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Zeltiva’s entrance thread, arrivals by both land and sea, post here!

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

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Postby Neologism on March 18th, 2019, 5:10 am

By Mountain and Bay

ImageWanderers travel from far and wide to Zeltiva, usually seeking knowledge from its ancient University, or great fortunes among the city's commercial hub. Nestled on the south-eastern coast of Mizahar, the city is a remnant of a bygone era, much of its architecture dating back to the pre-Valterrian age: the age of the Suvan and Alahean Empires. It is a melting pot of races and peoples, with merchants travelling from distant lands to sell their wares. Unmatched throughout Mizahar, it is said that a person can acquire travel to just about anywhere in the known world from Zeltiva's docks. It is from here that Kennabelle Wright first launched her voyage to circumnavigate the continent.

Zeltiva has no gates, and so the city can be entered through one of two ways. The Zastoska mountains funnel land arrivals through the narrow Mirahil Pass, and into the city itself. Most of the Syliran traffic comes in this way, and people are free to walk in and out of the city as they please under the protective eye of the Wave Guard. Though the pass is not policed officially, sometimes Wave Guards will take post for a few chimes at a time to observe the only entrance to the city from the mountains. Travelers are not common through the Mirahil Pass, but upon sighting a caravan, the Wave Guard will often present itself to guide the caravan into the city and direct them towards the Lord of Council’s Office where they may apply for visas. The vast majority of visitors, however, arrive by sea. Ships can move freely from the eastern oceans and then through the strait in Mathews Bay, docking at Zeltiva's extensive port. A myriad of small piers jut out of the docks for ships to use for loading and unloading. The majority of arrivals of a mercantile nature arrive this way, and the docks provide fast connections to Mura, Sunberth, and Sahova. All newcomers are greeted by Searchers from the Custom’s Office to catalog their wares or to help direct newcomers to the Lord of Council’s Office where they can apply for visas.

Players arriving into the city through either means must post here. A timestamp and a short description, or link to a longer thread, must be posted here so that STs can keep track of who is entering the city and when. Players leaving the city may also post their exit here, but this is not mandatory. All arriving and new players are advised to read through the Codex first.

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Postby Crylon Stonecraft on June 27th, 2019, 10:53 pm

Late in the day 40 Summer 519

With a sigh, Crylon looked on at the approaching land. The boat headed for a wide open bay within which their destination port rested.

He had spent a good bit of time during the trip below deck, but seeing their destination in sight he had been tempted to come and look as they approached. He did however stay close to the middle of the boat, and far from the sides.

They might be approaching more shallow water, but still this was not an overly large boat and and while shallower bits of ocean might exist... It was still ocean. A depth of liquid that once lost within one could not so easily extricate themselves.

Once they made land some humans greeted him, directing him to some person or others office, which the sailors confirmed was an official thing and not some scam to rip off outsiders.

He, apparently, needed a visa to live and work and such within the city. So that first, then finding a bed for the night, before heading off to other things tomorrow. Namely getting a job, and learning more of the large school everyone seemed to talk about when speaking of Zeltiva.

Perhaps he was far from the Kingdom, but it still seemed he found more than enough opportunities to learn and grow within the wilds of the humans lands.
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Postby Victor Flint on September 3rd, 2019, 2:44 pm

5th of Fall, 519 AV

As the caravan approached the narrow pass between the mountains, some guards appeared to lead them through. One approached Victor, patted him down and searched his belongings, making some notes in a ledger.

It was a long tiring journey and Victor wondered if it would be worth it. As they approached, the salty sea breeze wafted through. It was refreshing and carried a promise of adventure for Victor.

Then he was informed of the need for a visa and shepherded to an ostentatious building for him to apply, which dimmed his excitement somewhat.

Still he looked forward to getting to know the fabled port city...
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Postby Kagerou on March 29th, 2021, 4:31 am

Flames violently raged as young Kagerou watched his home, being mercilessly consumed by fire, while hiding atop an old tenement’s roof. He wanted to come down but the presence of the Daggerhand syndicate urged him that it’s dangerous to do so. Young as he was, Kagerou had always learned to escape the dangers that sullied the streets of Robern’s Reaches, giving him the confidence to wander outside even at night. That night however, destroyed every courage he had as he saw his family lined up in front of their burning home. Even from afar, he could hear the cries of his parents and siblings, especially his mother who desperately protected the young ones. All their cries however, all seemed to be of naught for as soon as his last sibling was dragged out of the house, they were all pierced with scimitars by the syndicate members that stood before each of them. Their neighbors all cheered as Kagerou’s family were being murdered before them.

“Death to those magic users!” All yelled in unison, exclaiming the hatred they had for the whole family.

Unable to bear the vicious scene before him, Kagerou decided to swiftly escape the place, jumping from one rooftop to another, then through the safe routes that he had learned throughout his time in Sunberth. Tears escaped his eyes, as a mixture of fear and hatred raged within his young heart. All he had were his clothes and the short bow he always brought with him for hunting. As he ran, ignoring the pain of his wearied legs, his heart screamed of vengeance for the merciless murder his family. He swore to his heart that he’d grow strong and claim his vengeance against those who put his family to their deaths.

Kagerou suddenly woke up from his nightmare, with his heart still racing in fear or perhaps hatred. He rose from a tattered makeshift bed that nursed him all throughout the journey hearing the soft sound of the sea waves that gradually calmed him down. He could feel the rocking movement of the boat as he crawled outside of the tent-like covering that served as a small cabin.

“Ah you woke up just in time. We’re now approaching the docks”, a man greeted Kagerou as he emerged from the makeshift room.

Before him, Kagerou was met by towering buildings, accented by their sleek and detailed exteriors. Even from afar, the vagrant was fascinated by the beautifully carved designs that separated the town’s architecture from the other cities that he visited so far. What caught his attention more were the mountains that lined the city’s background. Kagerou himself had been raised as a hunter by his father and he valued hunting as the most precious memory he had from his deceased family. Hence, seeing the mountains beyond the city meant that he could safely continue practicing his hunting skills after years of hiding and escaping from the big gangs of Sunberth.

The crisp air and soft rays of the golden sun indicated that it's still early in the morning. Medium to large fishing boats passed by them, all sailing towards the docks. He could also see a few smaller ones scattered near the harbor with the view of a couple battleships docked at the eastern end of their destination.

“West from the docks lies the University Quarters. You can’t miss that as a lot of visitors here are mostly headed that way. From there you can ask for World’s End Grotto. You can find shelter there while you are in Zeltiva.” The boatsman explained as their small transport took them closer to town.

“I see. You have my thanks kind stranger.” Kagerou bowed in gratitude for the man that provided him transport through the sea.

“Well the pleasure’s mine mysterious stranger.” The boatsman responded, a light laughter escaping his lips. “And don’t worry I’m not the type to be telling my name either so we’re both good as we are now. I just wish you all the luck on whatever your goal in this town is.”

Kagerou bowed in acknowledgement yet remained silent as the boat touched the docks. Noise from various merchants and sailors that crowded the harbor began to succeed the tranquility that they had at the sea.

“Alright here we are at Zeltiva. I guess our company ends here,” the boatsman smiled warmly as Kagerou helped himself out of the boat.

“Thanks again for the help. All the luck for your trade as well,” Kagerou responded again with a bow then quickly turned to set upon his new adventure.
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