Closed Undiscovered Country (Part 1)

Zhol joins Khara on her search for new hunting grounds. (Seasonal Open Event)

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Undiscovered Country (Part 1)

Postby Zhol on April 19th, 2015, 10:49 pm

Zhol made sure to let his fingers brush and linger against Khara as he took the food she offered, the subtlest of smiles tugging at his lips in gratitude, not just for the segments of apple but for finding a small task so that he could feel like he was making a genuine contribution. Khara could just have easily asked to borrow the sighting lens for herself - she had a much better idea of what they were looking for than he did, after all - but no; it was his, and so he should be the one to use it. He supposed it was no different than asking a reimancer to light a fire when you had a perfectly good flint and tinder, but that did nothing to diminish the sweetness of the sentiment.

Fumbling the lens out of his pocket, he brought it to his eye and popped the apple segment into his mouth, letting his saliva soak into the dried fruit and leech out a little of the flavour before he began to chew. His slow survey of the meadow ahead was thorough but lacked conviction; he had every intention of seeing nothing before handing the lens to Khara so that the right person was the one making the find. His extended gaze swept casually across the long grasses of the meadow and the gentle tumble of the river - little more than a bubbling stream at this altitude - tracking from side to side until it reached the steep walls of the valley. He began with the tangle of trees in the background, working his way slowly towards where they stood, growing steadily more disheartened at their chances. True, he didn't want to see anything before Khara could, but there was not seeing anything, and there was seeing nothing, and those weren't quite the same thing.

Suddenly he froze, his hand twitching backwards a few degrees to where the lens had just been aimed. He'd almost missed it, head bowed, lapping away at the cool water; it was only the slight rise of the creature's head to survey it's surroundings, a movement Zhol had caught out of the very corner of his eye, that had allowed the horse boy to notice it before.

Excitement mixed with panic, a frantic combination in his chest. What should he do? Would he startle it if he moved? Did these deer - he'd made a mental note earlier while Khara was talking to remember that was what deer meant - have good enough eyesight to see him from all the way over here? What about hearing? Would they know he was there if he said anything to Khara?

He took a chance, gently grabbing hold of Khara's arm, and tugging her to the ground. He pulled the lens away from his eyes and waved it frantically in the direction of what he had seen. He glanced back, only to find a large rock obscuring their view. He swore silently, pulling her along in his wake as he crouch-waddled his way to the rock, crawling stealthily up it's mossy surface until the tiniest fraction of his head appeared above it. He pressed the lens back to his eye and peered again; at first he couldn't find it, and panicked that it may have seen him and bolted, but a moment of logic took control and inspired him to follow the flow of the river until he found the deer, still drinking.

"Me am see deer," he breathed, over-exaggerating the mouth movements just in case Khara couldn't hear his intentionally quiet words. "Next the edge water. It am drunk the water."
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Undiscovered Country (Part 1)

Postby Khara on April 20th, 2015, 2:53 am

Relief came first when she caught the word deer among the hushed Nari that left Zhol. The way he had suddenly pulled her and guided her behind the rock had temporarily filled Khara with dread that he had spotted a predator of some sort. Disbelief etched across her features and she felt guilty for it the instant it happened. Zhol had done exactly as she had asked, and better yet, had actually spotted something. The excitement that seemed to take over him was contagious and slowly she edged her way to the side of the boulder and peered around it.

Her eyes followed the stream from where it connected to the pool with the waterfall up into the meadow. Sure enough there was a shape near the water, but she couldn't get a very good look at it, especially with how small it seemed. Khara considered asking for the sighting lens but decided against it. No, that wasn't how she did things. It would have been all too easy to simply stay where they were, spot the deer and call it a day. But it wouldn't answer what was different. Or maybe it would, but part of her was stubbornly insisting that she get closer.

"It looks like a really young fawn. Follow if you want, I'm going to see if I can tell why they make those weird looking prints. Hopefully it's mother is around too." There was an unusual edge of confidence in her tone that bordered on challenging, but the smile on her lips and the light in her eyes made it clear it wasn't meant in any sort of negative way. To further emphasize the point she quickly moved back towards Zhol, her lips finding his in a sudden kiss that only lingered for a second before she pulled away again. "Wish me luck."

It wasn't the easiest to move silently with all the equipment she had, but Khara couldn't bring herself to tell Zhol to sit in place and watch after their stuff if he rather get a closer look for himself as well. As she left the covering the rock provided, she moved slowly and kept low to the ground as she made her way to the next boulder that provided enough room to hide behind. She looked forward, mapping out which rock she would go to next as well as the one after and so on that would bring her closer to where the deer was drinking. The scout frowned as she realized she wouldn't be able to get quite as close as she wanted, as the scattered boulders didn't go out as far into the meadow as she would have preferred. There weren't any trees to use for cover, either. Still, she would try and get as close as she could.

