Closed A New Expedition: Halfway point[Xii]

On the newest expedition to leave Ravok, their journey reaches its halfway point.

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While Sylira is by far the most civilized region of Mizahar, countless surprises and encounters await the traveler in its rural wilderness. Called the Wildlands, Syliran's wilderness is comprised of gradual rolling hills in the south that become deep wilderness in the north. Ruins abound throughout the wildlands, and only the well-marked roads are safe.

A New Expedition: Halfway point[Xii]

Postby Bartholomew on June 20th, 2015, 5:57 am

Light did not know whether there was a hell or not. But if there was, then this definitely was it.

The rain had nearly drowned out everyone's voice. Light could barely hear the onset of others gasping and quivering in fear. To the side of him Light heard someone scream the word 'Vinumia,' yet he was too shocked by this creatures form to think of what that word could mean. He stared at it like all the rest, and for a while it was as though the world had gone completely silent. Only the neigh of the horse and the rain existed.

But then an arrow shot. It flew through the air like lightning, hitting its mark on the creatures head. It barely flinched. Next came more arrows against it, and it seemed as though the shadows of the incoming weapons only made the world even more darker than it was already.

Still it did not move. Not until a man ran up to it to slay it himself did it nudge. With what appeared to be little effort for this monstrosity, the horse which it held onto was sent twirling in the air. Light saw the horse fly, but could watch it no longer, for where it flew to was directly towards him.

Light had no time to warn the passengers inside, so instead he used his hind legs to hop as high as he could and away from the caravan. He heard the final sounds of dying men mixed with the crushing of wood and the terrified screams of a horse. Light braced himself to land on the ground, bending his legs and folding his arms. He met the dirt painfully, but rolled in a way where he would not hurt the most. Where he rested then was on the ground, mud in his face and back aching.

He looked towards the Caravan which was now tipped over. No sound came from the fallen vessel. Light wanted to scream, check to see if anyone was still alive. However, he could do nothing such as that with that plant monstrosity around. At most, the only thing he would achieve would be that thing's attention.

Light turned his eyes to Clyde who stood in front of him with staff at hand. With a booming voice the mage said, "Move!" Those words were enough to tell anyone who knew of Clyde to leave the area quickly, lest they wanted to get caught in the chaos which his magic could create. The mage stamped his staff to the ground, and as soon as he did hot res began to flow from it. The res changed int fire and grew, scorching the very ground as it made a pathway towards the creature.

It was a nice idea to burn the beast, and anyone who thought of it would be considered of high intelligence. Unfortunately, this weather and the muddy water close to the beast was enough to make that idea, and any such that is similar, nothing but null. Ligth watched as the creature burned, burned, and burned but barely flinched under the heat. Soon the rain turned the fire to steam, and any plant or vine that was lost on this beast returned as though Clyde had done nothing.

Light huffed in frustration. It appeared that he and Clyde were destined to deal with the most difficult creatures in Mizahar. However, he would not handle that beast yet. His main goal right now was to do his job and make sure all the pedestrians were safe. So, Light stood and quickly ran over to the fallen caravan. There was a man, an ebonstryfe to be exact, who held an ax and stared at the monster like a statue. He looked as though he was even too scared to shake. Light became angry, ran up to the man with the ax, then swiftly and smoothly delivered a punch right to the man's cheek. He squealed under the force of Light's attack then fell to the ground. As quick as he had punched the soldier, Light grabbed the ax man's shirt and pulled him off the ground.

"What the petch are you doing?!" Light screamed. "We have people dying in that DAMN caravan and you're just STANDING here?! Be a MAN and stop SHYKING in your pants! Help me help them or fight that PETCHING MONSTROSITY!" Light then pushed the man back to the muddy dirt and ran towards what was left of the cart. The horse that had been flung was on top of it, not moving nor neighing. Blood was pouring from the side that was lying on the caravan. Light could swear that he saw a boot sticking out of the horse. It didn't take him long to guess whose boot it belonged to.

