Open The Hounded and the Hunted

The effects of the global Winter plotline in Lhavit.

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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

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The Hounded and the Hunted

Postby Kaleidoscope on December 20th, 2016, 8:48 pm

The Hounded and the Hunted


I'm sure you've all already heard the news by now. Morwen has forsaken her seasonal travel around Mizahar, and there are consequences for everyone. In many cities across Mizahar, her hapless children are hunted. Some cities have many Vantha, whereas others have less. Here, in secluded Lhavit, there is only one NPC Vantha:- Lana Winterflame. Fearing for her life, this young woman mysteriously disappears. This is the Open Quest to find her.

Plotline Reference

The Seasonal Clergy

ImageName: Abraham Azen
Race: Human, Mixed (Svefra father)
Age/DoB: 35/54 Summer 481 AV
PoB: Kenash
Title: Priest of Sivah
Skills: Brawling: 71, Socialisation: 50, Seduction: 50, Hostessing: 40, Leadership: 50, Hypnotism: 45, Auristics: 60, Carpentry: 25
Gnosis: Lvl 3 Sivah
Additional Info:

Abe was born the runt of an already large family of Freeborns in Kenash. He was always considered a bastard by the other Azen's due to his mysterious Svefra father (a temporary fling of his mother). During his childhood, his mother gave him and some of his other siblings away into slavery to pay the bills. Abe had always been a cheerful sort, full of vim and vigour and a fascination with the Dynasties and their extravagant lifestyles. However, as a slave, he soon became depressed and suffered badly, both mentally and physically.

However, Sivah saw something in him, and gifted him with a means of escaping his drudgery and a gnosis to go with it. Ever since then, Abraham has travelled across Mizahar, preaching (and partying) the wonders of Sivah. The only place he will never return to is Kenash, for fear of what he might do to the 'family' that betrayed him. He is the natural leader of the Seasonal Clergy.

ImageName: Tia L'archensa
Race: Human
Age/DoB: 18/55th Autumn 498 AV
PoB: Lhavit
Title: Priestess of Bala
Skills: Dance: 50, Singing: 40, Musical Instrument (Flute): 30, Farming: 20, Socialisation: 30, Medicine: 30, Unarmed Combat: 40, Projection: 30, Meditation: 20
Gnosis: Lvl 3 Cultivation
Additional Info:

If there was one thing that could be said about Tia, it is that she is fierce. Fiercely protective of her daughter, fierce advocate of her Goddess Bala. Fiercely happy. She has an infectious personality, full of bubbles and charm and delight. Hailing from Lhavit, Tia is accustomed to the city, and is known well by some. She is part of the Shinya: A Protector. She has had a busy life, and at just 18, many wonder where she gets her energy from. She would simply say, "Bala."

Tia's daughter

ImageName: Aba L'archensa
Race: Kelvic (Common (European) Kestrel)
Age/DoB: 2 seasons/34th Summer 516 AV
PoB: Lhavit
Title: Little Bird
Skills: Hunting: 30, Tracking: 40
Gnosis: N/A
Additional Info:

Aya is a giggly girl, who often gets herself into scrapes and mischief.

(For the purpose of this quest, Aya is not with Tia).

ImageName: Mattais Obo
Race: Human
Age/DoB: 39/12th Spring 477 AV
PoB: Nyka
Title: Priest of Tavasi
Skills: Disguise: 20, Intelligence: 30, Wilderness Survival: 30, Mathematics: 65, Organisation: 70, Stealth: 50, Tracking: 50, Reimancy (Air): 45
Gnosis: Lvl 3 Innovia
Additional Info:

Not much is known of Mattais' past. He once had a lover. Now he's gone. He betrays nothing, and strives for perfection. He's elegant and refined, yet those that accompany him notice he is not out of his depth in the wilderness, either. Inherently intelligent, Mattais comes across as moody and withdrawn. Yet when he parts his lips to speak, his voice is smooth as silk and pointed as razors. The man is somewhat a mystery- and that's the way he likes it.

