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Kaie stumbles across clues that jump start her search for the people that incited the mob least season.

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Murder in my Heart

Postby Kaie on May 18th, 2015, 3:28 am

This man is strange to me, the Myrian found herself deciding firmly by the time Vayle had rattled off another response. The sharpness in her expression did not alter in the face of flattery. Questions were hidden beneath a thick veil. A false decisiveness rested in her stare. The only conclusion she had at the ready was that the man who had followed her into the dark was naught but mad. Raving mad. Perhaps his mother had dropped him as a child, or some street thug managed to knock him over the head so hard the sense in the man vanished. The more he spoke, the more sure the Myrian was that he clearly had no idea what exactly it was that he wanted from her. What drew him to follow her in the first place was beyond comprehension. What possessed him to offer his scythe in some pledge of loyalty was far more than baffling.

"You are wrong about me. Absolutely wrong. I apologize for giving you the wrong impression." Kaie's face contorted into a deep scowl. He spoke of her conviction as if she held some type of honor. Sure, she wasn't a homicidal maniac running rampant through the streets to execute senseless slaughter. She killed for self-preservation, for Myri, for revenge. Not for justice alone. If it came, it was likely an unintended byproduct. "I will complete my personal agenda on my own. It is my fight and mine alone. I don't know you. I don't trust you. I cannot guide you to whatever it is you are looking for again, whatever it is you have lost," she continued with a gentle shake of her head. A bronze hand ran down her face. "But perhaps you're right. There is much I need to do that I cannot do all on my own. For that reason, I'll accept your help. Only for this night. By Syna rise we will have parted ways and you will forget my face, what I am, and what you've seen. Those are my conditions. That is our trade."

It was a simple arrangement. He tagged along to learn whatever it is he wished to learn from her, and in return, no word of the Myrian and her deadly deeds would yet circulate the city. The best choice to have made would've been the one that left Vayle dead the moment he turned the corner on her. No more loose ends. Yet Fallon and Zandelia had encouraged her to learn another way. Maybe their perspectives had rubbed off on her just a tad. Maybe her curiosity had merely gotten the best of her. In any case, a compromise had been offered. The Myrian slowly extended her hand to shake.

"Do we have a deal?"

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