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Postby Vypec on January 21st, 2016, 6:59 pm

Vypec - Vypal Algranos


Race: Akalak
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Birthday: 6th, Summer, 481 A.V.
Birthplace: Riverfall
Height: 7'3"
Weight: 320 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Pale Blue/ Cloudy White
Profession: Intelligence Kuvay'Nas
Gnosis: Night Stalking 1


Standing at over seven feet and massively bulky, Vypec is the typical Akalak. Born and raised in Riverfall, he has developed the same level of physical fitness as to be expected from a warrior of the city. He wears his hair in a braided Mohawk, uncut since his first lessons in the gladius it reaches halfway down his back. This style he mimics from his father and grandfather. With a few small scars that come from the battering of a youth spend in the combat ring, Vypec is mostly untested, and thus unscarred. His skin is the deep purple of his family line, the Algranos.

  • 3 inch scar on left shoulder above collarbone from here

Worn in Public
Image Desc.
Image Lakan
Image Gladius
Image Night Leather Armor
Image Cloak
Image Boots

Character Concept

Major Flaw: Heroic Comedic Sociopath (Loves to fight evil because it causes them pain)
Minor Flaw: Impulsively Secretive/Dishonest

Major Flaw: The Paranoiac (Pathologically distrustful and cynical about people and situations)
Minor Flaw: Brutally Honest

Religion: Vypec and Vypal see both Wysar and Akajia as the only deities worthy of their loyalty, though many command their respect. Vypec sees the pursuit of Wysarian discipline as an avenue to professional and personal success in life, while Akajia represents the finer arts that interest him.

For Vypal, Akajia is the diety who primarily holds his adoration. She represents all that should be worshipped. Wysar, as the father of his race and lord of discipline, represents a secondary reverence. Both Vypec and Vypal also have a begrudging respect for Dira, whom is so close to their dwindling race...

Character History

A mere year after Ava sired Vypec, a beautifully healthy baby, Vypal appeared. The struggles of growing and maturing were intensified because it was a dual struggle within the same body, and both wanted supremacy. But as with many successfully balanced Akalak, both Vypec and Vypal were able to learn one of the most important life skills, compromise. This newfound stability came at a steep price however. It rode the wake of their mother's deathbed. The young Akalak had not yet been able to comprehend the curse of their race's longevity, let alone such a thing as death. Ava was a crow Kelvic, allotted a short, but happy, life in Riverfall. Alas that life was at an end a mere seven years after Vypal surfaced.

Overwhelmed with grief and fear of the subtle truth of finality that came with their mother's mortality, both Akalak youths sought comfort in their closeness. Both sought, for the first time, togetherness. Their mutual vulnerability in those moments at their mother's side created a bond of trust that carried them through their adolescence and into adulthood. Their father, Vyandos Algranos, was much more familiar with the curse of Akalak longevity, and handled his grief quietly. Ava had given him a son, which helped with his grief.

Vyandos, a jeweler who had once been a proud member of the Kuvay'Nas, had sustained a vicious wound to his leg from a Glassbeak. The wound had retired him from military service, though it did not strip him of the respect he had earned therein. Vyandos loved his work and took pride in the artistry of the stones he cut, but he wanted more for his son. He wanted the Kuvay'Nas. With the help of his own father, the silvering Dremandos Algranos, Vypec was trained in martial skills. Vyandos, though retired, was still a force to be reckoned with in the ring, and Dremandos was a career warrior with decades of experience and skill with the gladius and in intelligence. They imparted their skills upon the youngest member of the Algranos family with an intensity that would seem out-of-place outside of Riverfall.

"It is not just the future of Algranos that sits on your shoulders, it is the future of Akalak." Vypec's grandfather would say, resting his callus hands on either side of his neck and turning the boys face up to gaze into his pale eyes.