The next rock was moved to just as carefully, the Chiet keeping her eyes locked on the ever enlarging shape of the deer as she neared, watching for any signs that it noticed her as she silently moved forward. One thing that became obvious right away was that it was smaller than other deer and it's hide legs were shaped differently, it's haunches more rounded, it's legs shorter and the back legs looking far more powerful in a way that reminded her of a rabbit rather than a typical deer. The large ears that sat perched atop it's head didn't exactly help remove the comparison within her mind, not that other deer didn't have large ears as well. Aside from it's size, however, it certainly didn't seem to be a fawn like she had first assumed, either. It carried itself far too confidently for that.

What are you...? Khara questioned silently as she moved to the next rock. There was something else about the diminutive deer too, but she figured it had to be a trick of the eyes. There was no way a deer had fangs.

She squinted against the glare off the stream at the animal, trying to judge if it even was a deer. Maybe it was something else, maybe this wasn't what had made the prints they had followed... The sound of something moving through the bushes at the edge of the meadow across the stream snapped her attention and quickly forced her back behind the rock. Ever so slowly, the scout peered out once more and nearly gasped. Several more of the animals had emerged from the brush and had come to the water. Some close enough that no doubt if she wished to, she could have drawn her bow and killed one without any trouble. That, however, was the farthest thing from her mind. Instead she was more captivated by the improbable reality - they really did have fangs! Or, at least, two large teeth from their upper jaw that were visible even when their mouths were shut. There were even some among them that were tiny, actual young Khara guessed.

As much as she wanted to wonder over the teeth the creature possessed, Khara forced her attention to be drawn towards the animal's legs. They certainly had hooves like the prints suggested, but it was the way the back part - Khara tried to remember what that portion of the anatomy was called... dewclaw? - was spread out, angled outwards a bit from the leg rather than in line with it, that echoed what she had seen in the strange prints.

Even as she continued to try and examine the strange looking cross between rabbits and deer, more of them moved towards the river. The herd was certainly plentiful and they seemed entirely at ease with their surroundings; easy prey. It wasn't exactly the type of large game that Khara had hoped to find, but with the large numbers that this herd seemed to be made up of, she doubted the hunters would be entirely disappointed with the find. A small moment was taken to thank Caiyha for their success, it would have been foolish not to.

Khara put her back to the rock, trying to catch Zhol's attention with a small wave of her hand. Even if he hadn't drawn close in her wake, he wouldn't need the sighting lens to see the grin that had practically taken over her features. New hunting grounds had been the reason they had come to this area of The Unforgiving and Khara couldn't have felt more proud of the both of them in that moment if she tried.

oocSo we decided it might be fun to come across some musk deer! They aren't specifically labeled in the bestiary, but they do exist in the type of biome that Kalea has been compared to. Hopefully that's okay!


Continues in: Into Darkness (Part 2)

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Undiscovered Country (Part 1)

Postby Brandon Blackwing on November 17th, 2015, 7:29 pm




  • Socialization +5
  • Flirting +5
  • Observation +5
  • Organization +1
  • Rhetoric +4
  • Mountaineering +3
  • Endurance +5
  • Tracking +2
  • Land Navigation +1
  • Storytelling +2
  • Acrobatics +1
  • Climbing +2
  • Bodybuilding +1
  • Reimancy +1
  • Detection +1
  • Stealth +1

  • The satisfaction of Game Scouting
  • Tracking: Look for broken twigs and the like
  • Tracking: Rivers are a good place to find wildlife
  • Acrobatics: Crossing a river by using stepping stones
  • Tracking: The difference between elk and deer prints
  • Deer don't hide in caves, but bears do
  • Using the Sighting lens



  • Observation +5
  • Rhetoric +5
  • Flirting +2
  • Socialization +5
  • Bodybuilding +1
  • Climbing +3
  • Leadership +3
  • Teaching +3
  • Mountaineering +4
  • Acrobatics +3
  • Diplomacy +1
  • Tracking +3
  • Endurance +2
  • Stealth +1

  • Jensen: Hunted together with your mother
  • Teaching: Explaining what signs of animals to look for
  • Tracking: Rivers are a good place to find wildlife
  • Zhol's Travel story
  • Acrobatics: Crossing a river by using stepping stones
  • Teaching: Explaining the difference between deer and elk prints
  • Musk Deer: Fanged deer?!

Okay! So. This was long, but entertaining. As always, the chemistry you two have going on makes your threads really fun to read. I do believe I overdosed though, so... yay? :P

Ehm what else is there to say... Perhaps you're a little disappointed in the amount of lore, but I personally didn't find much I deemed useful enough to earn you a lore (in regards to the huge amount of posts, that is). On the other hand you guys did get a myriad of different skills, and lots of xp.

If you think I missed something, or you really want a lore on this or that, contact me and we can work things out. There was a whole lot in this thread, and as a result I might have overlooked a thing or two.

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