He opened the curtains of the caravan that led to the inside and nearly passed out from the sight. The amount of gore that came with the mixture of tools and planks was too much for even the strongest of men to handle. Bodies had been mixed with bodies, necks had been broken, and some people had even been swooshed by the non sentient cargo. There was also blood everywhere, and it was hard to determine to who it belonged to.

Light was ready to call it quits and label everyone in this caravan dead. That was until he heard a shrill cough, a sound familiar to one a kid would make. "Hello?" He called out, but no one answered. The man who Light had punched was standing behind him, ax at hand still; staring at that monster still. "Yell if that thing makes another attack at this cart," Light said to the stryfe soldier, hoping that he wasn't too scared to listen.

With a lot of fear in his heart, Light stepped into the cart while preying for safety from Rhysol. The blood was rotting fast, and Light found it very impossible to breathe while inside this toppled thing. It took him but a moment to find a child coughing furiously, held safely in the bosom of his now dead mother. Light reached for the little boy but he flinched to Light's touch. He had no time to humor the boys fear, though, and violently snatched the boy from his resting place. He ran out of the cart as fast as he could then handed the bloody, teary boy to the nearest stryfe soldier to him. Unfortunately, it was not the ax man who he handed the boy to. For that man had been killed long ago.

Other passengers that could not fight were escorted away from the creature and towards the back of the army. The seductive Paladin was barking orders to her men, telling those who were brave to stay on the battlefield and fight and those who were scared to escort the citizens away. It was too sad that his father was not here. This battle would have probably been over if Paladin Don Dicey were to deal with it. His father was a great tactician, bread specifically for war, this beast would be nothing to him. However, Don was not here, only his copy. But his copy, Light thought, would be more than enough to slay this monster.

But how?

Light stared towards the monster again, and within the corner of his eye he saw movement. A little girl with dark skin color who had been attached to Sullins was now flanking the monster stealthily. It was no sooner than when Light laid eyes on her that the girl metaphorically said "petch this," to being stealthy and ran up to the creature. She yelled at it, after she sent an arrow towards its side, and it looked at her with eyes of green fury. As quick as it saw her, it struck after her with fierce power Light had not seen since the horse incident.

Light sighed and began to sprint towards the girl. It appeared that the beast was not going to let her live; for it struck at her again as she fell to the ground. If only he had enough time to gather djed, then he would be able to perform some magic spell that could hurt it. But for now he had to make do with what he had.

The girl began to crawl away, but the monster would not let up its attempts at killing her. He had to avert its attention, make it go after him before it did something to hurt her.

Oh how much of a fool he was.

As the monster lifted up one of its long limbs to smash the girl to the ground, Light yelled from the top of his lungs- "HEY UGLY!" Djed began to course through his mouth as the beast finally noticed him. It gathered and gathered the same way spit would if he wished to store it. He thought about all that he could do and what spells with this tiny amount of magic he could use. At least the monster had taken its eyes off the girl, but it was still angry and still very lethal. The bad thing about all this, however, was that it had a new target.

"I AM YOUR BIGGEST THREAT! YOU BETTER KILL ME FIRST!" Light screamed to the creature while flowing his djed into it. The spell which he had used was of basic hypnotism. It was formally known as Suggestion, but Light had developed a new name for it within the moments of him casting it and it taking effect. The name was, 'The Possible Cause of His Death.'

The creature swiped at him with one of its extended arms. It would nearly have sent him flying off into the distance if he had not dropped to the ground. Light lived to live another day, but now the beast was irritated. Thrice now two people had managed to dodge fatal injury from its attacks. The monster was beginning to want more blood than ever.