Fluent Language: Tukant & Makath
Basic Language: Common
Poor Language: Pavi

Image Skill Total Experience Proficiency
Image Gladius 36 26 SP, 3,4,3 Competent
Image Intelligence 28 24 SP, 4 Competent
- Observation 24 4, 3,4,4,1,2,2,3,1 Novice
- Unarmed Combat 10 10 RB Novice
- Socialization 14 3,1,1,3,1,2,1,2 Novice
- Endurance 3 2,1 Novice
- Running 4 2,2 Novice
- Acrobatics 5 1, 2,1,1 Novice
- Logic 4 2. 2 Novice
- Philosophy 2 1,1 Novice
- Investigation 3 2,1 Novice
- Interrogation 1 1 Novice
- Intimidation 3 1,1,1 Novice
- Cooking 2 2 Novice
- Planning 2 2 Novice
- Drinking 2 2 Novice
- Teaching 1 1 Novice
- Rhetoric 2 1, 1 Novice
- Tactics 1 1 Novice
- Acting 1 1 Novice
- Persuasion 3 1, 2 Novice
- Weapon: Lakan 1 1 Novice
- Gardening 1 1 Novice

Night Stalking 1, received on 1st of Winter, 506 A.V.
Description: The singularly marked individual instantly knows the language of Makath and can communicate with shadows. They suddenly understand that shadows are not simply the absence of light in an otherwise lit space or the rough image cast by an object blocking rays of illumination. Shadows instead become sentient creatures for those Akajia marks. Because they become sentient creatures, the Night Stalker can talk to them. This does not mean that the individual can get them to tell him or her what he wants to know. Time and reputation must be built at this level, and shadows must be befriended. Night Stalkers with one mark can see clearly into shadows as if they are not there, although shadows do not disappear for them completely. Night Stalkers with one mark have excellent night vision and often feel at home in the complete darkness. At this level, the marked begin to yearn to know secrets and their ability to ferret them out begins to manifest. Night Stalkers literally often stumble upon mysteries and cannot simply help but solve them in their own minds. A Night Stalker keeps secrets and are truly reluctant to give them up; however, they can be 'convinced' to through bribery, torture, or simple exploitation.

Lores (41)
Core Skills
Onmakarux guards
Intelligence: Act like a friend, work as a spy
Intelligence: Coaxing information out of an informant
Tactics: The role of range in battle
The Kuvay'Nas: Not All Heroic Deeds (also Plenty of Boring Ones)
Pattern and Routine Breed Complacency
The Sickening Reality of Causing Harm
My Duty to Observe, Pursue, Protect... and Punish
An Akalak Needs Armor
Armor: The Build and Composition of Night Leather Armor
Demanding Proof after Bold Statements
Poisons: Coward's Weapon, but Still Useful

Lore of Religion: Wysar
Lore of Religion: Akajia
Enduring Pain Through Devotion
Vypal: Wants to earn Akajia's favor
The Lakan: Cannot be Ignored

Macerces Dosolvix: Giant Akalak
Macerces Dosolvix: Elder Warrior
Location: The Night Tower
Location: Kniron Gardens
Location: Alements
Location: Zhongjie Warren
Location: Loads of Leathers
The Night Tower's eternal shadows
Vivian Sevren: Rivarian Woman
Finix: Vivian's son
Finix: Wants to be a warrior
Vivian Sevren: Careless
Vyandos Algranos: Motivated by honor
Vypal: Prideful to a fault
Vypal: Discreet in his pursuits
Vypec: Can't always suppress Vypal
Crows mask: Bound by fate?
Vypec/Vypal: Superstitious
Riverfall: Quiet in winter
Fortune's Rampant: Heading to Alvadas
Devar: Svefran man
My Dark Brother: Cannot Lie To, and Cannot Lie To Me
Even Vypal feel Regret
Event: Zintila's Tears Setting the City Alight with Excitement
Rivarian Justice: Sometimes the Arena, More often The Sword
Riverfall: Gardening is a Point of Pride

Vypec: Needs punishment in practice
Vypec's superpower: Shadow Synergy
Actions speak louder than words
Svefra: Live on the Sea
Ceruleans: Fierce and harsh
Suffering an embarrassing defeat
Being bested by a master
Warrior Need to Cook (Gotta Feed Yourself)
Cooking Bread: Noble First Attempt!
Not Much of a Gardener, Not Knowing How to Plant

