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Zeltivan Calendar, Fall 514

Postby Perplexity on September 1st, 2014, 6:23 pm

Calendar for Fall, 514 AV

The unrest visited upon Zeltiva during the Summer season begins to fade as Sivah’s time ends and Bala takes hold of the world. The heat begins to ebb, the humidity of the summer lessens and Zeltivans can expects a relatively cool Fall season. Colder than normal but nothing some heavier clothing can’t fix. Overall, the Fall season looks to be a pleasant one for Zeltivans.

1st of Fall- Fall begins bringing with it a slight drop in the temperatures offering relief from the heated Summer.

10th of Fall- In partnership with The Farson Home for Orphans, Bohrnn and GoldWoerth announces it is hosting a toy drive! Citizens are encouraged to either make donations to the orphanage or to purchase a toy and donate it to the children in need.

13th of Fall- In preparation for the Winter season Madame Thea, the senior caretaker of the orphanage, puts out a call requesting that those with the skills help with repairs around the complex. Donations of any kind are gratefully accepted.(Prompt)

30th of Fall- All around the city shops, homes, and government buildings of all sorts begin hanging decorations bearing artistic versions of Bala’s Roots. The Fall Festival begins!

31st of Fall- In honor of the Festival, the Quill’s Rest hosts an open poetry night. Pieces should be centered around a Fall theme. (Prompt)

34th of Fall- The Lightshow Theatre opens its doors inviting citizens to join them for various theatrical and musical performances.

37th of Fall- An unusual influx of fish is discovered in Matthew’s Bay prompting the Temple of Laviku to host a public ceremony in Laviku’s honor. The Sailor’s Guild opens some of its larger vessels so that citizens willing and able can join the priesthood in sailing out into the bay. Participants are encouraged to cast heartfelt and meaningful sacrifices into the waves. (Prompt)

40th of Fall- The Fall Festival ends.

41st of Fall- A caravan arrives from Syliras bringing with it foodstuffs. The Lord of Council’s office, Sailor’s Guild and University implement the beginning of rations.

53rd of Fall- A large brawl breaks out setting fire to The Kelp Bar. The brewery is heavily damaged resulting in the closing of the bar until repairs can be made.

70th of Fall- The Kelp Bar re-opens.

75th of Fall- Madame Thea and the other caretakers of the orphanage officially close the toy drive and give thanks to all those who assisted in repairs to the Farson Home.

91st of Fall- The Fall Season ends.


These are the challenges for the season, completion of all of them will net you a Zeltivan Seasonal Medal. They do not need to be completed in any particular order of course, nor do the threads where the challenge is complete need to be finished. The challenge itself is all that needs to be finished.

- Increase the Fishing skill by 5 points
- Increase the Storytelling skill by 10 points
- Send a message to someone using a dove from Priskil’s Spire
- Visit the Cerulean Pier
- Participate in the repairs of the Farson Home
- Decorate your home for the Fall Festival
- Participate in at least two of the Festival events
- Get into an embarrassing situation

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