Light jumped back to his feet as quick as his body would allow him, then he began to run the opposite way. Into the forest he headed while it tried to kill him. However, he soon reached a point where its swipes were no longer long enough to find its mark. So, in order for the creature to hit this maddening human, it would need to start chasing after him. And that was exactly what it began to do.
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A New Expedition: Halfway point[Xii]

Postby Elias Caldera on June 26th, 2015, 2:19 am

A blinding light. The searing heat. The stench of magic. It all stopped Elias dead in his tracks, his sword arm going limp and flaccid in the face of Sullins unleashing what could only be described as sheer fiery hell on the creature with all the pure force the reimancer likely had at his beck and call. It had been impressive to say to least, if you were a mundane that was. To Caldera however, it was a crushing disappointment. Not the actual display of magic of course, that had been a tad bit exciting to behold, if not a little emasculating in comparison to his own reimancy abilities, but this was neither the time nor the place. No, instead what bothered him was the reality that the other magecrafter had squarely beaten Elias to the punch in defeating the threat, and in the process taken all the glory for his greedy self. Unforgivable!

Annoyance riddled the ravokian mage as he tried to maintain his composure, but it wasn’t easy. His moment had been stolen and his victory burgled. To say he was anything but severely miffed in that solitary instant would have been an understatement. Yet as the smoke cleared and the sweltering fires dissipated, there, in the aftermath of billowing steam and smog, rose the beast, its body singed but life still very much defiant in its glowing green eyes.

The fires had failed.

Elias’s first instinct was, funny enough, not to ready himself for combat once more, but instead to turn and stare at Clyde, a mischievous and derisive grin plastered on his thin lips as he directed the full brunt of it at the older mage. Oh my, how embarrassing for you, master wizard. The young man thought, chortling heartily on the inside and quietly hoping his fellow arcane warrior could deduce his counterpart's thoughts, if only for that moment. The Caldera heir returned his attention back to the monster once he had grown content with his silent mocking and went about reestablishing his plans once more for personal glory. What he saw next however, tore the smile right off his face.

The thing was healing itself!

Aghast, Elias looked on in helpless wonderment as grotesque plantlike muscles and flesh stitched its flourishing body back together, one knotted mess of vines at a time. It wasn’t long before the entirety of the Vinumia was restored to its lush, wholesome self, almost as if nothing at all had happened despite the smoldering landscape it stood upon. Shaking his head in disbelief, the mage desperately looked about himself and to the other Ebonstryfe for answers, but all he found among his comrades was more disheartening confusion among even more worrying glimpses of doubt burgeoning behind their widened eyes. How were they supposed to kill this thing if it could even stand against such powerful magic?

“Look, it’s the water. It’s sucking up all the water…” Someone mumbled from behind him and Elias slowly pried his gaze off the terrifying giant and directed it anew to where the soldier’s gauntleted finger was pointing. The man was right, and now that Elias had something to focus on, he could now clearly see something was amiss himself.

He blinked once and the world blossomed into a myriad of wonderment as the sight beyond sight took hold. The mage’s senses were sundered to their very cores and remade all in a split-tick, awakening Elias to the truth of the world around him as the world and everything within laid out their auras for the young ravokian to explore at his leisure. In spite of everything calling to him like a choir of sirens's calls, his ‘vision’ focused solely on the monster as Elias’s entire scrutiny was absorbed by the seemingly undying marshland atrocity. Within the creature shone a heart of djed unmistakably magical in nature that immediately drew his attention, and considering the strength in which the glistening core thrummed within the gargantuan chest of the swamp-thing, Elias was thoroughly surprised he hadn’t noticed it much, much earlier. A plethora of information flooded in alongside that as the Aurist narrowed his unnatural gaze, fixating on taking anything he could get his veritable hands on. Such was the distraction their consolidated mass of tiny auras proved that the extensive colony of other, minuscule lifeforms crawling all across the Vinumia in particular threatened to derail his train of thought with all their incessant squirming and moving about. He pushed passed that distraction with a hushed grumbling, reading what he could beyond the wriggling bugs and plant life, specifically targeting the unbelievable healing power the beast had in any way he could.

