Closed A Sick Man's Game (Kelski)

Neras meets Kelski in the strangest of situations.

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A Sick Man's Game (Kelski)

Postby Neras Frostfawn on February 12th, 2018, 2:03 am

Whatever Jaren's guard gave Kelski, it hit her fast and hard. The drug seemed to put her into a euphoric state to where she had no clue where she didn't recognize her own home. Neras would definitely need to buy some of this drug from the old man because he could use it in the future. It was a bad thing to think, but in his line of work, they would definitely be a useful tool in the future. When he was finished tying her to the table, he could tell the woman was completely out of it. The longer he talked to Darvin, and the stupid look on his face, the rogue wondered if he was hitting his own stockpile of liquid happiness too. The old guard did have a good suggestion about using Jaren's personal stash of booze to sterile the instruments, and he suggested using her jewel equipment to bowl water. Surprising, he was quite helpful in his state. Neras looked at Darvin and said with a smile, “Don't get to wasted Old Man. I don't need you hurling up all over the floor...”

Neras knew that he was in a bad situation with Jaren Joander, but if he could get good with his guard than maybe he could gain a ally in the future. The old man seemed like he must have seen some shyte in his days, and he could use some advice to get ahead in the organization. The rogue saw the old man as a opportunity, so he would just test the waters with him. He figured if he started joking with him than they can get to talking later. Walking over to the small forge, the rogue saw some wood in a holder on the floor, so he put kindling into the forge, found a piece of paper rubbish in the waste bin, and placed it on top and under the kindling. Looking around for the flint and steel, he struck the flint on the steel and the sparks lit the paper rubbish on fire. He blew onto the paper till it caught on fire. He waited till the kindling started on fire to put on of the logs on it. He waited a few minutes for his fire to catch than he placed another log onto the fire.

Nodding, the rogue figured it was safe to leave Kelski with the old man, so he left the room and walked over to Jaren bar. He looked at the alcohol and saw that he had quite a array alcohol. He figured the cheep shyte was on the bottom shelf, so he grabbed one of the clear alcohol bottles and two glass tumblers. Walking back to the room, he placing pouring the clear alcohol into both of the tumblers. He grabbed the bowl of ornaments and let them soak into the alcohol. When he returned, he poured some of the water into the cleanest crucible and placed it on the forge to boil after flatting the coils.

Kelski seemed like she wanted to talk to him, so he walked over to her and looked down at her pretty face. She confessed that she was sorry, warned him doing things for Jaren, and about how she wants to fly, but the piercings will stop her from flying. Guilt started to wash over his face as he looked at the kelvic woman, he reached down brushed a piece of hair from his forehead and said gently, “You don't have to be sorry. You are the victim here. I should be apologizing for my comments earlier. I was wrong in telling you that you should become one of us because yes, we are ugly, and you are not, and I am jealous that you can stay true to yourself in all this ugliness.” Bending down, he whispered in her ear, so Darvin could not hear, “These ornaments are only temporary, and they can always be taken out of your body. You need to be strong and keep hope alive to endure these shackles. I believe one day. You will fly again, and I hope one day that I will get to see you spread your wings and take flight.”

Standing up from her, Neras wanted to slap the old man after what he said to the frightened kelvic, but he buried his feelings deep in his stomach as he put the instruments into the boiling water. He poured some cold water into another clean crucible. He only left them in the hot water before he used a tongues to take them out of the boiling water. Without looking at her, he asked out loud to Kelski, “How you feeling, Kelski? Do you feel comfortable?” He was checking if the effects of the drugs were wearing off on the poor slave girl. When the instruments were cool enough he placed them in the other tumbler with the alcohol, he grabbed the straight needled poker and the round nose ring. Leaning over staring into dark greenish brown eyes, he ordered Darvin without looking at him, “Time to make yourself useful Old Man. Hold her head.” Placing the sharp needle on one nostril, he said to her softly, “If you don't believe anything from me, believe me that I don't want to do this to you.” He slowly slid the needle through the center of her nose from the right to left. Carefully, he pulled it out, and he placed it in the tumble with the alcohol. He quickly placed the wet ring to the newly made bloody hole and slipped the ring ornament through it.
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A Sick Man's Game (Kelski)

Postby Kelski on February 13th, 2018, 2:49 am

Darvin grinned. “Hurling on the floor is a waste of good booze, son.” He said with a toothy grin, his whiskers parting a bit. The big guard was powerful, even though he hid his strength behind an overgrown beard and long roguish hair. Said hair was caught back in a ponytail and his beard had what he considered quite a fetching braid in it. Several glass beads he’d acquired from Kelski dangled where it was tied off. All and all, Darvin looked like he was headed out to hit the town. His linen shirt was open at the throat and halfway down to his navel, revealing his ripped chest, even for someone of his age. There was a great deal of white in his beard, most of his deep mahogany locks having gone grey a long time before.

