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Grade Request Thread

Postby Konrad Venger on August 15th, 2017, 5:18 pm

Thread Title: Aim Small, Miss Small
PCs Involved: Konrad Venger
Skills Requested: Weapon: Shortbow, Riding, Horsemanship, whatever else fits
Lores Requested: Anything relating to riding and horse archery
Additional Info: Just a quick, simple training thread, where Konrad tries to embrace the time-honored Drykas skill of pinging off arrows from horseback. Thanks in advance, and enjoy!

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Note: As of Spring 516AV, Konrad is known only as "Hansel" in Endrykas, except to Jonas Pridesun
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Grade Request Thread

Postby Rufio on Yesterday, 8:58 pm

Thread Title: Déjà Vu
PCs Involved: Rufio (Solo)
Skills Requested: Everything & anything you can see in there
Lore Requested: Same
Additional Info: An old solo placeholder I finally got round to, back from Winter 516 when a mysterious fog rolled into Endrykas and brought hallucinations with it. Mostly story-based, bringing together and putting to bed a few loose pieces from Rufio's story, with a happy chance theme threaded through. Thanks for grading!
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