Elias blinked free from the auristics a long moment later, his senses distracted by the two separate, yet clear uses of djed on the creature from someone else. Regardless, in his mind he had now confirmed what the man had said to be truth. It was the water… he knew now what he had to do.

The djed within began to stir anew.

To his startled dismay, the mage realized that in his absent mindedness a great deal had transpired while he was locked in his arcane staring contest, and angrily he chided himself for not paying more attention. Your amateur is showing, Elias. Get a hold of yourself! The swamp monster hadn’t been still in his time away, and was now flailing angrily with its massive arms at two people in particular who were desperately trying to escape its horrific reach. He recognized them both almost immediately, and it didn’t take long to understand that neither Xii, the dangerous little outsider, nor Light, the sole heir to the Dicey legacy, were the kind who simply ran away because they were smart enough to be afraid. They must have had a plan.

Whatever it was, Elias surmised it would either end in a nauseating amount of blood and failure, which honestly amused the guard more than it bothered him. There was however, that gnawing doubt that reminded him those two had proven bothersomely resourceful in their previous encounters with the bald mage, which, in a truly frightening scenario, could mean that with freak accident, could also make it possible that they would come away with some kind of miraculous win over the Vine-whatever. The ravokian prodigy couldn’t allow that to happen.

Res sprang from his fingertips, rushing into massive pools of translucent vapor that was hard to define as anything other than a floating, slightly glowing blue lump of magical goop. It would take a moment for him to gather all that he needed however, which meant whoever the Vinumia focused its wrath upon was relatively on their own for time being. Conventional weapons seemed to do almost nothing more than make one a target for its rage and fury, which, looking at the steadily pooling blood surrounding the remnants of the shattered cart, had proven a quick and brutal death sentence at the very best. Luckily for the two however, Paladin Samara hadn’t been as inactive as he had in the brief time it had taken for the beast’s attention to be captured. The order had gone out for the convoy to continue, with half carrying on along the waterlogged path while what was left of the other half attempted to clear the way so they could join them later. The result was an widening gap in the convoy, one blessedly devoid of any more lives standing in its approach as the nightmare continued its dogged pursuit. That didn’t mean the Ebonstryfe had abandoned their posts however. A very open ring of darkly armored sons and daughters of Rhysol encircled the green abomination from three sides, warily keeping their distance but at the same time their weapons at the ready. They realized what was happening quick enough, and slowly but surely ensured the menace maintained its path away from their wards and charges.

As the Vinumia sloshed its behemoth form across the soggy road, two giant spheres of phosphorescent res descended upon the beast. The first hovered a few feet above the thing’s bulbous head, its roughly circular shape flattening out a moment later to become what could have resembled an umbrella. The other retained its rounded, churning figure, but this one was lowered to the front of dangerous marshland manhunter.

With a snap of his fingers, Elias ordered both res constructs to begin, and so they did, both drinking up the water around them with vacuous and supernatural power. The first hanging in the air, caught the very rain as it fell, collecting each droplet in of captured pool of hastily expanding liquid. The other was tasked with much the same objective, but served to boldly target the sluggish animal itself, liberating the water from the depths of its very vines along with water already at its feet and in its path. In essence, Elias’s use of reimancy was sucking the vile demon dry of every last drop the mage could find.

If he was right, hopefully dry would also mean dead.

MehI’m little iffy on Elias noticing the healing effects were due to the rain, but meh, for the sake of moving the story along I just went it. That said, I guess master Observing has to be good for something, right... Speaking of which, only one more fireball and I'll be an expert Reimancer. Yay!
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A New Expedition: Halfway point[Xii]

Postby Clyde Sullins on June 27th, 2015, 12:15 am

His first spell had been more of a testing, a prodding at an opponent, than a true finisher. Often when two foes faced off their was the initial opening moves, testing each other, gauging their ability, feinting and testing.

