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Firenze and Alex have dinner together.

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Dinner for Two

Postby Firenze on March 1st, 2016, 3:40 am


The tavern’s front was easy to spot, considering that she’d only been there a few hours ago. She recognized the worn red painted sign with a rearing stallion upon it. Hinges creaked as it swung back and forth, the wind moving it softly. Pushing the heavy wooden door open her arm rested against the wood, she waited for Alex to enter before following in. Fire hoped that by prolonging the walking and the time it took to get into the establishment then perhaps it could give her just that slight tick more before she found out whether she was to be employed. Her heart thundered in her chest in anticipation. Nerves cause her fingers to shake. She moved forward toward the bar and wrung her hands together, placing a small smile on her face and holding her chin up.

As she entered the establishment, eyes peered around the corner of the door before closing it she spotted the large man behind the bar. His features were gruff; a beard hid half his face mostly grey with a few streaks of white. Brows were knitted together, and great greying bushy hairs dipped together.

With her arm wrapped around Alex’s for support, she moved to the bar and cleared her throat. The man had an air about him, she was unsure from whence it came, it was was rather intimidating. “Excuse me,” his dark, tired eyes came up to meet hers, “is your wife in?” patiently, Fire waited as he sighed and pointed to the door at the end of the bar that went into the back rooms.

Slipping her arm out from Alex’s she excused herself, letting him know that she would be back and if he wanted to grab a bite to go ahead and she'd meet him once finished. Her feet carried her to the door. Knuckles rapped against the wood and then her hand came down to clasp with her other one while she waited.

An older, chesty woman opened the door and greeted her with a large smile. A little of the unease lifted from her chest, returning a smile of her own. “Hello dear, are you the one who’d inquired for a job? Kevith mentioned a tall blond woman had stopped by,” the next part was slightly whispered as she leaned forward, “don’t mind the old gruff. His bark is worse than his bite.” With a wink her soft, warm hands wrapped around Fire’s shoulder and led her into the back.

Firenze let herself be directed into the kitchens, the heat from the fire and stoves flushing her face. “I was yes ma’am. Do you have a position that I might be able to work for a little while? I don’t know how long I’ll be here for, though.” Fire felt unusually shy around the woman. She wondered if it was because she reminded her somewhat of what she always pictured her own mother or grandmother to be like. Although she towered over her by a good foot, she had the urge to kneel down and hug her, taking in the smell of the flour and warmth that radiated. Instead of following that call, Firenze stood off to the side and waited for her to let her know whether she could work there or not.

Her heart began to pick up speed with anticipation, hoping that she would say yes. “While we don’t have many opening, since you’ll only be here for a little while I’m sure we could employ you. You’ll need to make sure that you’re prompt on time and do any tasks that are asked of you. Don’t cause trouble and don’t get in the way,” the short woman’s eyes scanned Fire, inspecting her, “I don’t see that you’d be much trouble, but I suppose we will find out when you start. Have you ever worked in a tavern before?”

A lump in her throat kept her from being able to speak, so she shook her head instead. Her hands wrung together from her nerves, and she shifted from foot to foot. Clearing her throat she tried to talk, “I’ll learn. I can figure out how, I promise.” Her head giving a quick nod to reaffirm.

The other woman moved closer, the smell of the flour became stronger as the scent Fire’s nostrils. She patted her arm and gave a nod of her head, “Be here at first light on the morrow then dear. Now, on with you.” Taking that as a dismissal Fire smiled, teeth flashing, at the woman. With a turn on her heels, she pushed the kitchen door open and scanned the room for her new friend.
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Dinner for Two (Placeholder)

Postby Alexander Faircroft on March 1st, 2016, 2:52 pm

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Alex crossed his arms and sat down at the bar. Taking a moment or two to get comfortable in his seat. A single stool backed onto the fireplace. He glanced over the bar towards Kevith. One of the only ex knights he knew. And the only one he knew who was alive and still happy.
“Sorry about earlier Kev.” Alex spoke gingerly as he offered his usually practised if now a little small smile. A way of apology, with his good hand Kevith waved it off his hand going back to work and cleaning out a mug he’d braced with what remained of his other arm.

“I don’t appreciate it being used against me but still you did it for the right reasons. Can’t fault ya for that. Sides I used to be young too and I know how pretty women make men act.” Kevith gave a wry grin. Alex in response damned near fall off the stool.
“It’s not like that. I just can’t leave people alone. I can’t let people flounder. It’s just co-incidental that she’s a beautiful young woman.” The last words he spoke Alex almost did an impression of a turtle pulling into his armour like a shell. Kevith as usual laughed loudly and heartily. The door to the kitchens then burst open as Alex half pulled back.

He leaned around the bar lightly and peered past kevith to see a much relieved and rather cheery Firenze.
“I’m assuming it went well?” Alex inquired lightly. His words as usual soft and reserved. He had hope that it had been a good venture for her however if not then that would mean she was optimistic all the time. “She’s met the missus. And don’t think for a second I couldn’t toss ya out on yer keester if ya cause trouble.” Kevith for the first time gave Firenze a small smile.

Alex on the other hand made a small retreat from the bar to a table so he could discuss the goings on with Firenze. See how things were turning out and possibly wolf down some food before he had to head back to doing his job, more or less.

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Dinner for Two

Postby Ball on May 4th, 2017, 12:11 am

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