The older man paced the length of the table, watching Neras get going on the project. Darvin immediately grabbed up the bottle Neras abandoned after pouring two tumblers and tsked a bit. “His good stuff. He won’t be happy.” He said, then took a pull on the bottle as he leaned a hip against the worktable where the Kelvic was stretched out. “You’re racking up the shytehouse score with Jaren, you know that right?” He said, chuckling slightly, taking another long pull from the bottle.

He listened to Neras comfort the girl and shook his head. “Don’t give her false hope. She’s nothing in the scheme of things here. And she doesn’t have the training to be anything more. Words won’t keep her alive. If you want her alive, teach her strength, not coddler her with reassurances you can’t follow through with. In this city, the only strength is through your wits and your blades.” Darvin said, walking around the table to get a better look at what Neras was doing.

He watched with interest as Neras carefully purified everything before working on the girl’s flesh. “Do you have any artistic capabilities? The Sun’s Birth could use a good tattooist. They generally handle things like piercings too. Good money in that, Neras, especially down by the docks. I could supply you with good drugs for it too, so no one ever gets anything but a high from your work. You should start sketching. You have a steady hand.” He added, complimenting the boy in his round-about way. He was actually learning something as the boy worked on the Kelvic, who was lying still and floating, her eyes glazed. She’d long since ceased talking, and he reached out to give her a pat.

“She’s a good girl. Better than Jaren deserves. I’m surprised he picked her up. He usually surrounds himself with whores.” He added, touching the girls hair once more. Darvin seemed to have a thing for it, which became evident when he wasn’t paying attention to Neras and had took perhaps one too many pulls on the bottle… which was now almost empty.

Darvin was a high functioning drunk though. He seemed to get nicer with more booze in him and definitely more talkative. “Yea… you’re gonna get a shytestorm from Jaren when he sees that vase broken. It was one of his favorites. And if he seems the bruises on her back that it is going to leave, you’ll have it worse. I suggest doing a very good job with this.” He added, gesturing down at the Kelvic.

Then he reached into the pocket of his leather pants and pulled out a folded parchment. It had another diagram on it. “Jaren thinks ahead. He plans for all scenarios. That’s what makes him good at being what he excels at; lazy.” Darvin said, unfolding the paper and smoothing it out. “He had me hold onto this in case she misbehaved. It’s more piercings. He didn’t think you had the sack for it though so he told me to do it if you couldn’t.” He added, leaving the diagram on the far side of the table and reaching out to hold Kelski’s head.

The Kelvic was unresponsive now, her lips parted and her breathing shallow. A trickle of drool slipped from the corner of her mouth and her pale steel grey eyes stared at something unseen to the two men at the level of the ceiling.

Darvin snorted when Kelski didn’t answer Neras’ question. “She’s petching comfortable, boy. I’m just that good at what I cook up. Besides, I’ve tested it on her before. She’ll be out a good bell or two… a lot longer than you need to get all this done plus the new ones.” He said, watching Neras do the nose piercing. “Very pretty. Jaren will like it a lot once it heals and he can get her to make some gemstones to hang from it.” He said, taking another pull at the bottle while Neras worked on more piercings. It was vaguely disturbing to him that he wanted his Kelvic hung with so much metal, but she wasn’t his business, not really.

When Neras was done with the nose ring, he released the girls head. She wasn’t going anywhere anyhow.

“I think this is a bit excessive, personally. A nice set of earrings, and maybe a ring through her eyebrow might have been enough. I know Jaren’s a little enamored with a new whore over at his favorite establishment whose got a lot of piercings, so I suspect he’s trying to model that. But the man doesn’t know limits. Everything he does is overkill.” Darvin said, picking up a set of four of the rings in Neras’ tray and then one of the needles that made the initial holes. “Her punishment is four more piercings… it could have been worse.” The older guard said, walking down the length of the Kelvic with one of the needles he’d dipped in alcohol. He unfastened the belt on her robe and parted it, revealing the rest of her torso, and pushing it to expose her breasts.