True, if it had worked he wouldn't be sad. But he wasn't fully committed in doing it. Even if it failed he learned much from it.

More than shooting some arrows and such at the beast did.

In the aftermath of his fire, he was still tied into the aura of the beast, and so saw the pulsing, the unaffected core of djed within, and the feeling of a cool wash blowing over the aura, drawing upon the waters. Cool like a cleansing wash that treated a burn.

Of course, it was more than that. He could see its mundane shape in his aura sight, see the remnants of burnt vine and material, could see the shifting and changing, the drawing upon of the coolness as the vines and body was refreshed and rebuilt before his eyes.

But then, he'd fought one of the mouthless beasts in single combat. Compared to that and its healing abilities, how it moved, this was nothing. This was mundane by comparison.

He'd yet to show it his full might, had barely done more than an initial testing blow.

Once his initial contact was done, once he'd understood the beasts capabilities and how it reacted, he was prepared for his next onslaught. While the other lesser beings moved about and played with the beast, kept its focus off of him, Clyde moved onward, rushing outward to embrace the course and wet ground, still damp below the surface that had been baked. But only deep down, where Clyde's reach stretched.

Visually Clyde did not appear to be doing much, simply standing there holding his staff with two hands, with the base on the ground. But below that, flowing outward and through the ground was a rush of his djed, this time as a liquid flowing and gushing. He willed his djed to exit, focused on his staff and his upper body, and felt as his other body greeted him once more, echoing back the sensations of brushing past stone and mud and flowing through it.

Flowing outward and downward and forward... Forward under the ground towards the shining beacon that was his awareness of the beast self within his aura sight. He KNEW where he was, as one knew where their own hand was. And his res being a part of himself, he KNEW where it was, that him, flowing through the ground. And with it focused within his aura sight, he KNEW where the beast was. Like he knew where his own fingers and hand were in proximity to his stomach and legs.

“Were where was I whizzing? Silently stalking the snake was slithering.”

Twice Clyde sensed an intrusion upon the aura of the beast, in his general awareness. Each was quick and small, a finger of djed reaching outward and breaking the skin of the aura, infusing a bit of djed, and retracting. The bit left inside slowly filtered outward, melting like sugar in water, diluting and spreading.

Each was different, though similar in their abrasiveness and lack of subtlety. Unlike the much subtler things he did with his aura sight.

“Talking is tasting to totally tilted tables. Falling is freeing to freezing fringes.”

Clyde focus was totally on his essence, his body, and the beast. Perhaps if something had drawn truly near to him, a direct threat, he might have noticed, possibly, but as it was nothing did and he kept focused on his task. He kept up a steady strong stream of liquid res flowing into the ground, and kept it moving towards the beast. To under the beast, about it, surrounding it.

As the res neared, sweeping out and spreading about a widening pathway, Clyde felt another intrusion upon the beasts aura. This one was much subtler, and not a direct intrusion. Where the others were a outer thrusting, an invasion, this was an encircling. An embracing. He could feel the djed sweeping around and over the aura of the beast, about his own but not over it. This was a subtler magic, though not so subtle as Clyde's own finessed stroking, a gentle touch where this was a pressing and gripping. But still, subtler and less invasive than the other magics.

He did not fight, only aware of the aura with a side part of his mind, not focusing the main intent of his focus on the aura of the beast, and so was happy to share the aura reading of the beast. Sharing from his perspective at least. The other likely didn't even sense his touch.

As his res settled into position, taking up its final spread, Clyde was utterly focused on his task. He didn't sense the other magic near the beast, at least until the physicality of the beast changed alerting him to its presence. A physical change, in the drying, was clear enough to see, even without his direct awareness and focus on its surroundings.

They did not care. The fact was sorted and filed as affecting the monster, but not affecting the plan. Their plan was the same. One final phrase was said, spoken clearly and loudly as the warnings before, spoken by the upper Clyde standing upon grounds back.

