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Shakune pays a visit to Goldfinger's

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Swimming with Sharks

Postby Shakune on March 14th, 2015, 7:16 pm

Shakune managed to maintain a relatively steady gaze whilst Goldfinger mentioned Seeger. So. There was her answer; the financier had known the slavers, and had even sent them after her. For a fleeting moment, Shakune considered asking Goldfinger why he had done it. But just as the question edged its way along her tongue, she changed her mind. It was better if she didn't know; better to leave this office and the memories of what had happened that day behind her. It was most likely a message; Goldfinger flexing his metaphoric muscles to ensure Shakune would pay him back. There was no chance of that ever happening. The courier wanted to dissociate herself from the loan shark as soon as possible, but that required her to ensure No Questions would be a resounding success.

But it pleased her that Goldfinger's plan had not gone quite perfectly. He hadn't actually expected Veruss or Seeger to die. She hoped that it showed Goldfinger Seeger was not the only unpredictable one. The fact she had killed someone earlier was rekindled in her memory. She remembered the sensation of plunging a dagger in Seeger's leg, how the blood had spattered out onto her hands. Shakune shuddered.

But when she took the contract from Goldfinger, Shakune made sure her hands didn't shake. She looked down at the contract with numb eyes, reading the numbers and the terms and conditions as if they had real impact on her life. That simple page of parchment could unlock all her dreams and aspirations, as well as be a nail in her coffin.

But that numbness melted away at the presence of the slave girl. After her ordeal with the two slavers earlier, the idea of slavery, captivity of any sort, seemed all the more disgusting to Shakune. How one person could claim ownership over another bewildered and disgusted the courier in equal measure. No, she would not accept Goldfinger's gift. It was insult to her, a rudeness.

She stared hardly at the girl's cheek, the imprint of the bird that was burnt into her copper skin. It was impossible to guess how old Havzi was, though Shakune estimated that she was still a child, a teenager. She was tall, painfully thin to look at, but Shakune could see the beginnings of feminine curves under the girl's ragged clothes.

How could she accept such a gift?

More critically, how could she refuse? What would happen to the girl if Shakune did not accept her, take her into her own home and care for her. Maybe Havzi was broken already, shattered into a quiet shadow of her former self. But if she's with me, she won't be harmed.

Shakune twisted back in her seat to face Goldfinger yet again. With a stern nod, she accepted his human gift. "Thank you Goldfinger." And then she stood, folding her contract in half and slipping it into her bag. Unsure of what else to say, Shakune extended her hand towards the financier to finally seal their contract, once and for all. She stepped to the left, readying herself to leave but a final comment found its way out of her mouth:"And remember; no questions asked."
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Swimming with Sharks

Postby Sayana on December 20th, 2015, 1:01 am


Don't forget to edit/delete your grade request. If there's anything I may have missed, please PM me and I'll be happy to look into it.

  • Planning: 3
  • Business: 4
  • Persuasion: 3
  • Observation: 4
  • Tactics: 5
  • Rhetoric: 5
  • Negotiation: 3
  • Subterfuge: 2
  • Interrogation: 2
  • Investigation: 1
  • Intelligence: 1
  • Endurance: 5
  • Stealth: 1
  • Philosophy: 2
  • Weapon: Dagger: 1
  • Unarmed Combat: 1
  • Land Navigation: 2
  • Business: Producing business plans, prices, and documented clientele
  • Persuasion: Providing evidence
  • Goldfinger: Young wealthy man seeking ambition in others
  • Location: The Loan Agency
  • Rhetoric: Speaking passionately
  • Aquiring a loan from Goldfinger
  • Veruss Deshire: Bald man with a snake tattoo on his forehead
  • Seeger: Thin gaunt slaver
  • Beast: Large brutish woman and the partner of Seeger
  • Steath: Hiding within a crowd
  • Veruss Deshire: Previous manager of the Blood Pits' financial affairs (deceased)
  • Tactics: Utilizing a distraction
  • Philosophy: Killing a man versus killing a slaver
  • Havzi: A gift from Goldfinger
  • Cuts on hands and forearms - Will heal in 7 days
  • Gash in calf from nailed club - Will heal in 16 days if untreated with the potential for infection, 10 days if treated
  • Bruises on neck - Will heal in 5 days
  • A loan of 687GM, 14SM, 5CM from Goldfinger
  • The slave Havzi (as described by Monarch)
Please note the loan in your ledger. Also, include a note stating the date at which the loan was acquired and that the interest owed will increase by 5% per season left outstanding (eg. 5% for Spring 515, 10% for Summer 515, 15% for Fall 515, etc)

Comments: Great thread. I loved the variety it held as well as Shakune's passion for her business. The mini-quest also seemed like a fun challenge and awakened various philosophical points like what it means to kill someone and slavery as a whole. I really enjoyed the read.

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