Location The Midnight Gem

A jewelry store and residence by the mouth of Mudway on the eastern sea.

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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

The Midnight Gem

Postby Kelski on June 10th, 2018, 3:56 am


The River Who's Name Has Been Lost meanders through Sunberth's underbelly and finds its way out to the Sea in a region of the city called Baroque Bay. This Mudway area of the city houses a number of businesses that cater to all sorts of Sunberth's denizens. Thick with sailors due to to the proximity of the beach, the area is often busy and known for commerce. On a point between the Mudway and the sea, stands a two story building brick and beam building off to itself on the south side of the river.

This is building is called The Midnight Gem according to the shield shaped pendant sign hanging from its storefront. Part high-end jewelry shop, part workshop, and part residence the The Gem does triple duty for Kelski, one of Sunberth's resident jewelers. The Midnight Gem sits on an acre of land that acts as a privacy buffer around it and the other businesses surrounding it. It's land also includes an expanse of tall grass and beach.

The retail part of the building sets facing the street to the south of Tall Johnny's. It has a lovely store front with flower boxes and barred windows. Its a combined three thousand square feet of showroom, workshop, and very secure reinforced vault. There is a clerk that is available at all times to help with the customers. The workshop is usually occupied by Kelski herself, who has been busy setting up the relatively new business by getting her stock built up and custom orders filled. The ground floor also includes a very simple office Kelski uses to keep records and do her day by day accounting.

There is a full basement that acts as a spare room for the denizens of The Midnight Gem to carry out whatever clandestine things they might be interested in doing.

A stairway leads from the workshop to the upstairs which contains a main room that's complete with a fireplace and hearth for cooking. The fireplace is flanked with cupboards that act as storage. The main room has been made comfortable with a scattering of couches and arm chairs. There is a main table near the hearth. On one wall there is a large bookcase holding odd nicknacks and a scattering of books.

There is a set of small bedrooms off to one side and a master suite off the other side of the common living area. While the two bedrooms share a bath with a privy, the master has its own bathing chamber. The main room spills onto a balcony that overlooks the sea. While not fancy, the residence is comfortable and well lived in.

The balcony acts as a roof to a large deck on the ground floor that also overlooks the sea. A fire pit is surrounded by a scattering of chairs on the deck. The balcony has a small stair that leads down to the side of the two story brick and beam building that allows access to the residence without going through the jewelry shop. It is gated at the bottom and top.

The deck and balcony are not clearly seen from the street due to the design of the large two story brick and beam building.

Shop Price List :
Metals Available
Gold, Silver, Copper, Bronze & Brass. Inquire for other metals... such as tin, steel, etc. Costs listed in order (Gold, Silver, Copper) as these are most common.

Gemstones Available
See Gemstone of Mizahar and inquire if specifics are available.

Breakdown of Prices for Pieces
All prices are in Gold-Rimmed Mizas.
Type of Piece and Material + Gemstone = Total Cost.
Examples: A simple cameo only costs 5 GM while a gold diamond ring costs 30 GM plus the cost of the diamond in the carats you want from the Gemstones list.

Pieces Available
Bands (Metal)
  • Arm (15 GM, 10 GM, 5 GM)
  • Brow 10 GM
  • Head 15 GM

  • Charm 10 GM
    ~Comes with one charm
    ~additional charms 5 GM apiece
  • Metal (25 GM, 15 GM, 10 GM)
  • Jeweled 25 GM + Gemstones

  • Cameo 5 GM
  • Animal 10 GM
  • Metal (15 GM, 10 GM, 5 GM)
  • Jeweled 15 + Gemstones

Cloak Clasps
  • Metal (15 GM, 10 GM, 5 GM)
  • Jeweled 10 GM + Gemstones
  • Animal 10 GM

Earrings (per set)
  • Metal (15 GM, 10 GM, 5 GM)

Hair Items
  • Metal Comb (22 GM , 15 GM, 10 GM)
  • Jeweled Comb 12 GM + Gemstones
  • Metal Clip (20 GM, 10 GM, 5 GM)
  • Jeweled Clip 10 GM + Gemstones

Necklaces (18in, 24in)
  • Metal (50 GM, 25 GM, 10 GM) (65 GM, 35 GM, 20 GM)

Animal Items
  • Collar Tags (Silver Only) 15 GM
    ~engraved with name of pet, owner, and address
  • Bridle Tags (Silver Only) 10 GM
    ~engraved with horse’s name only

Rings (free sizing)
  • Metal 30 GM, 20 GM, 10 GM

  • Wedding 100 GM
  • Jeweled 75 GM

Special Services (Free Estimates ~ inquire on cost)
  • Engraving
  • Encrusting
  • Ring Sizing, Resetting, & Recombining
  • Inlay of Material (stone, shell, etc)
  • Metal Plating
  • Gemstone Replacement W/Cut Glass

Special Requests Welcome

Name: Ebon
Race: Kelvic Night Lion
DoB: 516 (2) AV
PoB: Sunberth
Title: Clerk (secret Healer)
Skills: Medicine 30, Hunting 10, Tracking 10
Gnosis: Rak'keli

Ebon traveled to Sunberth with his Bondmate Sisala North. Sisala was a very powerful Konti healer of the Opal Order who felt called to Sunberth to assist its residents with their needs. As both her bondmate and apprentice, Ebon was diligent in his studies and working hard on becoming a healer like his mistress, However, fate intervened and Sisala was killed on the streets of Sunberth leaving Ebon stunned by the death of his bondmate. Broken, hollow, and grieving, the young Kelvic had fallen into hard times living on the streets.

Discovered being robbed by part of the Sun Birth gang, Ebon was rescued by a fellow Kelvic named Kelski and her Akalak companion named Aer'wyn. Becoming almost an instant tie between the two, Ebon was taken to The Midnight Gem for healing and has stayed there, where he was given a job by the Kelvic as a clerk for her jewelry store while he gets his life straightened out, his grief in order, and picks himself back up from the deep well of despair he's been in.
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