave a little point to where to start. "Thank you! I will try." She was still crying a bit because of the happiness. Everything which was inside of her came out through her tears. She was really nervous for the answer, she was afraid of it. But now that she knew, she got courage and was more curious. She didn't know which direction to go first but for today, it was enough.

His warming words made her believe that she would find that peace. She knew she would, some way or another. After the gentle squeeze he broke the embrace. S'Essy let him go and wiped her tears from her face, she tried to stop crying. There was no time for that. It was just the very beginning of everything.

He refused her offer, S'Essy just smiled more for that aspect. She admired this man more and more. He stood up and S'Essy looked up to him. They had spent a really good time here and indeed found some knowledge herself. About the gift of Avalis, about Auristics and the answer she was asking for. She could call it a day, yet it wasn't over. As he pointed the dog to her, Isikai came to her. S'Essy placed her hand on his head and patted him gently then he went back to his master. "Good bye Isikai, you are a really good dog, you know that right?"

S'Essy nodded towards the Seer. "She did for this day Aoren, she did. Hope she blesses you as well!" She was truly blessed with him. As he left, S'Essy was still sitting on that bench alone. She was just humming that song, which kept her memory alive.
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To know the beginning (Aoren)

Postby Caelum on July 27th, 2014, 4:43 am

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Intelligence +2
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Socialization +5

Detection of fellow Rak'keli Gnosis Bearer
Aoren: Studies at the College of Djed
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Meditation: Assists Divination
Auristics Magic: Basic
Intelligence: Shifting Methods of Investigation
Father: Loving, Musical Vantha
Vantha: Changing Eye Color


Auristics +5
Intelligence +2
Investigation +5
Meditation +2
Observation +2
Socialization +1
Tactics +1
Teaching +3

Detection of fellow Rak'keli Gnosis Bearer
S'Essy: Healer Since Birth
Konti: Born w/ Rak'keli or Avalis Gnosis
S'Essy: Memory of Losing a Patient
S'Essy: Practices Shielding Magic
Investigation: Magical Tactics
Intelligence: Shifting Methods of Investigation
S'Essy: Appearance of Aura
S'Essy: Vantha Father
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