Closed Troubled Devotion (Kelski)

In service to Akajia, each Nightstalker undergoes different trials. On rare occasion, they experience the same trails.

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Troubled Devotion (Kelski)

Postby Kynier on December 7th, 2018, 2:37 pm


Full immersion. There was no better way to describe what it was like being bonded to the woman he loved. To feel her presence encapsulate him physically, mentally, and spiritually. Even the air he breathed was infused with her. Her scent as well as traces of her own exhalation. The Sea Eagle nipped playfully at his lips. A hand came down her side to trail over her hip and feel the muscles and smooth skin of the leg she had partially around him. Though he was completely satiated Kynier desired more of her affections in a gluttonous way. When she preened the feathers he did not possess he sagged slightly to embrace the affection.

Once he had described her as being perfect, and it was only now that they could see how true that was. They were different, yet the same. Self-sufficient and lonely. Intelligent and insecure. Complex with relatively simple wants. At times they had considered themselves to be broken, when in truth, they were merely incomplete. Despite how much he could give through the bond, his strengths, passions, and stability, Kynier did not feel weaker from it. It did not feel like a tether that connected him to her and was more intimate that the consummation they had just undergone.

Kelski’s languish rippled through him, or his was flowing through her. The lack of such extreme stimulations of pleasure left behind the near numb sensation that sapped at his physical strength. Each kiss and preening nip sent shivers down his spine and raised the bumps on his skin. In response to his question, he felt the answer before he heard it. To look into her silver eyes and see the flushed smile, he saw and felt the honor she experienced. Though there was no hesitation, Kelski’s lips and voice formed the word so much slower than what their bond had informed him. It was nearly painful to wait to hear the verbal answer after already knowing what it was going to be.

Hands gripped her flesh tighter as he intended to take another passionate kiss from her. But a different sensation him a half instant before the Sea Eagle hissed with widened eyes. Power washed over them in a nearly tangible way. It ran its course to the left side of his neck where he felt the pleasant heat of Djed ignite across their flesh. Kynier’s jaw opened in preparation to cry out in agony, but the expected pain never grew past the threshold of strange discomfort. As quickly as it came, the wave of divine power was gone, leaving the air silent and still in its wake.

In unison with his now wife, Kynier raised a hand to feel the raised skin of the Cheva mark. Fingers traced the outline so that his mind’s eye could generate the shape. A Feather? Kynier lowered his hand from it to absent-mindedly rest it on Kelski’s shoulder. The animal instincts of her being arose as he used is other hand to pull back her hair to see the Cheva mark behind her hair. A silvery blue sheen had been glossed over her skin to form what was indeed a feather that appeared ablaze. Smiling in shock, Kynier met the fight or flight fear of his bondmate… wife… with assurance and joy. There was no one in Sunberth that he had seen possessing a Cheva mark, but he remembered seeing the strange pattern that his parents had possessed in the same place on their necks.

“No, it was not Akajia. I think her name was Cheva, she’s the goddess of love. These,” he gently set his hand over hers as it felt the silvery-blue feather on her neck. Fingertips interlaced as he indicated the mark with a soft touch. “Are her mark. Cheva Marks. Husbands and wives possess them. But the mark that is made is unique and matches the people that possess them. My parents had such a mark, though it was vastly different from ours, Feather. There’s was… I couldn’t even describe it, though I could draw it.”

As she nuzzled and kissed his Cheva mark, his hands ran over the skin of her back. One rested over the Night Mother’s mark between her shoulder blades as he sighed happily at the touch of her lips against him. Kynier pulled her hair back again to kiss her marks as well. But he trailed down her neck and kissed the blemished section of her skin that indicated where his teeth had been during their intimacy. Kynier felt the desire to cleanse and lounge in the warmth of a bath from his Feather. Pleasure arose from the thought of a bath. Kynier did not use words to answer her desire, they felt unnecessary.

Painfully, he took a step away from the female that was so many things to him. Each title lacking the ability to truly express what she was to him. Lover… wife… bondmate. Disengaging from her, Kynier collected the clothes that had been thrown about the kitchen. As he did, a curiosity formed, one that she would sense. Pulling on his Djed, he infused his eyes with Auristics, and set his Sight upon the Sea Eagle. It was like staring intently at a fire. Her aura was shining brightly. Brighter than he’d ever seen it. The aura encompassed her body, making it appear as though she were engulfed in silver flames. Then his eyes trailed to the bond.

Part of her aura was reaching out towards him. The tendrils that used to wrap around her form were gone and replaced with a single tendril that connected her to him. From her half of that thick rope, it was bright and silver with traces of shadow swirling around it. Until halfway were it blended with his… amethyst? The sight of it refreshed his smile, and he paused for a moment to simply observe her, and her aura. Joy as he had never felt flooded the bond during that time. With a slow blink, he ended his Auristic sight and proceeded to follow his… soulmate… to the master bath chamber.

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