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Two mages have plotted to rob a wagon.

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Unexpected Work II

Postby Kynier on November 14th, 2018, 12:46 am


With two Sigils set to try and send the horses, assuming they were going to be horses, that were pulling the shipment into a panic, Kynier felt that there was not much more they could do other than select where they would wait. Kynier took a few steps down the street, scratching the underside of his jaw in a thoughtful manner. “We need to be someplace where we can see both of the Sigils to know when the shipment passes them,” he thought aloud. His eyes went to the lift side of the street. On the left side they would be able to see the glyph that had been drawn on the wall. Kynier started walking down the street, keeping his eyes towards the left as he searched for a good place.

The street itself was long and straight, but the buildings were not in alignment. Some stuck out more into the road than others. A few hundred feet down the road there was a two-story building that protruded into the street more than others. Kynier looked at it with interest. “That building,” he said as he pointed it out to Koroshtoph, “that might be what we’re looking for.” With a brisk walk he approached it. As they came around to the front of the structure it became apparent that it was abandoned. The upper half seemed to have suffered a fire and the roof had collapsed as well as some of its exterior.

“Let’s take a look inside,” he said as he made his way in. The entrance door was closed but unlocked. Inside the room was clear except for the cobwebs that were forming. Rats scurried out of sight as they entered the main floor. Whatever damaged had been done had left the first floor untouched. With a quick look around, they found the stairs leading to the second floor. Kynier led the way only to discover that the destruction had hallowed out the next level. Before the top of the stairs had been reached, they could see across the whole second floor. The structure had been built mostly out of masonry and the stones had the scars of a fire. The stone surfaces of the walls and floor were charred but only small parts of the walls had collapsed from the damage.

Kynier stepped through the puddles forming on the floor as he went to the front corner that had a hollow window frame on both sides. From there, he was able to see a fair distance down the road and could vaguely see about where the glyphs rested based of a few distinguishing landmarks that lay around them. Kynier stepped away and looked at the small collapse that had occurred in the wall on the front of the building. It was more than wide enough for a man to fit through. “This is where we’ll wait,” he said without smiling. “From that window we can see them coming, as well as when they pass the Sigils. There’s plenty of distance to see the wagon approaching to time a jump.”

“The intension being, that once we’re on the wagon we remove the Dragoons that are riding on it and take control.” He paused as he realized a slight flaw to the plan. “Do you know how to drive a wagon?”

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