Solo Water and Stone

Jaylani continues her mission to learn to swim at the community pools

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Water and Stone

Postby Jaylani Rae on August 18th, 2017, 4:16 am

Morning of the 36th of Summer 517

Jaylani had not been here more than a handful of times during her time in Syka. To be fair though, she had only lived in the paradise settlement for roughly fifty or sixty days at this point. Most days when she felt too dirty to continue existence she just went down to the water and washed in the waves of the sea. It was never a real thorough cleaning and she left with a body still half covered in sand, but such was life. Sometimes, though, she wanted a really clean herself and the pools created by Duncan were the place to do that in Syka. Besides, she had an ulterior motive in making her way to the pools this day.

The mixed blood had tried to teach herself to swim the day before and things had not gone so well while having to battle the current of the sea. She had been pushed under one too many waves and decided in the end that it was no longer a good idea to try to teach herself in the saltwater. It no longer mattered how much she wished to do it on her own so she would not have to embarrass herself in front of others, it was not worth the potential danger of drowning. So, with her pride swallowed, she came to where others might witness her fumbling around in the water: The community pools.

There was really nothing to make a huge deal about. The pools were, for the most part, empty at the time of her entrance anyway. She made her way to the heated soaking pool without seeing another soul, soap and brush in hand. The thought had been that if she was coming here anyway, she might as well get a good cleaning out of it. Even the caretaker who had been a poor excuse for a replacement mother would have gotten those deep wrinkles of disapproval in her face if she saw the state Jaylani was usually in. Tangled hair, sand covered skin, feet blackened by constant running around.. the list went on. She was not really unclean, just wild looking. A person who did not care about how smooth their skin was or how soft their hair felt.

Jaylani found the pool she searched for and settled down on the edge of it. Legs dangled over the edge and were half submerged by the warm water. Toes splayed as feet swished back and forth in the gentle water that was so unlike the saltwater the girl normally spent her time in. There was something refreshing about there not being salt in this water. Something nice about it. Jaylani sighed a happy, relax sigh before she began to stood and shed herself of her skirt. It was all she had worn today, knowing she was going to take it off anyway. The skirt was put on the edge of the pool and on top of it were the two things she had brought for washing herself. If she ever did get to that part. The girl slipped into the pool after that and was fully submerged in the warmth of water that held no salt.

It was easy to just sit on the stone formed beneath the surface of the water and relax back into the edge. Arms floated on either side of the half Eypharian as she just closed her eyes and let herself relax. The soreness of her muscles was worked out by the soaking pool’s waters, the sand particles she had missed found and released. It was like here she did not have to worry. She was not going to float away or get lost. No wave was going to pull her under the water and potentially trap her there. As much as she loved the sand and did not mind the things that could be found at the bottom of the sea, it was nice to be on stone as well. Solid, smooth stone that was gentle on her callused feet so that she might walk without a care in the world. Of course, she for the most part did that anyway and did not find cuts or bruises to be a big deal. Still, it was nice, not having to worry about not worrying.

“Well, well, it has been awhile Miss Lani Rae.” The mixed blood recognized the friendly and playful voice to be the one belonging to Duncan, the caretaker of the pools, and smiled a bit in response. “Enjoying yourself?"

Jaylani had met Duncan upon her first visit to the pools. She had not found out too much about him then aside from his name and what he did. The fact that he was blind had also come up, but asking about it had instantly caused him to withdraw so she had not brought it up since. Since then the mixed blood had seen him most all of the times she had come to the pools, the few times that had happened, and when he had let her (which had been all times) she had chatted his ear off about all things nonsensical. He had been absent the last time she came though. She thought that perhaps he had been with someone else, he was rather friendly after all. It did not matter too much. She had been in a rare bad mood that day anyway and had not wanted much company.

“Always,” the mixed blood assured with a smile as the Svefra joined her, “more I should come. I always forget with sea so close.”

