Completed Revenge is a path of many steps...

...and all paths have to start somehwere.

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Revenge is a path of many steps...

Postby Zen Tanka on June 28th, 2016, 9:27 pm

11st of Summer 516 AV
Rotten Ruins

Summer was finally here, bringing with itself it's many joys. Some of these include hot and humid weather, mosquitoes and of course an abundance of riots that the average resident of Sunberth has the pleasure of observing or participating in.

However, the scorching Sun had long finished its voyage over the clear skies. Now, it was time when people like him, ones that sleep during the day and 'work' during the hours that residents of any other city would consider indecent, to go and make a living for themselves. The ones mentioned above, are none other than the thieves that have chosen anarchy's core as their base of operations.

Hanzo didn't know exactly why he was currently in the place he was, but if anything, he had long learnt that trusting his instinct is never unwise. Thus, the man, shrouded by his dark cloak, leaned on what was left of the wall of a building who's purpose he couldn't identify. All around him, he could see signs of repairs being done.

The damage the spring floods caused didn't just affect the structures in Sunberth, but rather, the gangs suffered a drastic decrease in members. The change was obvious to anyone who spent some time living within the city. There was barely any patrolmen around Robern's Reaches. This was actually the main reason Hanzo was able to sneak towards the edges of the Rotting Ruins.

Why he was there? He didn't know...

However, fate would soon answer that question.

Hanzo seemed to space out, his gaze stuck on an unimpressive rock lying in front of his boots. He focused on its shape, cracks and round edges, noticing even a fleck of red on its rough surface. Hanzo snapped back as something caught his attention. Somewhere behind him, the brief exchange of words, although silent, audible in the cryptic silence that veiled around the whole area. If he had to guess, two males, one younger and the other middle aged.

His kusarigama, who's long chain coiled around his waist, was slowly unwrapped, making sure that the links didn't rattle, thus producing a sound that could give away his presence. It was an odd weapon, difficult to handle. However, the cold steel proved as an very effective tool for killing. Although lacking in defense, it could be used at both close and mid ranges, with the added ability to garrote or catch an opponents weapon, even help in climbing. Although he hadn't mastered the latter, the progress he made from the time he started using it was obvious.

Bending his knees, taking the kama in his right, and chained weight in the other, Hanzo stalked trough the darkness, moving towards the source of the sound. As he moved, he uttered a short prayer, one that he never forgot to say before any attempt of theft or murder. It was directed towards the goddess of night, Akajia.

"Mother of Night, provide me cover while I walk in your domain and shroud me from my enemies."

From one of the moss covered, murky stone corners, Hanzo peaked, observing the sight in front of him. The flood wasn't the only thing that dampened the ground it seemed, as two thugs stood with backs turned to each other, answering the call of nature. Although it was night, the dark outline of a well too familiar tattoo Hanzo managed to recognize. A crimson dagger, surrounded by a ring of thorns stood proudly on one of the thug's forearm.

Hanzo had to resist the urge of simply charging towards them without a plan. He needed to be smart about this, maybe engaging them wasn't such a great idea. However, this was what he trained for, if he was to run away here, when would he start? The Daggerhand all deserve a slow and painful death. And if none other planned to, he would slaughter them all single-handedly.

His main hand moved lower, letting the kama hang at the side. With both of his hands tightly gripping the chain of his weapon, he approached the smaller of the two. The one that he had targeted first was seemingly a boy around his age, scrawny with a dark tan, with long raven hair tied in a ponytail. He wore a simple leather vest and green wool pants. Tucked in his cotton sash, was an dagger, simple in design, although stained with uncleaned flecks of blood.

As if it were a gift from the gods themselves, the other larger Daggerhand started whistling. It was a tune he definitely heard somewhere before, although Hanzo couldn't exactly put a finger on it.

In one swift motion, the thief threw the cold iron chain over the thug's head, pulling it back as strong as he could once it lined with his throat. Caught completely off guard, the boy desperately started gripping the chain, although not being able to accomplish anything by doing so. His muffled cries for help fell on deaf ears, his comrade showing no sign of hearing him.

Hanzo could feel the coldness of his weapon as the chain continued choking the Daggerhand member. His knuckles turning white as he grit his teeth, pulling back using all the force he could muster up. After several moments, the thug's resistance, petty as it was, completely faded, his body turning limp as his hands fell to the sides. During his last moments, as he realized that he will most certainly die, the boy let a tear roll down his bronze cheek.

Hanzo felt no pity, no remorse. It was something that had to be done. Purging vermin like the daggerhand was his purpose in the world. The boy simply realized too late that he had made a mistake joining them. A dark, inhuman smile formed under the shroud of his mask, adrenaline surged his system. The thrill of taking his life, was something that was beyond words. It felt right. Yes, the sensation of feeding his lust for vindication was heavenly.