1 Set of Clothing SP
-Simple Shirt SP
-Simple Pants SP
-Simple Undergarments SP
-Simple Cloak SP
-Simple Boots SP
1 Waterskin SP
1 Backpack which contains: SP
-Comb (Wood) SP
-Brush (Wood) SP
-Soap SP
-Razor SP
-Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth) SP
-1 eating knife SP
-Flint & Steel SP
-Lakan Heirloom
-Lakan Scabbard Bought at creation
-Gladius & Scabbard Bought at creation
-Plant Starter Seeds, Rare x3 Bought at creation, Destroyed here
-Sharpening Stone, Personal Bought at creation
-Night Leather Armor Bought in Gearing Up

A Lakan he created with the aid of his father and grandfather and a local weapon smith when he came of age and earned it. With a bone hilt and a deadly curved blade, the traditional weapon of his people is his most prized possession.

Location: Riverfall
House: Vypec has a small one room house that is connected to the Algranos hall where his father lives.

Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Gladius -45 GM 55 GM
Scabbard -4 GM 51 GM
Scabbard, Dagger 2 GM 49 GM
Plant Seeds, Rare -5 GM 44 GM
Plant Seeds, Rare -5 GM 39 GM
Plant Seeds, Rare -5 GM 34 GM
Sharpening Stone, Personal -10 GM 24 GM
Winter 515AV Wages +690 GM 714 GM
Winter 515AV Living Expenses -135 GM 579 GM
Spring 516AV Living Expenses -135 GM 444 GM
Crows Mask -5 GM, 3 SM 439 GM 7 SM
A daunting Task items -3 GM, 4 SM, 8 CM 436 GM 2 SM 2 CM
Night Leather Armor (link) -60 GM 376 GM 2 SM 2 CM

Thread List
Winter 516 A.V.
Date Title Status XP Lores
1st Dimakarux: A Beginning Active - -
6th Mission: The Smuggler Active - -

Spring 516 A.V.
Date Title Status XP Lores
1stGearing Up GradedObservation - 1, Socialization - 1 -
2nd The SavagesActive--
5th Message in a Bottle Active - -
15thThe HatchingActive--
19thHouse CallActive - -
46thA Rivarian Welcome Active--
57thThe Bone WarbandActive--
80thCorpse Crime Active --

Winter 515 A.V.
Date Title Status XP Lores
2ndThe Other Sasaran Active --
8thA Less Daunting Task Graded Intimidation 1, Persuasion 1, Socialization 1, Observation 1-
9thA Daunting Task GradedObservation - 2, Socialization - 1, Cooking - 2, Weapon: Lakan - 1-
10thWinter Blaze, A Little Party Never Killed Nobody Active--
11thIn the Shadow of the Tower Graded Running 2, Acrobatics 2, Observation 3-
12thLong Odds Graded 3 Gladius, 3 Socialization, 4 Observation, 2 Endurance, 1 Acrobatics -
13thLakan Fangs Active--
18thGetting out of the cold Active --
29th Night of the Star Tear Pending --
30th The Painted Master Graded Gladius 4,Observation 4, Tactics 1, Acrobatics 1-
32nd The Good Fight Active--
33rdFinding Finix Graded Philosophy 1, Socialization 1, Observation 4, Investigation 2, Logic 2, Interrogation 1, Intimidation 1, Teaching 1, Rhetoric 1-
43rdA Duel Diverted Active --
50thFortunes Rampant Graded Observation: 2, Logic: 2, Planning: 2, Intelligence: 4, Drinking: 2, Persuasion: 2, Socialization: 3, Acting: 1, Rhetoric: 1-
56thSpurned LoveActive--
77thPort DutyGradedObservation - 2, Socialization - 2, Philosophy - 1 -
- A Run and A SparActive--

