Flashback The Campo Archive: Teaching the family trade

Lo' and Oum take their daughters out to learn the family business

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The Campo Archive: Teaching the family trade

Postby Lo'campo on February 24th, 2018, 5:38 pm

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Sunberth, Sunset
45th of Fall 516 A.V

"The colors are always so beautiful around this time of day."

Sas commented, breaking the silence in the that rooted between herself, her sister, and her father at the time as they trained and she watched while enjoying the view. She raked her toes in the sand of the beach at the thought. "Father for the moment." So much had happened in such little time. The life they lived back in Zeltiva leading up to the death of their mother, then finding out that they had a long lost father out here somewhere all this time, just living life, then ironically finding out that their father is a-

"Crazy ass petching psycho"

Rems outburst snapping Sas back to reality. "Language." she scolded, using the same tone that their mother did. She even felt like she had the same expression that she used. Brow hard and downwards, nose flared, eyes looking as if she'd stared death in the eyes. "Well she did sleep with him, so I guess that's pretty close to death." she joked to herself.

" Come on Lo' stop petching around with me and teach me some of those real murdering skills. " Rem started again.


"Shut the petch up twig shooter!" Rem snapped, using her foot to kick sand up on her sister. Sas hated when her twin got like this. She would always get excited about something, and would start becoming disrespectful and rude. Sas gave a sigh. So much for staying clean. Using her bow as a crutch she stood to her feet, patting her clothes to get the clinging sand free from the fabric. Taking a breath, she got into stance. Shoulders perpendicular, feet shoulder width apart, square stance. Arrow nocked, string pulled, aim.

"Rem!, apologize." She spoke firm, stern, and one-hundred percent serious. She hated fighting with her sister. It always got violent, but she refused to be disrespected. Her arrow aimed for the thigh. She'd only shot her sister once before, so she hoped that Rem would quickly come to her senses and apologize. But knowing her sister like she does, Sas raised her bow. "Aim for the shoulder, it'll stop her, but wont kill her."

"Do you really want to do this right now?" Oumren asked in an agitated tone. No words were said as Sas reset her feet for a better shot. Rem looked at Lo'campo for confirmation of what was happening before putting her hands on her hips and going to take a step forwards.

"C'mon now Sas, put the damned thing down bef-"

There was a loud THWONG! as Sas released the string, launching the arrow head into the sand inches from Rem's foot. Go time. Rem pounced, dagger ready at Sas with an overhead swing looking to draw blood from the blonde's soft skin. Already prepared, Sas held her bow horizontally blocking the shot, and knocking Rem off balance. Foot between legs, arm across chest, push. There was a light grunt from Sas before Rem was back flat on the sand staring up into the tip of an arrow, pulled back, ready.

" Apologize."

"Petch you."

On my true name Oumren Bazanya Campo! Apologize, now!

"Glad to see that you're ready to get started. Now either you kill her or end this so we can go to our next destination."

"You'd let two sisters kill each other huh? So much for Akalak fatherhood"

"Petch Akalaks, we're just big blue brutes who like to bed women and flex our muscles. Fatherhood is just something we do to feel less bad about being whore-mongers."

"Hello father."


"It's nightfall so let's go. Whether it's here or somewhere else, you're going to officially get your first body as a member of this family."

Sas squinted. She could end it all right now. Kill Rem, Uncle Oumoc wouldn't care enough to stop it. He would want revenge for killing his daughter though. She'd just have to kill him too. Yea, kill them both, take the miza, and start a new life somewhere else. Yea, Mura or someplace. She took a tick to think. It did seem like a nice plan, but Oumoc was more skilled than she was, and would kill her without a second thought. How far would she even get? What if someone found out what she did? She'd kill them too. She'd keep moving around until she found a place to settle, and end up like. She looked to her uncle. No, she lowered he bow while keeping eye contact with Rem. This wasn't over. She'll learn how to control this accursed anger, get stronger. Become something. Make momma proud.

"Thought s-" Rem's words cut short, her sister's toes jabbing her underneath her chin with enough force to cause her tongue to bleed from being bitten. " Petching bitch" the red head spat leaving a red stain on the yellow sand. "Pick yourself up and let's go. We're behind schedule" Oumoc spoke with a hint of disappointment as he walked past the Konti.


-Loxudeianis Basunreph Campo

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The Campo Archive: Teaching the family trade

Postby Regime on February 24th, 2018, 6:02 pm


Hello my little criminal, while crime is allowed IC, IRL crime is not.

Your PC was created and active Summer 514, random proof. Please refrain from posting flashbacks that take place from the applicable present times from then to the current date.

Only rp flashbacks from early seasons or 513 and later.

Likewise, your box code. Please refrain from using All caps box codes, they fit into the garish eye bleeder category and as such are within any graders and my right to simply not read and avoid grading. Please correct that when you have the time.

Please Pm me and I'll remove the intervention when you've corrected your timestamps.

Please read the Flashbacklore for further details.
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