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Zeltivan Calendar, Winter 514 AV

Postby Perplexity on December 1st, 2014, 11:17 pm

Calendar for Winter, 514 AV

The events of Fall have come to a quiet conclusion but there is a rumble in the distance. Trouble for Zeltiva seems to be far from over and the mild reprieve from unrest that the people experienced in Fall is short lived. This Winter will be one that Zeltiva will remember…

1st of Winter- The Watchtowers have changed to their icy blue hues signaling the beginning of Winter. While the cold has already set in the season’s chill seems to be growing with every passing day. Winds from Matthew’s Bay are more frequent and the “Bonesnapper” seems very intent on reminding the citizenry why it earned the nickname.

7th of Winter- Late in the evening, as Zeltivans lay their children to rest, as guards patrol the streets, the skies are illuminated. The Obelisks that have stood silently in the Bay since the great Djed Storm of 512 have one of them has come alive and its awakening is terrible… (Prompt forthcoming.)

8th of Winter- Almost immediately following the awakening of the obelisks a fire breaks out at the University of Zeltiva. The section of the University housing the College of Djed erupts in powerful explosions killing many, including the Regent of the College, the Scholar’s Asylum is leveled in an explosion leaving nothing but smoking rubble. Bethany Loris, the Asylum Warden is mysteriously absent. (Quest forthcoming…)

9th of Winter- Temperatures drop to startling degrees, lower than they have been in recorded history. A portion of Matthew’s Bay freezes. Fishermen are forced to try and chisel their boats out of the ice to no avail.

10th of Winter- The city leaders declare a state of emergency. The warehouses storing the city’s food reserves have been broken into. The precious stores have been tainted. Zeltiva is afflicted with a terrible famine.

13th of Winter- The Wright Memorial Library, Zeltiva’s greatest treasure, has caught fire. After the fires are quelled investigation reveals that the fire was intentional and began in the Historical section of the library.

15th of Winter- Food stores have dropped to an absolute low. Rations become even stricter. Starvation is abound. The city sends out pleas to neighboring cities begging for assistance.

27th of Winter- In light of recent events, the people of Zeltiva begin speaking out, furious with the utter lack of competency in the city’s leaders. There is call for the Lord of Council to step down. (Prompt)

30th of Winter- With political and civil tensions rising, the city leaders are forced into action as they can no longer ignore the demands of the people. The Council of Zeltiva convenes.

38th of Winter- The second obelisk awakens bringing with it just as much terror and horror as its counterpart. The city falls into total panic. Many lives are lost. With chaos threatening to consume Zeltiva the doors to the City Archive open and a figure who, until that moment, had been believed to be a myth emerges. The Archivist, R. Cartsmith. (Quest forchcoming…)

49th of Winter- The Infirmary pleads with the citizenry, anyone who has any skills that could be of aid to the populace are asked to lend a hand. The Infirmary is well beyond its capacity to treat the influx of people in its wards.

60th of Winter- With new evidence unveiled relating to the destruction of the College of Djed and the chaos visiting the city, a call is sent out and all eyes turn to the Ancient Quarter…and the Labyrinth of Time. (NoteQuest postponed to a later date.)

80th of Winter- Following the outcry against city leaders several key figures in Zeltiva’s politics step down or are forced out.

88th of Winter- Fishermen manage to break through the ice around the docks for the first time since early season. The Sailor’s Guild and the Navy freely offer up every ship at their disposal to mount large scale fishing expeditions.

92nd of Winter- Winter comes to a close. The chill still clings to the city. Zeltivans can only hope that with the change of the season good things lay on the horizon.


These are the challenges for the season, completion of all of them will net you a Zeltivan Seasonal Medal. They do not need to be completed in any particular order of course, nor do the threads where the challenge is complete need to be finished. The challenge itself is all that needs to be finished.

-Participate in the panic brought about by the Obelisk’s awakening.
-Rush to the assistance of someone injured in the University explosions.
-Participate in the outcry against city leaders.
-Get into a brawl in public.
-Experience great hunger in the wake of food shortages.
-Increase your profession related skill by 10 points.
-Catch a cold
-Bring comfort to another player (or be the one comforted)

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