Event [The New Years Eve Party] Pray To Ovek And Throw The Dice!

Some honest fun in Sunberth's New Years Eve Party where people do a bit of drinking and a lot of dicing.

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[The New Years Eve Party] Pray To Ovek And Throw The Dice!

Postby Kelski on February 28th, 2019, 3:19 am

Timestamp: 92nd of Winter, 518 A.V.

Kelski had been very busy overseeing the party, playing hostess, and even helping out the caterers pass around trays of food. She'd danced a little, laughed a lot, and was finding out she was having the time of her life between planning everything, organizing, hiring, paying off vendors, and finally... finally she was feeling like she could relax a little and enjoy what was left of the party.

So she picked up two pitchers the bartenders were planning on taking over to the area set up for gambling, and to save them the steps she carried them over to the area for the busy folks making drinks. There was plenty of liquor in this section of costumed gamblers, but she set the pictures of ale down anyhow, intending to pick up some empty ones and make another round trip until everything was full in the gambling section.

However, someone nudged her - someone she didn't know - and grinned at her from his table in front of a checked board full of shot glasses. "Pretty lady! Roll Ovek's Luck for us!" He said, handing her two bone dice. Kelski couldn't help but grin. The man was inebriated for certain, but he looked like he was having a great time and that was all that mattered to her.

She took the dice in her hand, blew on them like she'd seen other women do, and rolled the dice.

"12! Ovek's Luck is twelve!" The two men facing off said, and suddenly a drink was passed into her hand and they all toasted Ovek. Kelski wasn't sure who Ovek was, but she had an inclination he had something to do with gambling and probably drinking.

She watched the game a while, laughing occasionally, and finding herself rooting for one or the other - though her loyalty changed a lot - and finally figured out some basic rules to the game. It looked easy enough... drink the other opponents liquor before they could drink yours... toast Ovek... dice to see where your glasses moved.. and if they lined up you drank them all. It was an easy game... fair and honest. And truth be told Kelski wanted to try it.

So she looked around for a partner. There were empty boards, glasses, and still full pitchers to use. All she needed was someone willing to pair up with.
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[The New Years Eve Party] Pray To Ovek And Throw The Dice!

Postby Anja Nightwatcher on February 28th, 2019, 7:30 pm


The evening had passed for Anja in a rather dream-like fashion. He did his best to be attentive to the guests of the party, but it was rapidly becoming apparent that any help he could offer was entirely unneeded and wanted. Kelski seemed to be everywhere at once, handling whatever tasks needed doing and aiding those who needed her with an ease that put the Drykas’ clumsy efforts to shame. Content that matters seemed be be well in hand by a woman considerably more competent than he was, Anja rapidly set to work enjoying himself.

Even back before he had left Endrykas, Anja had never been a man of indulgence. He was one to eat more than to sate his hunger, or drink to a point of being inebriated and losing his senses. It had driven his wife more than a little mad, as when the sverfra held parties they were the last to show any range of temperance. It had suited Anja, as it kept him capable of keeping an eye on his wild wife. Syla had hated that it was impossible to convince her husband to get drunk, and it had long been a point of contention between them. That temperance mostly followed Anja here as he wandered the festivities, but he allowed himself slightly more indulgence than he would than usual. The joy was infectious, and Anja ate and drank enough to relax into the world around him. The man was even pulled into dance several times, three times by beautiful women and once by a man. By the time Anja found himself wandering over towards the gambling table, he was more drunk on the atmosphere than he was ale, and he couldn't help but smile.

Anja's approach was heralded by a round of applause and cheers as dice fell to the table, followed by a rapid chugging of ale. Anja saw Kelski watched the rolls of the dice with rapt attention, and heard a burst of laughter peel from her at the results of the roll. A moment later, she was glancing around, a look of anticipation in her silver eyes. Anja joined the eagle and offered her a slight smile. “Would you like to play together?” Anja offered. His knowledge of gambling was fairly limited. He had visited Tall Johnny's once for a job, but gambling hadn't been on the agenda for that evening. “You'll have to teach me,” Anja said. “This sort of game isn't my specialty.”
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[The New Years Eve Party] Pray To Ovek And Throw The Dice!

Postby Orakan on February 28th, 2019, 11:55 pm

As the night had worn on, both Orakan and Sebastian had seemed to conveniently forget their reason for being present at the party - but booze could have that effect. Plenty of drink and food had been consumed and the paint on his body had slowly grown thin, some parts even wiped mostly clean. He cared little. His costume - and the whole costume guessing element - were not things that particularly interested him, unlike others who had made the effort to keep theirs looking as perfect as it had been upon arrival.

The late hour saw him gravitate towards the gaming section of the pavilion. Hardly skilled in games of luck and chance, he was not the sort to pass up the opportunity to take a chance and possibly pick up a few extra mizas. Despite the opposite more likely in his future, he allowed his liquid confidence to spur him on, body knocking against a couple others as he set his course for one particular table.

Sebastian - his indigo coloured counterpart - was already in that section, drunkenly arguing over cards with another in a rat's mask, yet Orakan's attention was fully on another game he hadn't seen. Used to dice, bones and cards, seeing two men stationed on either side of the board decked with a few shot glasses, his interest was piqued and he steered himself towards the scene.

It took him watching well over a game for him to grasp the concept and gather a basic understanding of the rules and, eventually, he took up a fresh glass of ale and settled himself at the table as a show of interest in taking part in the next round. He kept his distance from others - as was natural of him - but uttered his own curses and hoots as he watched the current game unfold. He was so invested - and intoxicated - that he barely registered the woman that had approached, pulled in further when one of the men called her over to be his 'Lady Luck'. Nor did he really notice the one in the elaborate mask*, body swaying some as he brought the drink to his lips, brows narrowing as he read the current roll and then watched the outcome, still trying to get a handle on it.

ooc sorry for not giving much here! I'm assuming Anja is still in full costume??
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