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[The Quay] No Turning Back (Fallon and Zandelia)

Postby Zandelia on April 11th, 2015, 4:55 pm

It was with a growing sense of lethargy, bathed and wrapped up in the merry tingling of alcohol, that the words and considerations came to her now. Shifting, perhaps more correctly sloshing, through her mind as the warmth of both the fire and the company suffused her. It was difficult, despite the dangers, not to have enjoyed simply being herself. It was ironic really, she had gone to such lengths to destroy her past and she had just told a Myrian all about it. Not enough details to really discover anything, but the fact she had told Kaie anything was a sign in and of itself – whether the woman saw it as such or not. There was a sense if trust there, hidden beneath the story.

Though I doubt she would reveal anything, she seems grateful enough. Not to mention it is not her way, her people's way. They are warriors, she has confirmed as much. She'd much rather challenge me to a fight than stab me from behind with words. More to the point...I do trust her. As far as I can she mused to herself, eyelid growing heavy.

Her head was slipping back to rest upon the chair, gaze running into the fuzzed fog as sleep creeps up, as the words were spoken – those precious words much required after an evening of revelation and emotional considerations. Not to mention drink. There was a soft curl of the lips, head lolling slightly as it turned to regard the pair of them, one after the other. There was a small sigh too as she leaned forwards, forcing the energy required from what reserves were left. Strange how she cold battle with the best of them for Bells but sitting and talking took so much more effort from her. The situation, she supposed as she pushed herself up and slowly to her feet.

“I think we have all been given things to consider this night,” she stretched her back and yawned behind her hand, “so call it even. As she says, staying here is fine. Yo have Orvin to keep you safe and a warm fire to chase the chills away. Sleep wherever suits” she flicked her hand around to gesture to the general vicinity.

There was the slipping of an arm around her woman then, just before the nudging began. She paid it no mind, simply allowed herself to be cajoled forwards and towards the stairs. There was a small snort at the comment about having a bath, she wondered if she should tease Fallon with the suggestion of bathing together. She repressed the urge, it had been a nice evening. There was no sense ruining it with something foolish. The steps took some time, creaking as she pulled herself upwards, ever upwards. The small rebounding off of the wall as the bedroom loomed invitingly. Once within came the undressing, that was the more amusing part as she tried not to fall arse over head to the floor. Or clutter into anything. There were still many scuffing sounds as she hopped, tugged and yanked her way out of the prison of clothing.

“Well...that was unexpected. But nice. We should take in bloodied people more often” she stated as she leant back to fall into the bed, dragging Fallon with her, to once more be enveloped by oblivion in due time.
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[The Quay] No Turning Back (Fallon and Zandelia)

Postby Dravite on June 19th, 2015, 9:54 pm


XP Award:

  • Navigation: 1
  • Wrestling: 1
  • Socialisation: 1
  • Logic: 1
  • Rhetoric: 1
  • Intelligence: 1
  • Storytelling: 2
  • Teaching: 1


  • Medicine: Going into shock
  • Ravokian wolves are mad
  • Orvin: The White Wolf
  • The warmth of a fire
  • The voice of reason
  • Kaie: Killing one of your own
  • There is no fooling the nose of a wolf
  • Logic: kill or be killed
  • Myrian: celebrate bloodshed
  • Zandelia: was once a slave
  • Kaie: You can't run from your troubles
  • Tsu'kai: No longer a Myrain
  • Storytelling: Using sound-effects
  • Zandelia: Born in Sunberth
  • Kaie: Dishonour
  • Kaie: Forever a mercenary
  • Storytelling: Pause for dramatic effect
  • Sunberth: Shyke-hole
  • Sunberth: Doesn't want to be saved

Mild hypothermia: Kaie will feel better within the next four to five days.


XP Award:

  • Animal Husbandry: 1
  • Bodybuilding: 1
  • Persuasion: 1
  • Intelligence: 1
  • Hostessing: 2
  • Logic: 2
  • Reasoning: 1
  • Storytelling: 2
  • Flirting: 1


  • Orvin: The warning bark
  • Kukri: Just in case
  • Orvin: The Wolf
  • Kaie: A friend in need
  • Zandelia: A graceful creature
  • Medicine: Check for wounds
  • Logic: Everything for a reason
  • Myrain: Myrains don't kill Myrains
  • Fallon: would sooner die than hurt Zandelia
  • Zandelia: was once a slave
  • Sunberth: More than a decaying shyke-hole
  • Fallon: Stubborn
  • Zandelia: Born in Sunberth
  • Logic: All myths hold some truth
  • Sunberth: A place of opportunity
  • Kaie: Family


XP Award:

  • Bodybuilding: 1
  • Running: 1
  • Socialisation: 2
  • Medicine: 1
  • Subterfuge: 1
  • Logic: 2
  • Storytelling: 2


  • Fallon: Always reassuring
  • Orvin: A touchy hound
  • Unarmed combat: Naked, ready or not
  • Medicine: Check for wounds
  • Kaie: A woman in shock
  • Kaie: Always so strong
  • Medicine: People in shock should be kept warm
  • Humour is a good outlet for stress
  • Kaie: Always in the wars
  • Medicine: How to clean up blood
  • Socialisation: Silence is golden
  • Fallon: A logical woman
  • Loyalty above all else
  • Myrains don't kill Myrains
  • Zandelia: The orphan
  • Socialisation: I'll toast to that
  • Sunberth: Your birthplace
  • Sunberth: Starvation, murder, disease, exploitation, and slavery
  • Zandelia: Fighting the good fight
  • Kaie: A mercenary and a warrior

Notes: I can see why you're all masters of observation, the attention to detail was superb. This was a beautifully edited story and a pleasure to read. I especially enjoyed the conversation that flowed well between the three of you. The stories offered a lot of insight in each of their lives and really gave a good feel for how each of the characters minds work. Impressive!

I'm having trouble finding spring seasonal expenses for Kaie and Zandelia, though everything else checks out. If you want to change self-titled Lore to 'Self' rather than having your character's name, feel free. Let me know if you think I have missed anything here and be sure to edit your grading request! As I'm new to grading, any feedback via PM would be greatly appreciated.

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