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Crylon and Sadie meet amongst the books

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Of Finding a Good Read[Sadie Sundown]

Postby Crylon Stonecraft on February 12th, 2019, 1:02 am

76 Winter 518

Crylon had before been given general directions to the Library in Sunberth, but had yet to visit. He was however finding out that directions in Sunberth were somewhat subjective and not always clear once on the ground and trying to follow them.

Luckily for him it was not too far away in the city from the Gem or the area it was located at, at least compared to some of the more far flung areas away in the city.

Kelski had mentioned someone named Remmy, but Crylon had not had a chance with everything else going on to dig into the hows of getting there. Now, with some general direction in tow, he was finally getting around to actually nagivating to the place.

North and west of the Gem, in a neighboring area of the city... As much as one place or another could be called an area, more like an ill defined and divided lump of mass without clear demarcation.

Crylon had not been in the area long before noticing something odd. Or more so, the absence of something he had not realized was constantly around him... A palpable gaining of something new by something else lacking. The quiet. The lack of people. He could see shops, and out of the corner of his eye saw a few people or things scuttling about, but the sunlight lit street seemed almost... Dead.

Compared to the hustle and bustle and attempts at picking his pockets he was used to, this place felt... Calm. And very unlike Sunberth. No one begging in the street either. No one vomiting or getting into a brawl. If the lack of sound and action had not been so foreboding, Crylon might have liked the place for its atmosphere.

The buildings as well seemed... Quiet. Empty. Dead. Closed. He had hoped to find his way, or perhaps to ask someone for directions if he got lost, but that did not seem possible.

It was then Crylon realized what he should be looking for. Activity. Action. A living, in use, building. If the Library was indeed in use, being kept and repaired and used, then it should almost sing to him compared to the other wasted and abandoned masses of wood and metal and detritus about the place.

With this in mind Crylon made his way along the road, searching for signs of use. Of life. Of being in use. There were, it seemed, a few shops, but most buildings seemed empty or clearly not what he was looking for. He poked into a few, but saw immediately upon entering it was not the right place.

It was after he had been wandering for a few bells, still not yet noon but growing closer to it than to sunrise by then, that he found it.

A building, still as was common in Sunberth, in poor repair. But the worst bits fixed, patched, kept from letting the elements in. And unlike the other buildings around it, the place seemed... Inviting, seemed the closest approximation in terms of buildings.

Heading inside the smallish building, he was immediately met by books. Books, books, and more books, crammed inside. He saw one person inside, perhaps a worker there, but besides this the building seemed devoid of partakers.

Having found the building, Crylon made a quick nod at the other person inside, before beginning to look around. Before picking anything to read in depth though he would check a few in a spot, and others across in hopes of figuring out how the buildings books were sorted and arranged.
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Of Finding a Good Read[Sadie Sundown]

Postby Sadie Sundown on February 27th, 2019, 10:37 pm

A dim alley with not a soul in sight; it had been a while since she had walked this particular path. It was not one that anyone in their right mind would tread often, considering the general consensus on djed users and anything related to them within the city; Sunberth was not the most keen on magic and many abhorred it with a passion. Sadie had known as much from a young age, as her mother had been rather strict on her daughter's use of djed, all but banning her from using it completely. However, her mother had brought Sadie along on her secretive trips to the Majestic, which made it's home in Stumble Alley. Not many people ventured this way, and few resided in it, and so it could be rather disconcerting when stepping into it, away from the bustle of the main streets.

Then again, not many people knew much about Stumble Alley in the first place, at least not those who weren't involved with something or other on the side, and the rumours that surrounded the place seemed to be a rather effective deterrent more most. Afterall, not many people enjoyed the thought of disappearing without a trace, if it was not of their own volition.
Through her mother, Sadie had learned a thing or two about the area from a young age, and had been taught not to visit it too often, so as to avoid attracting too much attention... especially the attention of the wrong kind of people. However, Sadie was not going to the Majestic on this particular visit, but rather it's neighbour, the Library.

Sadie slipped from street to street, doing her best not to linger for too long in any given place, all the way maintaining a calm expression, as if it were any other place in Sunberth. Abandoned buildings lined many of the streets, and aged signs of livelihoods that had long since come and gone remained, as though it were a ghost town. A few brave souls still made Stumble Alley their area of business, but one could safely assume that they likely did not receive much in the way of customers.

Finally, Sadie caught sight of the Library and she quickened her pace eagerly, until she arrived on its doorstep. With gentle hands, she opened the door, stepped inside, and was immediately greeted with scent of wood, paper, and leather. It had been too long.

The patchwork building's interior reminded her of a warren, as if it were the home of a person or some creature that was stocking up for a long winter. Journals, packets of paper, and the o She felt her pulse pick-up slightly, excited at the sight of all of the journals, and a small, happy sigh escaped her lips.

“Welcome,” came a faintly familiar voice from behind a stack of journals and loose papers. The library's sole staff, Remy, poked her head out, gave Sadie a quick nod, which she returned, and went back to whatever she had been working on. Sadie turned her attention back towards the treasure trove of written words, and paused to consider them.
She was never quite sure how the journals were organized exactly- sometimes it seemed as though they were organized by subject matter, other times by how old they were. Maybe it was just her and she was mistaken in her recollection. Still, she wanted to find something to do with cooking, perhaps a new recipe or two if she could manage, which left her to decide how to tackle the stacks.
She glanced in Remy's direction and saw that she was deep in her task, eyes glued to the journal before her.
'Best not disturb her...'

Once she had made up her mind, Sadie turned and headed towards the back of the room- she would work her way from the far end towards the front of the Library.

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