Loosening his grip, Hanzo gently laid the body on the ground, now setting his eyes on his fellow gang member. With one move of his hand, the thief wiped the beads of sweat that formed on his forehead. His eyes narrowed as he observed his other unsuspecting opponent. Although matching in height, the other man was a mountain of muscle, having a lot more bulk than his dead friend. The only clothing this one wire was a pair of loose cloth pants, who's ends rested tucked in high let her boots. His exposed torso showed off his prominent muscles, alongside a decent amount of tattoos. His bald head reflected the shine of the full Moon.

Deciding to use the same technique he had preformed earlier, Hanzo sneaked up behind the man, his silent footsteps muffled by the rhythmic tune the thug was whistling.

His song came to an end as the cold steel coiled around his thick neck. As always, the deadliest attacks are those that the enemy doesn't susp...

His train of though was cut off when the Daggerhand member reached with his muscular hand towards the chain, suddenly bending forward and simultaneously pulling it with such force, that it sent Hanzo over his back and onto the ground.

Hanzo let out a grunt of pain as he fell flat on his back, the reassuring handle of his kama falling out if his hand as he impacted. Arrogance was indeed the bane of a warrior. The thief however, was given no time to recuperate, as a giant fist was hurled downwards, only to connect with his stomach.

All air left his lungs as the devastating blow sent a powerful jolt of pain trough his whole body. Hanzo forced his eyes open, trying to force the agony out of his mind.

High over his head, the thug clasped his hands together, aiming to perform an downwards axe strike. If that were to connect with his head, he was sure to die. However, as much as his opponent was strong, he was also slow, allowing his strike to be dodged fairly easily. Jerking his head to the side, the thief narrowly escaped death, his foes blow impacting the place where his head rested moments ago.

Not willing to let the thug make preform another attack, Hanzo aimed a kick upwards, striking his opponent flat on the chin. However, the only reaction from the bald man was a maniacal grin, showing that, indeed, the kick did little to no damage to his jaw. Seeing this, Hanzo grabbed the object closest to him, which just happened to be a medium sized rock.

The thug wasn't quite resilient to the next attack, that struck him over the nose, an audible crack signalizing that the rock had definitely broken it.

"Little shit!" The Daggerhand shouted, rage evident in his voice as he held the bloodied remains of his nose.

This gave Hanzo just enough time to find the cold iron of his weapon as it lied besides him, waiting for the moment it gets to taste blood. Now firmly in his grip, the thief sliced upwards, only to meet resistance of bone instead if ripping the soft flesh of his throat.

The thug moved his bloodied hand to block the attack that should have ended him, effectively jagging the steel in the bone if his forearm. However, this wouldn't stop him. With another pull, the cold steel completely severed his enemies hand, letting it land next to his face producing a dull thud. The Daggerhand would from now on be called only Dsgger as he screamed in agony, gripping the wound where the rest of his limb should have continued.

The next slice that came, met no obstacle on its way towards the enemy's exposed neck. A shower of crimson stained what was exposed of Hanzo's face, falling from the gapping gash on his throat. The man had only the time to attempt and raise his hand towards the lethal wound, before falling to his knees, and then meeting the damp ground.

Hanzo rolled out of the way, preventing the mountain of muscled falling over him. Getting up in a sitting position, the thief only now realized how much that one hit he received hurt. Slowly getting up, he couldn't help but smile under the thin fabric if his mask. Even if his gut will hurt for a time, he had struck a blow towards the Daggerhand. Small indeed, but it was a solid start.

Deciding on quickly searching the bodies and their pouches for anything valuable, Hanzo got to work. After all, one has to earn bread out of something. This was just mixing work and pleasure.

After that, his tall frame faded into the shadows again, not willing to stay and find out if the thug's screams caught anyone's attention.
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Revenge is a path of many steps...

Postby Aladari Coolwater on September 23rd, 2016, 1:35 am

ImageGrades Ahoy!


XP Award:
  • Observation + 1
  • Stealth + 1
  • Weapon: Kusarigama + 1
  • Tactics + 1
  • My Purpose is to Kill Daggerhands
  • No Pity for the Dying
  • Small Victories are Still Victories
  • Tactics: Surprise the Enemy
  • Stealth: Cover Up Your Sounds

Penalties/Rewards :
Hanzo will show signs of minor kidney and liver damage, including blood in the urine, headache, nausea, and puffy extremities for the next week, with the symptoms getting progressively better as time passes.

He will be rewarded 1 GM and 4 SM total from the Daggerhands.

Comments :
I would recommend a smaller and easier to read font. This one was a little rough on my eyes. Also, be sure to keep your CS updated; you're missing the living expenses for Summer 516, and not all your threads are listed.

I found it a little hard to believe that Hanzo could silently kill the first Daggerhand without the other one noticing with both his low skill level in Stealth and with his partner so close. Be careful to roleplay at your level. A quick spell check would also do some good. A saw quite a few small typos that could have been fixed with an in-browser checker.

If you have any questions or feel I missed anything, please feel free to PM me or Anarkhos. Don't forget to edit out your grade request.
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