Date Title Status XP Lores
3, Fall, 515AV Planning for the FuturePending--
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Postby Vypec on October 26th, 2016, 12:29 am

Kazma and Dakar
Name: Kazma/ Dakar
Race: Akalak
DoB: 66th Winter, 366 A.V.
PoB: Riverfall
Age: 150
Rank: Squad Leader
Skills: Longsword - 60, Intelligence - 55, Tactics - 45, Leadership - 25, Wilderness Survival(plains) - 15, Poisoncrafting - 10
Gnosis: 1 Eventia
Description: Kazma and Dakar have been members of the Intelligence Branch for most of their life. The pair of Akalak souls are balanced well, each with their own style of leadership and each with their own reasons for a critical view of Rivarian peace. Kazma's service to the city has taken him far and wide and the Akalak speaks Common, Pavi, and Isur fluently as well as Tukant. He in-rises loyalty in his squad by giving it and being above reproach in every way professionally. His strong charisma and poise are even enough to keep the wild personality of Delric in check.

Name: Delric
Race: Akalak (Cerulean)
DoB: 18th Fall, 417 A.V.
PoB: Riverfall
Age: 99
Rank: Intelligence Kavran
Skills: Lakan - 40, Dual Weild - 30, Intelligence - 25, Stealth - 25, Poisoncrafting - 15
Description: The Cerulean holds a special place in the squad. He is the wild card, the hound, and the muscle. If Kazma decides you are a threat, it's probably Delric who will put the knife in your back, and you won't see it coming. He has many volatile qualities, including an intense appreciation for conflict, gambling, and drinking. But the Cerulean is loyal to Kazma and Dakar, for reasons his own. That loyalty carries over to the other members of his squad.

Mirrix and Maso
Name: Mirrix/Maso
Race: Akalak
DoB: 9th Winter, 446 A.V.
Age: 70
Rank: Intelligence Kavran
Skills: Claymore - 35, Intelligence - 25, Investigation - 20, Tracking - 20
Description: With a stoic nature and a level head Mirrix is dependable and wise. With his claymore this Akalak is a force to be reckoned with and a wall to lean on for allies. He follows Kazma's lead and occasionally offers tight lipped advice that is always well thought out. Maso is a prone to wrathful outbursts and most of the squad is acutely aware of their signals, working to minimize these wherever they can.

Banador and Dost
Name: Banador/Dost
Race: Akalak
DoB: 77th Summer, 476 A.V.
PoB: Riverfall
Age: 40
Rank: Intelligence Kavran
Skills: Scimitar - 35, Intelligence - 25, Voiding - 20, Glyphing - 10
Description: Banador and his brother Vuhran are the rare Akalak twins. Banador is the more reserved of the pair and has dedicated much of his early years, before volunteering with the Kuvay'Nas, so the study of magic. Now he brings those skills to the table for the squad, as one of their most dangerous members.

Vuhran and Thexar
Name: Vuhran/Thexar
Race: Akalak
DoB: 77th Summer, 476 A.V.
PoB: Riverfall
Age: 40
Rank: Intelligence Kavran
Skills: Scimitar - 35, Intelligence - 25, Disguise - 20, Acting - 10
Description: Vuhran is the second pair of twins that make up the squad's twin pair. He is much more theatrical and social that his brother, often engaging animatedly with Rivarians. He is the one called upon when Kazma needs information without anyone knowing it is the Kuvay'Nas knocking on their door. Where Banador wears his beard unkempt, Vuhran wears his neatly trimmed and waxed.

Telavar and Plex
Name: Telavar and Plex (Dead)
Race: Akalak
Age: 107
Rank: Intelligence Kavran
Description: Telavar had been the previous sixth member of Kazma's squad. He died on a mission and the squad decided to elevate Vypec to take his place. The Akalak had been in the Kuvay'Nas for nearly fifty years. He was wounded by enemies of Riverfall during a mission, then brought back to his home to recover by Kazma and Delric. The next day the squad found an empty home when they checked on him. He was taken from his home in the night never to be seen again.
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