Blades in the Dark

One stormy night, a Big Sister meets her end...

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Blades in the Dark

Postby Monarch on March 11th, 2015, 1:09 am



"Bastard," she hissed, dragging herself across the bloody ground. Her body was spent, her bones broken, every ounce of strength she had left quickly being sapped by fatigue. The broken pavement of Stumble Alley drank in her blood eagerly, the stones seeming to swell and grow vibrant as another life met its end atop them. Against the scene there came a spattering of rain, the thunderclouds dark in the sky above. Zulrav's rumbling overshadowed the dying woman's constant cursing, as her calloused fingers gripped desperately at the ground, hoping to find purchase. "Bastard!" She gave a hoarse scream, turning her scarred face to the heavens and gritting her teeth. "When I find you again, you son of a bitch, I swear to Rhysol himself I'll see you dead!"

"Do you hear me? You'll pay for this!" Then, feeling a sudden surge of weakness, the woman collapsed, her head striking the pavement. The only sounds she could manage now were meaningless groans, pained moaning, the pathetic whimpers a gutted pig might make as it reached the end. No one came to her aid, nor was there anyone waiting for her elsewhere in the city. Her life had been blood and steel and tears, and it was with blood and steel and tears that she met her end.

In the morning, her body would be discovered and trigger an uproar amongst the city. But tonight, she died alone.

51st of Spring, 515 AV

"Petch", came the grumble from Long-Pike as he stared up at the sky, his face wrinkling in displeasure. "I think it's going to rain again."

Most of the Daggerhands that surrounded the young man made no comment, instead giving out long sighs and shuffling their steps to relieve boredom. But Mikro, a half-blood from Falyndar, took the bait and sidestepped over to Long-Pike's side. "You sure? It was clear all day."

Giving a knowing smile, the recruit nodded sagely. "Trust me, it's going to rain. My nose can pick up a gale from a thousand leagues away. I know when it's going to hit and where. And this part of the city is going to be floundering come midnight."

Mikro was impressed by this pronouncement, but the other men and women around just sighed or rolled their eyes. Everyone knew not to take Long-Pike's words for granted, because Long-Pike was a notorious liar and a horrendous cheat. And everyone knew that this assignment was going to be tedious enough without Long-Pike talking his mouth off. The best they could hope for was a quick, routine assignment, finished within a bell or two, followed by a retreat indoors for the night. No one wanted to be out on these streets, even in force, once dusk had completely passed.

The sunset painted the sky a vibrant orange with small patches of blue interwoven through it, no signs of the thunderclouds that Long-Pike had promised. The dozen Daggerhand Brothers and Sisters stood gathered on a lonely street corner near the entrance to Stumble Alley, waiting for their superior to arrive and give them more instructions. Earlier in the day they had been notified by their fellows that their boss, the newly-minted Big Sister Lucina Carter, was preparing a trip into Stumble Alley and needed their help. Carter had almost twenty-five blades at her command, but summoned only half of them to her side. That was a dangerous move, especially considering the tense atmosphere that had plagued the city last winter. But, then again, Carter was well-known for being a dangerous gang leader, prone to all sorts of risky escapades and bizarre strategies. That was a strength of hers, but that didn't make serving under her any more of a relief.

And suddenly, there was the woman herself: tall, heavily scarred, only a small wisp of brown hair remaining on her otherwise mangled scalp. In one hand there was equipped a set of brass knuckles... the other bore a wickedly sharp battle axe. "Alright," she growled as she approached, refusing to break her stride as she walked towards Stumble Alley. "Simple run. We go in, shake a few places up, get out. No problems, no questions. Let's go."
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Blades in the Dark

Postby Ryu Tenko on March 11th, 2015, 8:14 pm

Ryu followed the pack along the path, holding up the rear of the group, keeping to himself. It wasn't that he didn't want to talk with the others and join in the festivities. He would happily attempt to hold up a conversation should the opportunity come along, but he wasn't about to go out of his way to try and make friends when there was work to be done. He knew they would have his back should anything happen anyway, since the tattoo on his left hand was one he shared with all the others around him.

He glanced up at the sky, somewhat interested as the sun went down. The wind blew gently against Ryu, forcing him to hunch his coat further over his shoulders, dislodging his handaxe from it's once-comfortable position, and the handle now pressed against his belly. Ryu slipped a hand into his coat and readjusted it and, once he was happy with it's new place, pulled his hand back out and rested it back into it's respective pocket.

Ryu had been told that they were going to meet a Big Sister of the Daggerhand. All twelve of the Brothers and Sisters, Ryu included. It couldn't have been anything special, but Ryu was still happy to have been brought along. Most of the time, Ryu locks himself away in Brega's or the tavern, not to be seen. That is if he isn't out mugging unfortunate traveller and just regular citizens. Which, more often than not, is a fatal mistake since you didn't know who was who in Sunberth, and anybody could be a psychotic killing machine ready to hunt whoever wronged him to the end of the Earth.

Ryu snapped back to reality once he realised that the group had stopped at the entrance to Stumble Alley, and were now waiting for the arrival of the Big Sister. Once more, Ryu hung about on the outside of the group, waiting for her arrival and instruction. While he was doing so, Ryu eyed up the gang. Some were older than him, some younger, some uglier, some handsome. All of them had at least one thing in common. They were members of the Daggerhand, and that gave them at least a shred of credibility in the screwed up town of Sunberth.
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Blades in the Dark

Postby Dale Hawthorn on April 19th, 2015, 11:30 am

"If shit could be turned into gold, your mouth would be the biggest mine in Sunberth Long-Pike" Dale sniggered as she leant back against a rough wall as great plumes of smoke erupted from his nostrils as he puffed away on his gnarled old pipe. He shook his head along with the rest of his of gang as he added "Watch out of this one Mikro, he talk you out of your coin or just cheat you out it with a game of cards" as he gave Long-Pike a long glare that said he wanted those Mizas back he lost in a game of Portraits after Derek told him he had the Whip up his sleeve the entire time.

That anecdote served them for a while but soon they were all back to shuffling impatiently around the street corner as the tapped their feet, twiddled their thumbs and otherwise avoided each other's glances. They were nervous and they didn't like in. The past year had been brutal on the Daggerhands and while a handful of successes in recent days had bolstered their morale it did not wash away the blood soaked memories of the past seasons and now they found only half their numbers gathered to the entrance of Stumble Alley, a place whether Dale feared to tread and would openly admit it, under command of one of the most brutal and dangerous leaders. That did not make for calm atmosphere.

And there she stood, the beast of women herself. She made Dale look like an oil painting and about as tough as newborn pup. She bred unease where he was concerned; they didn't like each other that was apparent. Remarks were made between them when they both equals and now she commanded him and his Brothers, it was a dangerous place for Dale to be. But, Dale had served under enough egotistical and borderline psychopathic leaders in his time and it didn't take long for him to become just another blank face once she had tasted power.

"Simple run. We go in, shake a few places up, get out. No problems, no questions. Let's go."

"That means shut the fuck up and do what I say" Dale translated in his head as he rested a hand on his cutlass's hilt, seeking comfort in the familiar fabric as he tapped out the last of the weed in his pipe and followed his Big Sister into Stumble Alley.

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