Permissions: All the seasonal clergy are available to be written by you as players, but please make sure to make their writing fit to a) the story, and b) their descriptions. Lana, however, is out of bounds. There will be 2 other NPCs introduced along the way who will be out of bounds too, but I will make sure to inform you when these occur. Enjoy! Please post questions in the OOC so that the answers can be read by all.


The 10th of Winter, 516 AV

They were becoming well-known already, to the people of Lhavit. Abraham smiled at a couple as they passed, but frowned at their backs as they hurried away. One cast an anxious glance back at the two men and one woman, who were walking slowly through the streets of Lhavit.

"Do you suppose they're afraid of us, Tia?" Abe tilted his head towards the tall woman, who appeared thoughtful as she ran a hand over her hair. It was a good question. The moods and opinions of Lhavit had varied wildly since the three of them had announced Morwen's despicable acts on the 2nd of Winter. It had quickly become obvious as to the effects of the goddess' actions- the weather was noticeably warm, unchanging from Bala's embrace. Her priestess smiled, a crooked, wild grin, and winked at the older man. "Aah, if they're scared, let them be. There's others who know the right of it."

They carried on.

However, they weren't merely on a pleasure trip in the city. After eight days of discussion and investigation, the three of them had searched and sought out any Vantha they could find. Only one name had stood out, again and again. Lana Winterflame. The young Vantha woman was reputably the cook and cleaner of the Solar Wind Apartments. Today, they were going to find her and bring her to justice.

Along the way, any of those who looked approachable, or interested, or just plain nosy would be questioned. Politely, of course. The three figures were nothing if not hospitable, and were keen to spread the words of their respective gods and goddess, as well as find out what the feeling on the street was about the whole scenario.

Before long though, they reached the Solar Wind Apartments. It was a pretty place, like much of Lhavit. Inside was quiet though. Mattais looked around, and approached the desk. "Nothing." The three continued to search throughout the building, but aside from the few scared-looking residents come to see what the fuss was about, Lana appeared to have disappeared. Tia was now growing frustrated, and appeared to be trying to hurry things up, pacing about, looking for Hester. Quietly, Mattais went off to question people, and meanwhile Abe simply strolled about the building. Apparently, Lana wouldn't lie down and let herself get taken.

The search was on.
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The Hounded and the Hunted

Postby delete on February 2nd, 2017, 10:41 am


Daffodil had seen the signs and felt the lack of snow, even on her way here. The travellers she'd come with had all left after staying just a few days, probably because one in their company was a Vantha. She felt for them, but had been too comfortable where she was, and too scared to venture out again so soon, so they had left her behind. The lady who cooked and cleaned here, and who she saw behind the counter all the time, was also a vantha. She hadn't spoken to her very much at all, in fact, Daffie tended to speak to her feet more than she did to other people. But she did listen. She was quite observant. She'd heard her horridly conversing with people, perhaps staff, or friends. But, of course, she did not know where the woman had gone.

Daffie wasn't a fool, she did understand the seriousness of this problem. But the thought of all of those innocent lives being lost in the name of this problem made her feel sick to her stomach. She knew in her heart that she could never turn the young lady in if she found her. Even if she were terrified, she couldn't live with it. She'd never be able to sleep again!

She stood in the lobby as the two men and the tall dark-skinned lady walked in. She watched them split up and search the place. Quickly Daffie tried to make a hasty escape back to her room. She was afraid to talk to these people. She didn't have much information, nor did she want to give any. However, in her hurry, she managed to bump right into one of them on the way. He dwarfed her in size, and in build, and as she hit his chest she almost tripped and fell on the rebound.

Looking up, she saw the man had straight blonde hair and bel-green eyes. he had a square face and a strong jaw which was covered in a scruff of blonde facial hair. He looked to be mid to late thirties. "Oh shyke!" She exclaimed, speaking in Tukant. She collected herself, and changed language to common tongue immediately, and apologetic look on her face. "I'm sorry about that... mister." She said, breaking eye contact with him to stare anywhere else but his piercing blue eyes.

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