“Gods curse it…. “ Darvin said, grinning up at Neras. “Every time I see her without clothes I get rock hard, even at my age.” He laughed, and ran a rough hand down Kelski’s torso, like he was petting a favorite dog. “I assume you want me to do these four… now that I’ve watched you… I ain’t boiling things, but the alcohol will do well enough.” He said, his big dark hand a sharp contrast to Kelski’s nearly white flesh. He hadn’t showed Neras the diagram, specifically, but from where Neras stood he could see a whole-body outline and X’s marking four spots.

“Lad, I have some advice for you to survive Jaren. You have to understand how he thinks. He’s lazy, boy… so incredibly lazy. You know since The Sun’s Birth has had Jaren in charge of a few things, we’ve lost territory? You know why? Jaren was responsible to watch over it and didn’t want the hassle. That’s why that whole gated community is gone now. And what was he rewarded with? Same pay, same status, and all he has to do is manage The Barracks. Now he wanders around here like he’s some sort of King and we jump to do his bidding. All he has to do is have someone nail a board here and there to replace a rotting wall, and his daddy is puffed up proud.” Darvin said, as he reached out, setting the rings in the hollow of Kelski’s breastbone and ran a thumb around her navel. He pinched the skin of her indented belly button and shoved the big needle through it. Laying the needle aside, he ran a ring through it and fastened it. Stepping back, he surveyed the single drop of blood and laughed.

“This ain’t hard. Maybe I’ll go into business for myself.” He added, retrieving the needle, leaving the rings where they were, and wandering over to dip it into the alcohol again. He returned and before Neras could say anything, he had one of the Kelvic’s nipples pulled taught and was running the needle through. He did them both then with a wicked grin on his face he looked at Kelski and asked… “Should Darvin kiss them better? Oh yea… yea? Well, since you insist…” The Guard said and bent down, nuzzling first one then the other with a rolling laugh. Teeth flashed and to the right of her left breast, he sank his teeth deep into her flesh, leaving a mark. “Don’t worry little bird, its just my trademark that Darvin was here…” He said, taking another pull from the bottle.

There was one ring left. Darvin hoped Neras had been busy while he had been, otherwise this was going to take all day. “So Neras, heed me well. Jaren won’t let you live if you get in the way of his laziness. I’m serious about that. You do for him so he has to do as little as possible, and he’ll shower you with favors and you’ll rise in the ranks quickly.” The older man said as he pushed open Kelski’s legs. He was fiddling with the hood of flesh concealing her sex for a moment and then seemed to nod. He tipped the bottle he’d brought with him over the flesh, holding the needle in the stream of red port and nodded to himself before skewering the flesh there too. He stayed away from anything too sensitive, threading the ring through excess skin and nothing more. He grinned up at Neras. “I bet she tastes mighty nice all dripping with this port.” He said, brandishing the bottle slightly and laughing. “Think Jaren uses her?” He asked, having himself a good look at Kelski’s flesh. He moved closer, bringing his hand up the inside of her thigh. He parted her now slightly bleeding flesh once more and slipped a long digit slowly and gently inside.

A grin split his lips. “Ain’t what I thought.” He said, using his free hand to take another pull from the bottle. He was lingering a little longer inside the Kelvic than a cursory exam merited. “She’s known men alright. But not for a while. Tight as a boy’s ass.” He said, sliding his thick-knuckled finger out of her, then gave her white thigh a sort of playful pat. “Jaren ain’t doing shit, but we could and he’d never know.” He said with a grin and saluted Neras.

“You about done? I did all your hard work south of the boarder here.” He asked then laughed, suddenly paying attention to what Neras was doing at Kelski’s head and mentally comparing it to what Jaren’s diagram had said. “We really need to plan what we are going to do to negate Jaren’s wrath at you for breaking his vase. I have some ideas if you want to hear them.” Darvin said with a grin, doing the unthinkable. He brought his finger up to his mouth and ran his tongue down it, grinning slightly. It was the same finger he’d used to violate the Kelvic.

Kelski hadn't even flinched the whole time, her eyes still staring vacantly at the ceiling and her lips slightly parted in a slight grin of the completely and utterly wasted.
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