Solo [The Majestic] Payment and Practice

Kynier convinces Doler to teach him more magic, and gets a surprise lesson.

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[The Majestic] Payment and Practice

Postby Kynier on July 29th, 2018, 1:34 am


Skill Rewards
  • Deduction +1
  • Detection +1
  • Endurance +2
  • Meditation +2
  • Observation +5
  • Planning +1
  • Projection +5
  • Rhetoric +3
  • Negotiation +1
  • Stealth +1
  • Tactics +1

Lores Learned
  • The Majestic: Secret passage location
  • Doler: Says the best lessons you learn on your own
  • Doler: Would consider Kynier more valuable with a wider knowledge base
  • Doler: May tell Kynier how he suffered a permanent overgiving effect
  • Kynier: Need to apply more time to Voiding
  • Kynier: Envious of Doler’s collection of knowledge
  • Kynier: Magic isn’t always the answer
  • Meditation: Focus on breath not enough to distract from severe pain
  • Projection: Separates Astral Body from Physical Body
  • Projection: Initiation requires loosening the initiate’s Astral Body
  • Projection: Can incite pain in the nerves
  • Projection: Origins of initiation are unknown
  • Projection: Djed must dislodge the Astral Form
  • Projection: Can be done quick and painfully at the risk of nerve damage
  • Projection: Can be done slow and safely
  • Projection: Novices can reach 3-4 times farther with their limbs
  • Projection: How to detach both Astral arms
  • Overgiving: Projection limbs will grow heavy and stiff
  • Overgiving: Projectionists will feel body and soul desynchronize
  • Overgiving: Projectionists will feel pain from the physical body during detachment
  • Reimancy: Origins of initiation are unknown

  • Book of Projecion-Bodily Limitations

  • Overgiving: For the next 6 days Kynier's arms will feel stiff and less dexterous. Using Projection on his arms will extend this period by 2 days per usage.
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