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Into The Den

Postby Dale Hawthorn on April 26th, 2015, 9:36 am

"Drugs, just another way to keep the scum in the gutter and money in pockets of the Underbosses. Once you get a hit of the shit the Daggerhands deal in you won't ever break free of those chains. Booze and weed, that's all I need, I keep that mind breakin' stuff right away from my veins."

12th of Spring, AV 515 - 19th Bell - Wolf's Den Outskirts

A restless hand kept itself busy, the fingers tapped the leather bound hilt of a cutlass in a fluid rhythm while a palm found itself clasped around a smoking pipe, subjected to the constant demands of the owner as the tip was frequently placed between a pair of cracked lips before expelling a stream of sour hot smoke into the air. The sun was waning, threatening to smash cower below horizon and surrender Sunberth to the mercy of Leth's domain as the smallest shadow was stretched to gargantuan proportions in the rosy glow of the sunset.

Dale stood right on the outskirts of the Wolf's Den, leaning on the corner of one of the many alleyways that fed into one of the most dangerous and brutal areas of Sunberth. He puffed away merrily on his pipe but his constant fidgeting betrayed his nerves. True he had delved into the Wolf's Den before but he wouldn’t even pretend to claim he knew it like the back of his hand though he knew it as well as any thug who couldn’t be considered insane would know it. Still, he did not relish walking its streets at night where truly worst it had to offer begun stalking the streets, no longer afraid of the Mob.

A troublesome drug dealer had brought him to the edge of the Den, Dale wasn't sure whether the piece of shit was vying for more money or was trying to cut the Daggerhands loose for a new middleman that was either safer or simply paid better. Either way his Big Sister had tasked him with recovering the shipment, making specific requests for him to made example of for giving them such a headache. This was a simple enough task for one that involved a slum full of violent psychopaths but she had insisted on bringing in an outside courier for the delivery of the drugs as soon as they were recovered.

Dale saw no need for this except for Lucina to keep her buyers well away from Dale's knowledge. Heated words had long been exchanged between them before she had risen to a position of power and now Dale wouldn't be surprised if she wanted him bleeding out in bottom of an alleyway or at the very least in the dark about anything that could help him wrangle power from her bloody hands. She was a rising star in the Daggerhandds and Dale wouldn't deny wanting to see her career cut brutally short.

"You're late" Dale said bluntly as figure approached from the darkness as he stood up from the wall and clamped his pipe between his teeth before gesturing to be followed into the Wolf's Den. "You better be armed, I'm not pulling your arse out the fire if you put yourself in it. Avoid eye contact and keep yer bloody mouth shut, I'll do the talking if we get stopped and you don't raise a weapon till I do. How much did Lucina tell you about our job?"
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Into The Den

Postby Shakune on April 30th, 2015, 3:53 pm


"Well, who will pick up my drugs now?"

Those words haunted Shakune. They circled around in the back of her mind whenever she did a job involving drugs. It had been the very last thing her mother had said to her, just before the young girl left Zeltiva and her shit of a life behind. Kinsha had loved her drugs far more than she'd ever loved her mixed-blooded daughter. At the time, the young half-breed had vowed to have anything to do with the foul substances again. And to some degree, she'd kept her promise; Shakune had never used recreatinal drugs herself. But she had couriered them back and fourth between one supplier and another. It was the angle of her job she liked the least, but Shakune needed to eat, and that required her to do all available courier jobs.

She prided herself on her work, and more specifically the name Shakune had made for herself. No Questions Couriers was a brand that seemed to be swelling in popularity every day. The existence of a courier company funded by Goldfinger had caught onto the grapevine and Shakune did all she could to push her business further.

One such thing involved working for the gangs. It was an unavoidable consequence of living in Sunberth, and for once Shakune was happy to do so. She didn't want to tie herself too much to Goldfinger and the Sun's Birth. To do that would only put her life and business on the line - two things the courier simply could not afford to lose.

The job today required Shakune to make a pick up from a drug dealer and to deliver said goods to some higher-up in the Daggerhands. It was a simply enough task, but the dealer in question was a scatty fellow who used his product as much as he sold it. What he didn't inhale himself, he cut with flour or some other powdery substance to make up the weight. It was common practise amongst his kind, but this guy had apparently gotten too big for his boots and pissed off the Daggerhands. Shakune's services had been requested in order to avoid further problems.

Ultimately, she was a buffer.

It could be a dangerous role, one stuck between a prideful gang and a drugged-up loony who had no clue what was real or not. But Shakune had some practise socialising with such scum, and she was confident that she'd be able to complete the job without any unnecessary blood. Gangs could be big tippers, so it would benefit the business if Shakune could pull the job off without too many problems.

But of course, there was a slight issue.

"I'm not late." She retorted bluntly, glancing to the man who would serve as her companion to this business. "But even if I was, you think this guy knows what day it is, what year it is?" A khopesh hung at the courier's waist; a large weapon that seemed to tug on her right side. "Aye, you can do the talking if we get stopped, but that's much less likely to happen if you let me do what I was hired to do. She told me this guy has done somethin' terrible enough to warrant your smiling face to pay him a visit. Beyond that, I don't know anything. And I don't really want to."

With that, the courier pushed onwards, her pupil-less eyes shifting backwards and forwards casually as she drunk in their surroundings. Shakune disliked working with people for the sole reason that she knew her abilities and limits. Although she wanted nothing more than to tell the bearded fellow to her right to petch off, she knew it would severe her ties with the Daggerhands. Their business paid well; it was worth the arse-kissing.
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Into The Den

Postby Sayana on December 19th, 2015, 4:16 pm


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