Closed A Step Out Of The Comfort Zone(Clyde Sullins)

Clyde initiates Garland in Reimancy

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A Step Out Of The Comfort Zone(Clyde Sullins)

Postby Garland on December 31st, 2016, 3:42 am

Garland just lied there while Clyde did his magic, it was still unpleasant, but it was of an annoyance than actual pain, like something crawlling under Garland's skin.

After several chimes of just lying there with Clyde in sort of trance, he felt like a prick on his heart, he didn't think of anything by it. Then Clyde pulled back his res, he could see the mist going back to Clyde like he was sucking it in.

Or more accurately, it was like the mist was going back to Clyde, like rain going down to the earth. "It's done? I should be able to make my own res?" Garland asked, he took a deep breath and tried pushing what he thought was his res.

It took a chime or two but eventually, a very thin blue ball of mist formed around Garland's hand, very thin, almost invisible res floated right above Garland's palm.

Garland smiled, a big broad grin, like a child when he would show his parent something he was proud of. He leaned in close to look at it. "Look! I did it! This is amaz-Oh Gods!" Then the res exploded into flame, burning a bit of Garland's hair and eyebrows.

Followed by screaming, running then rolling around. "AHHHHHH!" When Garland finally put out the flames, his hair was a bit singed, but he was otherwise unharmed. "What happened? What the petch happened?!"
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A Step Out Of The Comfort Zone(Clyde Sullins)

Postby Clyde Sullins on January 2nd, 2017, 4:37 pm


Once his part of the process was concluded, all Clyde had left to do was wait. Wait and see. He wasn't sure if it was possible to fail in an initiation, or for someone to go through the process, live, but not be initiated. So far it hadn't happened to anyone he'd done it on, but he supposed it might be possible.

He didn't bother to respond to the squires question, as Clyde felt he'd answered well enough and he'd see the answer soon. Assuming he hadn't been some rare fluke of a failure at initiation.

While he waited Clyde rose off of him, taking a step back to get out of his personal sphere of space. He was still close enough though to feel the momentary flash of heat when Garland transmuted his res into flame.

One moment he was succeeding, a small bit of blue res exuding out of the squire. Clyde instinctively stepped back at the flash of heat, though since he didn't have exposed skin close to the point of flame like Garland he wasn't hurt. Perhaps, he admitted, a bit singed on his robes.

“I thought it was pretty self explanatory really. You transmuted the res into an element, flame apparently being your first. Did I not explain this well enough before? I swear I did. I also don't recall ordering you to transmute your res. Its not like it happens by itself, it takes a conscious effort of will directed at it, like ordering your hand to open and close. It doesn't just spontaneously happen. So clearly somewhere in your head you willed it to happen, even if not with your full attention.”

Quieting down, Clyde muttered the next line under his breath.

“Just be glad I'm not so easily distracted, if I'd done that while I was initiating you...”

Not elaborating, Clyde pressed on, returning to a more normal tone.

“Anyways, you are now a Reimancer. I'd advised you to avoid doing anymore until your first lesson. Though after this I'd advise waiting a few days at least. Plus you should go clean and cover those wounds. Wouldn't want anything going wrong with them. Cleaning the blade doesn't mean nothing external won't get in.”

“Also word to the wise, don't transmute res near your body, particularly flame. Also while it may sound cool, don't try spitting fire... I burnt my lips when I was a kid trying that, and its not as easy as it sounds.”
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A Step Out Of The Comfort Zone(Clyde Sullins)

Postby Rufio on March 22nd, 2017, 8:47 am



Click :

Horsemanship +1
Rhetoric +3
Deduction +1
Reimancy +2


Tyrn The Horse: Stubborn & cocksure
Horsemanship: Tying up a horse loosely is safest
Garland: Optimist who always seeks the silver lining
Garland: Stubborn
Clyde: Abrasive
Deduction: Weighing up a foe's physical strength
Reimancy: Four elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire
Reimancy: Reimancers begin with one element
Reimancy: Reimancers gain elements as they grow in skill
Overgiving: Invited by overuse of magic
Djed: The fuel of life & magic
Magic: Taps into djed
Reimancy: The initiation
Reimancy: Fire


Shield Points: Reimancy Initiation +1


Initiation scars to Garland's palms & chest.

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Click :

Land Navigation +1
Medicine +2
Leadership +1
Weapon: Dagger +1
Meditation +1


Land Navigation: Picking landmarks to get your bearings
Stealth: Look carefully for obscured debris
Medicine: Cutting with a dirty blade risks infection
Medicine: Sterilizing a blade
Clyde: Purposely elusive & vague
Garland: Speaks before he thinks
Clyde: Suffers no fools
Medicine: A wound can be cauterized by heat
Leadership: Direct commands

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