Jaylani sighed and shrugged, the water splashing slightly as she did so. Duncan had not given much of a reply besides the nod of his head and a teasing comment about how the pools were not going anywhere, but she had meant what she said, she did need to come more often. It was always something of a new sensation when she did come here because she had forgotten with all the days that had past in-between what it was like. The water was so nice, the warmth of it so different from the cool of the sea. Plus, the company was not so bad when the pools were fairly empty and the Svefra male was around. Jaylani found him to be friendly and he did not seem to mind the way she butchered the common language or the fact that she had a tendency to talk about a great many things that did not matter.

“I tried swimming yesterday, no good luck,” Jaylani began to explain her reason for being here without even being prompted to, “not a good swimmer yet. So came here. Calm waters. Easy swim. Yeah?”

The mixed blood looked to the male’s face, trying to gauge his reaction. He did not make fun of her and that was the important part. The male was the pretty much the only one she was not worried about knowing she could not swim since he could not see how truly pitiful she was. At least the day before had resulted in one good thing; she had figured out how to tread water. At least, she had sort of figured that much out. Whether she would be successful for a longer period of time or in deeper water remained to be seen, but baby steps. She was counting whatever successes she could get, no matter how small.

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Water and Stone

Postby Jaylani Rae on August 18th, 2017, 6:30 am

“Trying to learn how to swim, huh?” Duncan’s tone was light and pondering, “I agree, this will be an easier place for you to learn. As you already pointed out, much calmer water.”

Jaylani grinned and nodded despite the fact that he could not see. It always slipped her mind that he was a little different, had to rely on his four other senses because one did not work for him anymore. She was so very curious to find out how he had lost his sight. A Svefra out on the sea with no way to look around him.. It must have been not only torture, but a death sentence out on the sea. Somehow he had lived, come here, and built this pools. He remained friendly and could be enjoyable to spend time with in the pools. It was only when another, like the mixed blood who had done it once, brought up his lost sight that he turned cold and distant. That was why she did not ask. She knew better because of that first day. Curiosity was not always welcomed with open arms and happy smiles. That was a lesson the girl was destined to have to learn over and over again.

“Good,” was Jaylani’s verbal response, “I am not fan of being pushed by wave.”

Jaylani frowned slightly and shook her head. She could taste the saltwater flooding her mouth again. Feel the sting of that water in her eyes. She did not think less of the sea for it and the experience would not bring an end to her many days spent out walking in the shallows of the water, but she was not eager to go deeper again. She was not ready to rush into the depths of those waters and try her hand at surviving them. Not until she knew what she was doing and was strong with her movements.

“That is never a pleasant experience, but it can be how you learn. Like riding a horse, you are never really good until you have fallen off a bunch,” Duncan’s voice was light hearted as he pointed this out, but Jaylani interrupted him quickly.

“I do not ride horse,” were her words, her tone as blunt as a rock.

Duncan chuckled, but the mixed blood was not sure what was funny. She had never ridden a horse before. Fact. She did not get the analogy.

“Nor do I, but that is what I have heard.” The Svefra seemed hardened to the mixed blood’s shortness of tone and let it roll from him with a laugh. “Come Lani, I will show you how to do some of the swimming.”

Jaylani could have sworn he was mocking her with the way in which he spoke the words of that last sentence, but he had gotten up and his hand had been offered to her. There was kindness and friendship to be found in the offering, it was hard to resist that. So, the mixed blood looked at him unsure for a only a tick’s time before she took his larger hand and allowed him to help pull her to her feet. The Svefra released her hand then and motioned for her to follow. Sure that they would return at some point, Jaylani left her things by the soaking pool’s edge and followed Duncan to wherever he was taking her.

The mixed blood had been to the larger pool only once, preferring the warmth of the soaking pool. She had dropped her feet into the water of this pool, watched the waterfalls for a time before getting up and leaving. That had been the last time she was here. The time when her mood had been sour and human interaction was not something she craved. Things were different now though. That sour mood was no where to be found and the half Eypharian had the Svefra male’s company. Besides, if she was going to learn to swim here then it would have to be in the larger pool meant for such things. It was both deeper and roomier. A place were she could have some space to move.