“Back, back now!”

There was a few moments pause and the union prepared, moved, and thrust into action. For a half moment the ground seemed to shift and move like it was the skin of a breathing beast, within the area of effect of the res, and then both the upper and lower Clyde's acted, ripping upward and pouring forth a scream.

For the upper Clyde this took place as a yell, and a lifting upward of Cha off the ground. For the lower Clyde this took place as a rippling of the ground, then a shifting as a swathe of land went from earth and mud to burning lava. The entire lake of res he'd emitted, except for the top three inches across the surface of the effect which he kept as res for attraction, became hot molten magma.

The center of the effect was the beast itself. Its diameter, that of the new pool of lava, was roughly 10 feet across and 2 feet deep, give or take a inch or two.

Where before the fire had caused combustion, this lava caused eradication. Likely if he'd used this spell to begin with he'd have eliminated the beast right then and there.

The beast tried to move, to escape, but as it did it began to sink, to be submerged deeper, as the lake was after all not just a layer but a deep pool.

For a moment the beast seemed to fight it off, to take a lumbering step forward, but Clyde simply shook his head, anger in his eyes. For the below Clyde this took the effect of a sloshing surge of lava spurting up on several sides, covering the top and sides of the beast with more lava from the pool, offering more surfaces to eradicate, a effect caused by attraction and pushing of the res on the surface of the pool.

Clyde grumbled at the beast, anger showing on his face.

“We did not give permission to leave...

His voice was matched by a rumble, as the lava pool shook. Then Clyde stamped his staff down. As he did the res swirled for a moment, pulling upward near the center of the pool. After a moment their was another surge, a sudden upward surge concentrated at the beasts gut, forcing its way like a insect burrowing into a carcasses chest. Its target was the core of djed they had sensed. The stream burrowed and eradicated its way inside, and kept going till it burst out the beasts back, having surrounded the core of djed in a pocket of lava on its way through, the leftovers fountaining and tumbling back over the beasts back.

Clyde smiled, laughing at the beast for a few moments. As he did, the lava rumbled once more, matching the sound of his voice. It rumbled again as he spoke, matching his words.

“We said stay... So stay...”

Clydes Stuff

I am actually in RL a super intelligent hamster from Rhode Island, with a 7 year plan to take over the world.

Update 6/2/18- 1:10AM EST: His 7 year plan a success, and several weeks ahead of schedule, Clyde leaves to oversee the world he has taken over.

No new threads after end of Spring 518-Will still be checking for PM's occasionally, but focusing on a new character.

Graders note: :
Please be aware Clyde is a master Magecrafter. He therefore should not be gaining full xp(or possibly shouldn't gain any at all) for simple tasks related to this magic, such as low level MC items, particularly for repetitions of creations he has done before. Feel free to contact me if unsure of a instance of his magic use compared to his skill level.
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A New Expedition: Halfway point[Xii]

Postby Pulren Marsh on February 9th, 2016, 10:22 pm

A Grade is Coming
Your Wave
Monster fight! Too bad we didn't get it all wrapped. The grades below are for Clyde Sullins and Elias Caldera, the remaining active members. All others please PM me upon return for grades.

  • Planning 2
  • Investigation 2
  • Auristics 2
  • Monster: Vinumia
  • Vinumia: Heals With Water
  • Vinumia: Has a Hidden Heart
  • Reimancy: Secondary Res Stream to Contain Fire Stream
  • Using Alliterative Phrases to Combat Overgving

  • Observation 3
  • Organization 1
  • Planning 1
  • Investigation 1
  • Short Bow 1
  • Auristics 1
  • Reimancy 1
  • Horse Riding 1
  • Monster: Vinumia
  • Vinumia: Heals with Water
  • Vinumia: Has a Hidden Heart

Your Grader,

Pulren Marsh

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