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Wright Memorial Library

Postby Neologism on June 14th, 2019, 11:23 pm

Wright Memorial Library

The Wright Memorial Library is the largest library in all of Mizahar. It is the most extensive catalog known to man post-Valterrian. Due to the nature of life after the catastrophic Valterrian, libraries do not exist as people once knew them, and thus the largest library in modern times holds maybe a little over two thousand volumes. It is renowned for its grand architecture and relative accessibility, but it does not mean these books are anything like what they were before the Valterrian. There are absolutely no tomes on magic, pre-Valterrian knowledge, and there are very few on Religion. Books and scrolls are organized by language, then by subject, and then alphabetically by author within. Over ninety percent of these books are in the common tongue and originate from Zeltiva as a product of the many journals and notes written by University intellects that were then donated, bought, or even stolen, by the library. These books do not contain how-to information, but rather are simple recipes on certain skills, and rough notes on what one may have needed to write down. Still, the Wright Memorial library is renowned for its size, history, and accessibility which creates an atmosphere of education difficult to find in Mizahar, where survival is the first and only priority for many.

The library is open to all - not just those enrolled at the University. There is a real desire to make knowledge "free" to all, and a belief that Zeltiva's great store of knowledge will help Mizahar rebuild itself in future.

The library itself is one of the few modern buildings within the University campus, although it is not anything less than magnificent. The large granite building is intricately carved with tradition Zeltivan columns and heavy oak doors. The interior is bright with white marble and large windows to light up the gold accents on the ceiling and veneration for Kenabelle Wright. Entering through the main entrance of the library will lead one to a large hall which holds the chairs and tables used for studying. From there there are tidy spiral stairs which lead up to the higher floors which hold the majority of books. All three floors of the library open to the center large hall, which means they can all see the veneration of Kenabelle Wright which is on the wall opposite to the entrance on the first floor. Gilded entirely in gold with a detailed marble statue in the center, the wall hosts a carved marble plaque telling of Kenabelle’s accomplishments and life. The most popular book in the Library has always been
'An Account of The Circumnavigation of Mizahar'. Almost every Zeltivan has at least heard about it if not read it, and there are multiple copies available for those who haven’t. The veneration of Kenabelle Wright is not only the Library’s proudest possession, but a large draw for those who visit the library.

ImageRace: Synethaefal, Svefra
Date of Fall: Winter, 322AV
Place of Fall: Zeltiva
Title: Head Librarian at the Wright Memorial Library
Skills: Organization (75), Research (70), Writing (65), Mathematics (60), Bookbinding (50), Copying (45), Arcanology (40), History (35), Anthropology (30), Astronomy (20), Forgery (10)
Language: Common (Fluent), Celestial (Fluent), Fratava (Fluent), Kontinese (Basic)
Concept: Having worked in the Library for a little over two hundred years, Sereke is intimately familiar with every nook and cranny, shelf and section within the structure. She is surprising active and confident in her leadership of the Library, with a wry sense of humor and voracious appetite for knowledge that hasn't diminished even slightly over the years. She is extraordinarily protective of the Library and by extension the University as a whole -- and she can become a powerful force to reckon with for any individuals that damage or endanger the Library and its works.

For the five decades since the library was renamed and Sereke was venerated as sage; she not only serves in the capacity of Head Librarian of the Wright University Library -- Sereke has also held a respected position within the University of Zeltiva's Board of Regents for over a hundred years. Her duties in the Wright Library not only include overseeing the junior members of the staff, but from her post she also directs the libraries constant hungry acquisition of knowledge from all over Mizahar, she is known to occasionally hire information gatherers to seek out tomes worthy of placement in the library, or to find proof of ancient lore and knowledge.

One of the services that Sereke and the library provides is finding answers and information for those who come to the library in search of such. If favorably disposed towards an individual who asks her aid, Sereke would doubtlessly utilize all of the skills and knowledge that she possesses in order to obtain the knowledge her patron requires, although it should be noted that the library does not contain all knowledge, and many questions will go unanswered.
Gnosis: Inavalti 1, Lykata 2, Graphomancy 1

All books are available to be read within the library proper, although some may be copied to be purchased, this is not a guarantee. Copying takes approximately a day per 20 pages, and then two to three days to bind the copied book. Most books do not contain more than 60-80 pages, and are relatively simple in material. If you are uncertain on whether you can find a specific subject, lore, or language in the Library, please PM an ST.

⥼ Books
    Common (5-10 gm): These books are poorly written with bad grammar and include personal stories and observations. They make up a bulk of the library, and are essentially someone's journal or diary. They recount experiences or hold simple recipes, and cannot be used to learn skills.
    Average (10-50 gm): These books are well written and might be more than a simple journal, may contain enough information to maybe will have just enough information to help you achieve an L1 in a skill. There are few of these books in the library and most of them originate from Zeltiva and are in the common tongue.
    Exquisite (50-100 gm): These books are Post-Valterrrian works of art. They often contain copied fragments from Pre-Valterrian sources and/or are written by those with high levels of education in different fields. Even then, you aren't likely to gain enough information for more than an L2 skill if you are lucky. An example of this type of book would be 'An Account of The Circumnavigation of Mizahar' by Kenabelle Wright.

⥼ Scribe:The Wright Memorial Library offers copying services of books that scholars may wish to possess. As a result, they are always in need of those with writing skills to prepare these for sale, or to preserve existing work on new paper so that it may be read in future generations. Although the work is long and tedious, it is simple and always in demand so it is known for being a quality and reliable job. Scribes hired by the Library are separate than Scribes hired by the University, so their only job is to copy work in order to restore it for re-shelving in the library or to sell to a customer. Base pay is 3 gm/day, must possess the Writing skill.
⥼ Researcher:A hard job to do, but one that the University finds necessary is that of information gatherers, known as researchers. These researchers are responsible for seeking out and acquiring new knowledge for the library. Often this takes place within the city proper and can be things like new recipes, notes on seasonal fish migrations, prayers and songs that one writes down, and more. Occasionally though, researchers find very interesting and important information to share with the library and enhancing the knowledge of the University. Base pay is 3 gm/day, must possess the Investigation skill.

Please review Mizahar’s rule on Books and Gossamer’s most recent scrap on the matter (page 203, post 3). In order to obtain pre-Valterrian, magical, or region-specific books, please PM an ST. Expect that books of this nature will have to be earned IC and cannot simply be bought.

Original location credit goes to Paragon.

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