Duncan got in first, but Jaylani was not too far behind. She sat down on the edge of the pool first and put her feet into the water. It was cooler than the warm soaking pool, but that coolness was not unwelcome. The mixed blood was not sure if it was as cool as the sea water or not. The waterfalls and whatever system Duncan had set up here made sure the water was constantly moving so it was never stale. It never sat and got heated by Syna’s rays. Still, it did seem at least a little warmer than the sea water. Not that it matter much. Syka was so hot that anywhere where it was cooler was nice and a welcomed change. After the heat of the other pool though, a shock to the body was felt. It took Jaylani a few moments to adjust.

“You know, you do have to get in if you want to swim,” Duncan pointed out, earning him a glare in response.

“I am getting there,” Jaylani pouted, “give me chime.”

Duncan made a big show about how much time it was taking by waving his arms impatiently, but playfully. The action did work a laugh out of Jaylani to which the man smiled. Finally, the mixed blood just plunged into the water. She sunk down to where her knees touch the stone at the bottom before she got her feet under her and pushed off the same stone. She went floating up to the top of the pool, gasps panted once air hit her lungs again. Jaylani hugged the wall with one hand to keep her head above water and used her other hand to wipe her wet hair out of her face. She breathed heavily, but laughed just the same. The water felt good!

“I heard that splash. You are in!” the Svefra man cheered, once more making a big show as if it was some great accomplishment.

Jaylani laughed again and rolled her eyes, but did not leave the wall she held onto to keep her head above the water. She was not yet too trusting of her treading water abilities and the water was higher than her eyes here.

“What now?” the mixed blood asked, nervous of what he was going to say for she did not know what to expect from him.

“What did you learn yesterday?” Duncan asked, his voice more serious now.

Jaylani did not answer right away, but thought about what she wanted to tell him. It was rare for her to think so much, but with him she was more likely to embarrass herself by the words she told him. Not that he had not heard her say embarrassing things before, but she did not usual care so much. It was with this swimming thing alone that she found herself caring a whole bunch.

“Um…floating. That if I kick and circle arms I stay up. Can not kick and move arms. Never works right,” the girl finally admitted, knowing she would not be able to hide it once she started to try to swim.

The Svefra man did not reply at first, but looked instead like he was thinking. Probably coming up with a plan. At least, that was what Jaylani hoped. She really hoped he was not secretly laughing at her in that head of his.

“Alright, I want you try to come to me however way you can,” he told her, moving closer to where she was so that she would not have to go so far, “you have to look where you are going. Find me. The pool is not very deep, if you stop splashing than I will know I have to get you.”

“Okay,” Jaylani replied, unsure of how this would work.

It suddenly hit her that she was trusting a blind man to help her learn how to swim. He would not be able to see her mistakes. If she went down he would have a harder time finding her. Yet, she trusted him. He had not strayed her wrong before and the girl had no reason to believe he would now. She also had no reason not to believe he would find her if she did not fact stop splashing around. So she took a breath and pushed off from the wall, her eyes locked on the one who could not see. Her feet kicked and her arms reached towards him. Determination had set into her features. She refused to fail at this swimming thing a second time.

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Water and Stone

Postby Jaylani Rae on August 19th, 2017, 2:56 am

She made it to him. She was not really sure how, but she did succeed in her goal. Legs had kicked, arms had flailed, eyes had been set upon her goal. In the process she had gulp down several mouthfuls of water and once she reached the Svefra she had to gasp for air while simultaneously wiping her eyes of all the water that had worked to blind her. Hair had to be pushed out of her face and her nose blown, but in the end she was laughing. Her cheeks were rosy as she hung onto Duncan with one arm to keep her body afloat.

“I do it,” Jaylani panted happily, her voice still full of laughter, “I made it!”

