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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

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[Baroque Bay] That went Swimmingly. (Pulren Marsh)

Postby Firenze on June 21st, 2015, 2:28 am


His comment on her being innocent kept her sober to the conversation. He moved to sit up and she mimicked his movement. Her back straight, face down, she pulled a knee up close to her chest wrapping her arms around and dropping her chin on it. One corner of her mouth pulled to the side, then the other, her mouth moving back and forth, lips closed. She contemplated continuing the conversation, spilling her thoughts to a complete stranger. A small blossom of fear started in her heart and made her hesitate. She couldn’t tell him that she was only around 3, at best guess. Would it matter to him? What if he figured out what she was? She couldn’t take that risk. If there was one thing she took away from the surrounding city. Caution was always better.

Golden eyes followed his movements as he stood. Her head tipping up slightly, she admired his physique again briefly and then her thoughts turned back to mulling over telling him. Mouth opened slightly, air sucked in and then her lips closed. She decided on another half-truth and her lips parted again, her tongue darted between them as she licked her bottom lip, then sucked it between her teeth.

Standing as well, slightly taller even in her bare feet, she gave him a half smile, “I know who I am, I don’t want the city to make me like everyone else that lives here… They all seem…” Her head tipped to the side, searching for the proper word, “Unhappy.” Her eyes dropped to his, softening, “I like being happy, it makes me feel good. So why not try to make someone else feel good by being nice? I know it won’t make a difference, but it’s something.”

Dropping her head, her teeth grabbing her bottom lip again as a smile played on her lips. It felt good telling him, even if it wasn’t everything, it felt good to share with someone and just talk. He mentioned going home and her eyes flicked back up and then out to the horizon. Dusk was starting to fall, the sun blazing glorious colors across the sky in patterns that an artist would die to capture. How had it become so late so quickly? It seemed only a moment had passed when they’d been warmed by the sun and now it was giving way to Leth.

“Oh,” she gasped. Bending, she grabbed her boots and started tugging them on, hopping on one foot then the other, “I should be going! I’m sorry, I don’t know where the time has gone.” Snatching up her sopping cloak and things, she shoved them into one arm, “It was really nice to meet you.” The items dripped slowly onto the boards underfoot as she moved down the dock. Regret at having to leave caused her to pause for a moment, turn, and give him another half smile. Her eyes tried to apologize for the abruptness of her departure. Reaching her free hand up, fingers wiggled in a small wave. Turning back, she continued her way down the docks, hoping that she’d be able to see him again.

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[Baroque Bay] That went Swimmingly. (Pulren Marsh)

Postby Nivel on December 6th, 2015, 9:25 am

Pulren Marsh :
XP Award:
  • Fishing 1
  • Meditation 1
  • Philosophy 2
  • Swimming 3
  • Bodybuilding 1
  • Socialization 1
  • Scavenge 1
  • Rhetoric 2
  • Teaching 5
  • Flirting 1
  • Seduction 1
  • Endurance 1
  • Persuasion 1
  • Firenze The dragonfly chaser
  • Firenze also known as Fire
  • Fishing can be a form of meditation
  • Teaching: Conversation helps keep a student at ease.[
  • Teaching: Positive reinforcement
  • if you lose your wits, you are already dead
  • Sunberth makes you question things
Notes: A good read :P
Firenze :
XP Award:
  • Observation 4
  • Hunting 1
  • Stealth 1
  • Acrobatics 1
  • Endurance 5
  • Swimming 5
  • Rhetoric 5
  • Socialization 5
  • Interrogation 5
  • Organization 2
  • Scavenging 1
  • Persuasion 2
  • Philosophy 2
  • Meditation 3
  • Flirting 2
  • Investigation 1
  • Subterfuge 2
  • Acting 1
  • Copying 1
  • Be careful near the waters edge
  • Pulren Marsh the green eyed saviour
  • Organization: Checking over belongings
  • Organization: setting belongings out to dry.
  • Dira: Some kind of man eating fish?
  • Fish might be a nice change of pace
  • Test limits, Be the Predator not the Prey
  • Swimming: Treading water
  • Swimming: Take it slow
  • Location: The City of Zeltiva
  • Endurance: Using pain to motivate
  • Sunberth makes you question things
  • Philosophy: happiness is the best choice
Notes:Done and Done, I’m glad I got to read this again :P

Additional Comments: If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to message me.

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