Location No Man's Land

A tavern where anyone is welcome, and also home to the Job Board

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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

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No Man's Land

Postby Anarkhos on September 2nd, 2016, 5:01 am

In the center of town on the south side of the bridge where no gang claims the territory, stands a new building ready to open it's doors to the citizens of Sunberth. Just like any other tavern that one may walk into, patrons are met with dim lighting, tables to sit at, drinks and food to fill their bellies, and a bard that sings the occasional tune. But for those seeking to start a life of making a name for one's self might visit the establishment for the large wooden board by the bartender with a plethora of papers plastered over it. This is known as "J.B" or the Job Board. A board where gangs, factions, and citizens alike post jobs for anyone to take a nab at whether it be freelancers, those looking for some extra miza, or someone looking to start a name for themselves. Jobs are on a first come first serve basis, ranging from simple tasks to complex missions and even a few false ads made by rival gangs to ambush unsuspecting enemies. Anyone is welcome to the establishment and the board no matter their affiliation, hence why the building was built in unclaimed territory.


Lana Steel
Socialization: 56
Persuassion: 42
Intelligence: 73
Dagger: 50

The owner of the tavern, Lana Steel's small frame and soft eyes would make one think that this woman would not be capable of running a tavern that could cater to every rival gang in Sunberth without fail, but those that know Lana for whom she really is could tell just how dangerous the woman can get. Generally a nice and kind person until tempered, Lana isn't like most tavern owners that sit back and watch the miza roll in. Lana prefers to be up close and personal, almost always in the common areas of the tavern acting as a mere waitress passing out food and drinks to customers that she comes across, gather information and knowledge of the city. After her father's untimely death, she inherited the building now known as "No Man's Land" as well as a small fortune and turned it into the place it is today. Most people think she opened the tavern in an attempt to bring the peace within the gangs of Sunberth, others say she did it so she could have eyes and ears in every gang that brings their business in her tavern. One thing is known for sure though, if anyone comes in looking to start trouble, they can expect the short framed woman to put them in their place if not have her muscle bound friend throw them out.

Carston Hammer
Bodybuilding: 87
Unarmed Combat: 74
Intimidation: 68
Cooking: 65

Long time friend, guard, and bartender of the No Man's Land tavern, Carston is a man that lives a simple life. Having seen a many of great battles in his lifetime, Carston or rather Hammer to those that can call him a friend can be found in the tavern either cooking up a meal to be served to a customer, or relaxign at the counter giving advice to travelers looking to start a name for themselves at the job board. Though he has a humble and relaxed personality, sometimes accepting challenges from those wanted to test his strength with arm wrestling and weight lifting contests, he won't hesitate to wrap his large muscles around the neck of anyone who threatens Lana or the tavern. Unlike the owner and his friend, Carston has no affiliation with any of the gangs of Sunberth.
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