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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

Put On the Suit

Postby Ricky Maze on May 30th, 2015, 11:04 pm

Put On the Suit
Spring 86th 515 AV, 7th Bell
Location: The Wave Guard Head Quarters

There it was same as it usually stood; a reminder to the monumental undertaking Ricky secretly withheld, a fortress of solidarity in which many common folk came together to join up for Zeltiva's greater cause. Peace was something the Wave Guard strove to uphold but there had been much limitation to that ideal, and with the way things were Ricky felt ready to tackle obstacles the group faced no matter how large. "Well now, doesn't this bring back memories." Telion mused as she stood beside him near the entrance, the family had tagged along seeing as how it wasn't too far from the same path. With Telion working at the orphanage as a caretaker for the young ones, the two practically walked the same streets minus a few turns off for better time management. Of course neither were practically in a rush to get to their work place either, seeing as how it stood to be early as it was during the day.

Syna's rise of course brought much greater warmth from her glow when the top of the mountain peaks failed to hide her away, and it could only be a sure tell sign that they could expect to have a very warm summer up ahead. Today though? Oh for sure it would be a warm day, practically hot since Ricky would be working up a sweat like no other. While he'd began patrols again here recently, he still took to training more than anything as he saw better need for it. How else could he hone his skills to better suit the role of a Lieutenant? Or Captain even? That's right. He dared to dream about taking that seat one day, although it would be a while before he would earn such a promotion. Then again that also depended on circumstances, but all of it was dependent on what he could accomplish in the current time. Once cannot achieve a future they dream of after all, unless they work hard to build up to it that is.

"Yeah, been a while but hardly anythin's changed really." He added as he faced his wife, Martin rested in his arms with all interest pointed towards the crest pinned to his uniform. Of course the child would've wanted to play with it more than anything, but after enough no's had been told he finally gave in. "Ye gonna be okay?" He regarded with a glance down to her stomach area, already aware of the risk she faced everyday.

"Stop it Rick, I'll be fine. I'm not as delicate as y' think I am." She crossed her arms rather defiantly but with a soft smile. While it hadn't been the answer Ricky expected it was better to say the least, enough to induce a inner laugh as he grinned at her tough gal display. "Besides its you I'm more worried about, seein' as how y' like t' hurt your self so much." That brought another laugh out of Ricky, and it was an outer one this time filled with amusement.

"Oh Oi'll be fine! Ain't nobody gonna throw ice at me, or take anot'er finger fer d'at matter." He added for betterment of mirth, finally when that seemed to settle, Telion proceeded to take Martin into her arms next. And with the farewell for a few bells exchanged he watched the two as they walked off, a hearty smile still the expression plastered across his face. When they were well a ways from where he stood he finally turned to the building, and once more with a last deep breath taken in he sighed, his feet made for the door to the building as he prepared to start his day the same as before.
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Put On the Suit

Postby Net on September 5th, 2016, 3:52 pm


Ricky – Please go through your Character Sheet and address the following issue:
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Fall 515AV Threads
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30th - People Watching - 5 xp Observation, Lores: (list of lores here)
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We've always required this to be TRACKED in your CS. If you aren't tracking this in your CS, then you need to go back through ALL YOUR THREAD AWARDS and backtrack and track it from the beginning.

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