It was as if she remained in disbelief and had to keep reminding herself that she had actually achieved her goal. She had reached him and taken hold of his outstretched arms. Callused hands had made contact with muscled forearms. She had felt the muscles of his arms tighten as he took on her weight, but he lifted her up so her head remained above water with grace. The male had congratulated her and moved her to his shoulder so that he might keep his own head above water as well as hers. He was smiling too, proud and even happy for her. He said as much anyway.

“Yes you did. Very noisily of course, but you did it,” Duncan teased while he praised her accomplishment once again.

Jaylani rolled her eyes, but could not hold back the blush of embarrassment that colored her hazel toned cheeks. Of course she had made tons of noise thrashing about unknowingly in the pool and of course he had heard her. She was glad that he at least did not witness the blush. She did not have to admit to how much not knowing to swim bruised her pride.

“Now what?” Jaylani asked, looking to move on to whatever was next so they did not have to dwell on what she was embarrassed about.

“I am thinking that we teach you to float on your back first,” was the Svefra’s response, “It is not hard, do not worry.”

There was a small rush of nerves that ran through the mixed blood, but she nodded anyway. She still trusted Duncan to not lead her astray or let her drown. In her mind, despite the mild nervousness, all would be fine as long as Duncan was around to make sure her head staid above water.

“Alright,” Jaylani agreed after only a short pause, “what first?”

“Take my hand and hold on,” the Svefra instructed with a hand outstretched for her once more, Jaylani took the hand, “now, let your legs come up so that you are on your back. Do not worry, I am not going to let you go.”

Jaylani took a breath for courage before she nodded. Her hand was firmly within Duncan’s own and gripping hard. If she felt herself slipping she knew she could pull on that hand. She could get her legs back under her and get her head back above the water. So, with that in mind, the mixed blood stopped her gentle kicking that had previously been keeping her upright. She used muscles in her back and stomach to drag her body up and into a horizontal position. Soon she was flat on her back, the light of Syna shining in her face. Jaylani’s breaths were shaky and nervous, but she still held onto that hand. Duncan had not let her go. Her breaths began to even out.

The mixed blood could feel the Svefra making corrections to her form, but she could not hear anything but the muffled tone of his voice for her ears were beneath the surface of the water. All she could hear was the muted sound of the waterfalls pouring into the pool. The rest was just an echo filled silence. It was kind of cool really. Peaceful. All the noise of the world was blocked out and there was just nothing but water, sun, and the male who was making sure she kept breathing.

Jaylani knew that Duncan was moving around her now because he had let go of her hand. He kept a hold on her though. From her hand to her upper arm, her shoulder, her head, the other shoulder, down to her other hand. He had outstretched both her arms and went on to silently ask her to raise her lower back by pressing a hand to the small of it and applying a small amount of pressure before she did as asked. He worked his way down to her feet and outstretched her legs before then going back to take the hand that had been the original one she had given him. His hold was light now though, barely his fingertips grasping hers. The mixed blood realized she must have been doing it then. Floating on her back with the form she was meant to. Jaylani made sure to memorize it as the muscles in her back strained to keep her suspended in the water.

The mixed blood stayed there for what felt like an eternity. She closed her eyes and allowed herself to drift. She was relaxed, at peace, as she just floated in the water that surrounded her. The whole time she tried to keep the form asked, but she felt herself slipping. Her legs bent at the knees and just hung there in the water. Her straining back relaxed, curving in the opposite direction. Her head was barely above the water surface now and before she realized it, water was lapped into her mouth. This freaked the mixed blood out of her relaxation and she very suddenly jolted up to a vertical position. Legs kicked and arms went flailing once more. She felt Duncan take a stronger hold of her hand and pull her in towards him as water was spilling into her mouth.

“Whoa there, Jaylani, you are alright. Calm down,” the blind man assured her, speaking in a calming rather than condescending voice, “you are alright.”

