Solo Fulfilling Promises And Breaking Curses V

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Fulfilling Promises And Breaking Curses V

Postby Kelski on December 1st, 2018, 4:47 am

Timestamp: 22nd of Fall, 518 A.V.

"Did you expect any of this to happen when you woke up from your slumber this morning?" Kelski asked curiously from where she was perched on the work bench, curiously watching the mage. He made a derisive snort and glanced up at her, humor crossing his sunken face.

"My kind, Kelski, don't sleep much. We don't need too. Our lives aren't that fantastical. We don't need to eat much unless one's in a situation like mine. We don't need to sleep much either. Truth be told, I miss both those things the most from what I remember of being Mortal which isn't much." He said with a laugh.

Kelski smiled.

"You are taking this all a lot better than I suspected you would." She said softly, tilting her head and watching him through the trailing lengths of several strands of hair that had come loose from her ponytail.

"How could you suspect anything? It's not like we know each other..." He added, shaking his head with a smile.

"No, but be honest.... no sane person should be this calm... not after the events of the last two days... not after all that has happened." She added.

He only smiled.
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