The start of a bad joke

A journeyman Maledictor and and novice Glypher walk into the woods...

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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

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The start of a bad joke

Postby Morgan the 7th on August 23rd, 2015, 3:55 am

Morgan watched her leave, before clambering on top of Morgan the 8th. With a pat on the neck, they left, ambling in the general direction of the road, soaking in the deathly quiet of the foothills.
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The start of a bad joke

Postby Brandon Blackwing on September 17th, 2015, 3:18 pm



XP Award:
  • Meditation +1
  • Voiding +1
  • Subterfuge +1
  • Socialization +5
  • Storytelling +2
  • Observation +5

  • Meditation: Using a mantra to focus on Nothing
  • Morgan: Maledictor
  • Voiding: Conjuring a miniature portal
  • Malediction: Carving stories in bones to gain a random effect
  • Anatomy: Location of the heart of a horse
  • Hunting: Aim for the hind legs of an animal so it can’t flee

+Bone anklets with crude carvings (not magical)
- 6 pinions/Gold Mizas


Please fix the issues in your CS. Once that’s done, contact me and I’ll give you your grades.

I want to point out that walking stealthily through a forest without having any xp in the stealth skill is quite impossible. You’d be just as loud (more or less) as Seren was. Also, setting up successful traps capable of catching large animals, even if it was done “off-screen”, without any trapping xp is also impossible. Not to mention you don’t have any trap related lore, so you your PC shouldn’t even know how to make one. By the way, just how did Morgan know the age and whatnot –the stories of its life- of the stag? Also, to butcher and skin an animal as swiftly as you did, you’d need the butchering skill. Seeing as you don’t have it, that task would have taken forever, and you’d messed up pretty badly too. Oh, and don’t forget that carving the malediction circles takes quite a while since they have to be accurate. And to actually maledict the item, you need to activate it with a drop of your own blood.
Last but not least; remember you need to have some xp in a skill to actually teach someone else about it. The same goes for passing on lores.

Well, there wasn’t much I could award apart from observation and socialization, so yeah. Since Morgan doesn’t have any skill or lore on stealth, I couldn’t award any of that either, even though she did “teach” you. As for hunting, there wasn’t any of that in the thread. I did give you an anatomy and a hunting lore though, as I deemed those rather basic and obvious. I couldn't give you Glyphing because whereas Seren was covered in glyphs, she did not actually draw them in the thread. (Which is what I mean with "off-screen" things)
The anklets are NOT maledicted (just to be clear), since Morgan did not activate them. So in other words, you just got ripped off, lol. :)

Both of you keep this in mind:
Please post in third person past tense format. This is considered a ‘narrator’s viewpoint’ and is the only accepted form in Mizahar.
All posts in Mizahar must be in the third person past tense

Oh, and please try to write longer replies. 300 words is a bare minimum. Longer posts usually make it easier for thread partners to write with you and give more in depth replies. I know you both had posts that were around 300 words, but there were a lot of them shorter too, so try to make them a tad bit longer if you can.

Don't forget to track your gained xp and lores in your CS so STs and other graders may check where you got it from.

Sorry if this grade sounded harsh. It was not my intention.

Please edit or delete your request in the request thread.
Comments, questions or concerns regarding your grade? Why not send me a PM?

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