The male had pulled her against him and held her up above the surface of the water. It took Jaylani a moment, but eventually the words hit her and she realized where she was. She had lost herself for a frozen moment in time while floating there on the water’s surface. The mixed blood gasped for air and coughed up some of the water before she whimpered. Her arms were wrapped around the Svefra’s neck before she finally felt secure and calmed down a bit.

“I almost drown!” Jaylani exclaimed before whimpering again.

“No you did not. I was right here,” Duncan promised her, “you just got scared. What happened?”

Jaylani raised a hand and wiped at her eyes. She did not like this. Getting scared, really having to rely on another. It was all so strange to her for she was used to being on her own. Used to having only herself to rely on because there had been no one for a very long time. She had come to rely on only really one male for an extend period of time in her life, but he had disappeared long ago without any word. One might think she would be less willing to trust because of that, but she still gave her whole heart to practically everyone she met. Which was why she believed they did the same when meeting her. Still, the relying on another, that remained difficult for her at times.

“I just..” the mixed blood started, slowly getting a grip on herself, “water start to raise. Got in my mouth. I thought.. I thought I was go down.”

“It is alright,” Duncan assured her, likely sensing that she was getting upset again, “you just got sloppy with your form. I did not notice, I am sorry.”

Jaylani nodded, loosing her grip around his neck a bit and looking into unseeing eyes. She could not blame him for not noticing and she did not. She was did not blame him for anything.

“It is alright,” she told him honestly, all being truly forgiven.

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Water and Stone

Postby Jaylani Rae on August 19th, 2017, 4:36 am

“Should we keep going or are you done for the day?”

Jaylani did not answer the question right away. Duncan’s voice had been kind when he asked, simply wanting to know if she was ready for more or not. There was no judgement with him and she was grateful for that. She was embarrassed enough as things were. The mixed blood sighed and tried to make her decision. Things were definitely going better here in the pool than they had in the ocean. In theory, she could float now. She needed to work on keeping her back up and her legs straight, but she knew the mechanics of it. With some work, she would be floating around in no time. Hopefully there would be less scares about drowning next time she tried.

“We can do some more,” Jaylani finally answered, a hesitancy in her voice, “but no float. I done what I can handle today.”

Duncan nodded in response and Jaylani moved from where she gripped his neck. His arms loosened around her and she drifted back over to where she could hold onto his shoulder. He was quiet, thinking. Jaylani was quiet as well, also thinking. She was reminding herself that the water was not her enemy. That it was not scary and did not aim to harm her. This water was safer than the ocean water, she reminded herself. There were no waves to topple her over and Duncan was here. She still believed that he would keep her from drowning. To her the reason for that was simply because he had promised, now multiple times, that he would keep her safe. Another reason could have been that he did not want the tainted reputation if someone were to die in his pool. Another still could have been that he cared for Jaylani more than she even had the capability of understanding. Neither of these possibilities or any other were thought of by the mixed blood.

“Alright, well let us talk about breathing a little bit. Specifically breathing under water,” Duncan began as he moved them both over to the edge of the pool.

Jaylani released Duncan’s shoulder and grab hold of the edge. He did the same, holding himself in place as he talked. Jaylani looked at him and listened to every word, wanting to make sure she did not miss anything.

“It takes some practice, but you will be able to stay under longer and longer the more you practice. The hard part for you will be not freaking out. You have to let yourself relax,” the Svefra instructed his pupil for the day, “So really, all it is, is taking a deep breath above the water. Fill both your stomach and your chest if you can, for longer time. Then you hold the breath for as long as possible. When you feel you are about to burst, release some of the air through your nose or mouth. Slowly though, not all at once. Never try to suck in air under the water, that would be.. a very bad thing to do.”

Jaylani looked at Duncan with that last thing he said and huffed before rolling her eyes even though she knew he could not see her. She did know that fact at least. Sucking in the water was would would lead to her death. She was no fish or Konti and therefore had no gills. To suck in water would be to flood her lungs and with no way to get the water out, that would be the end. Though she was unknowing in many ways, the mixed blood was not always as foolish as she appeared.

