Greetings & Salutations

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Greetings & Salutations

Postby Nyros on June 17th, 2016, 5:36 am

What's snappin!? Hopefully, it's not bones, but rather the clicking of the keyboards of many busy writers. I've been poking around in my quest for a new roleplaying site, and lo and behold I find this gem! I'm already madly in love with Kelvics, magic (oo la la Malediction is my forte!), and the deep lore despite the gobs of information staring back at me, we'll see where things go.

My name is Sarah, and I'm an old, retired alcoholic writer who likes to push the boundaries with no limits on where my scenes go - exception: the rules of the site I'm on. I don't mind violence, gore, or having my characters get severely maimed or disfigured (and I'll never complain) and that's just the way I roll.

My last site kinda plunged into the void after the staff all went missing seemingly at once. Things were getting kinda bitter, what with the drama and the scornful personalities. I'm hoping for a more kicked back locale, and this place might be worth my time.

I look forward to our stories together, hopefully I'll meet a few geeks to clue me in on everything I miss. I mean, there's really so much here and I can't possibly digest it all in a week, let alone a day!
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Greetings & Salutations

Postby Caesi Starguide on June 17th, 2016, 12:15 pm

Welcome to Mizahar Vale! I hope we see one another around, if you need any help there is a Q&A Forum and you can also PM me, and I will do what I can to help. :D

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Greetings & Salutations

Postby Ferrin Al'Mandrikan on June 17th, 2016, 3:54 pm

Welcome Vale! You seem like you'll get along here fine. The community is really great and fairly friendly. Everyone here would do their best, hopefully, to help get new players running. If you need any help with your CS or anything related you can ask me or of course Caesi. And obviously any of the other members here. I'm glad you've chosen Mizahar. It's a really fantastic site to RP on and to make friends with. Hope to see you in Syliras. Or if you drop on by don't forget to say hi. :)



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