“I do know that,” the half Myrian pointed out, “I will not try to breath water.”

Duncan gave her a wary, unsure look before he nodded like he accepted her words as truth. Jaylani was not sure what that look had meant. Did he not trust her to keep herself alive? She was not sure, but decided quickly enough that it did not matter too much. He was only trying to keep her alive.

“Alright, well practice above the water. Take a breath, hold it for five ticks and let it out slowly on a hissing sound,” Duncan instructed.

“Okay,” Jaylani agreed without hesitation.

The mixed blood gripped the edge of the pool now with two hands and faced the stairs leading to the pool before she took her breath. It was a deep breath and she focused on making sure it filled up her stomach first. It felt almost unnatural to put air into the space where her diaphragm was while not laying down on her back. It took her longer than what was usual to take a breath. Her stomach expanded first and then air moved into her lungs which caused her chest to expand. Then she closed her mouth and raised a hand to pinch her nose. She refused to let herself release any of the air early.

One.. Two.. Three.. Four.. Five..

All the air rushed out in one large gust. Jaylani gasped in more breath panting rapidly again as if she was drowning again. Her lungs were aching, she had felt like she was bursting at the seams holding her breath for just those few ticks. Relief came quickly, however. Once she returned to normal breathing the ache went away and she felt fine. Only saddened that she had not been able to complete the task assigned to her.

“Try again,” was Duncan’s response to her failure, at least his voice was not unkind.

“Okay.. Okay..” Jaylani breathed before nodding only to herself, she could do this.

She was determined to do this. So another deep breath was sucked in. Stomach expanded followed by her chest. Mouth was closed and nose pinched. She kept herself from letting the air go, counting the ticks as they passed in her head.

‘One.. Two.. Three.. Four.. Five…’

The mixed blood parted her lips and released her nose. Though her lungs begged for her to let it all go, she pressed her front teeth together and allowed her tongue to be pressed to the back of her mouth. Then the air was released, a strange hissing sound made. Jaylani was not so good at releasing the air slow, but at least it was on a hiss the whole way through. A loud hiss due to how fast she was blowing the air out. Soon it had all been released and she was gasping to regain normalcy in her breathing once again.

“Good. Keep practicing that. Go longer when you can, when that becomes easy. Try breathing out on ticks if you can. So five ticks held, five ticks hissing. Seven ticks held, seven ticks hissing. So on and so on. It will help, build up your strength,” Duncan told her before he made his way out of the pool, “come on, you need to work on that just normal before we put it to use under the water.”

“Alright,” Jaylani agreed before using her hold on the wall to get her to where the entrance to the pool was.

The steps made from stone made it easy to at least get out of the pool. Jaylani got a foothold on the lowest step and climbed her way out. The hot paradise air hit her, but was not unwelcome. She felt refreshed despite the drowning scare that happened earlier. Her skin was like a raisin, but it was clean at least. The water had washed away the dirt from under her nails and made her blackened feet just hazel toned again. She felt better, cleaner, happier. Like she had achieved something.

“Thank you for the help Duncan,” Jaylani thanked him with a smile and meaning behind ever word, “I could not do it with no you.”

“You are welcome,” Duncan said with a smile, “come back when you are ready for more and got that breathing down.”

“Alright,” Jaylani agreed with her own smile remaining.

The pair parted ways after that. Farewells were exchanged and Jaylani made her way back to the soaking pool. She dipped her feet back in the warm water and took the time to brush out her wet hair as well as give her body a once over with her bar of soap. The whole time she practiced her breathing, sometimes succeeding and sometimes failing. It was progress though. It was all progress. The mixed blood rinsed herself off in the end and wrapped her skirt back around her waist. Her brush and soap were gathered in her hands and she began the journey home, happiness radiating off of her. She was so glad she had decided to go to the pools this day.

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Water and Stone

Postby Madeira Dusk on October 26th, 2017, 10:59 pm

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