Completed (Empyreal Demesne) Leaps and Bounds (Kelski)

Nothing brings two people together better than parkour...

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(Empyreal Demesne) Leaps and Bounds (Kelski)

Postby Dessarian on September 27th, 2019, 6:35 pm

To his shame, Dessarian's practice was not to linger long after sex. It had always been a physical experience for him, the mutual fulfillment of a need, a woman for a night to satisfy his desire, and sometimes to ease the loneliness of the Damazar's secret life. Not that he didn't respect those women, or that he thought to use them. He never promised them anything more than a shared moment of intimacy. It was just, when that need was filled, there was nothing left. He only just learned, through Kelksi, that he never really had his needs met, they were simply numbed for a time, and that is why he had nothing more to give to those women.

But after his toe-curling release, Dess wanted Kelski to stay close. Her insistent nudging to press against him was more welcomed than she may have known. But she would know, she would feel the internal sigh of discovered peace. They had opened a proverbial can of worms by giving opportunity for the bond to form, setting before them a new path unfamiliar. Yet Dess didn't feel anxiety or a stitch of concern, he simply felt...complete.

As he felt Kelski's arms lace around his waist, her body pressed against him so that they could be as much skin on skin as was possible. The soft kisses and nipping the kelvic applied to his skin were like strokes of assurance and acceptance from the sea eagle. Dess wrapped his arms loosely around Kelsi, not constraining her arms, so that he could smooth his hands up and down the muscled harp of her back. They were comfortably silent, together probing the scope of their new dimension. Dess could sense not only Kelski's awareness, but her exploring his own.

Kelski's carefully worded statement drew the focus of her bondmate. She felt his happiness. A warm wave of happiness had indeed suffused his mind and body, in multiple layers for many reasons. He was biologically happy, Kelski having brought him a deeply felt climax that had no rival. He was happy for himself, still unable to fully comprehend that Kelski was his, a desire that had grown more intense through the seasons and had become a truth. And Dess was so very happy for the kelvic, who discovered that she was not broken, she was not in some way less than worthy, but that she was a kelvic whole and strong. His joy for her was pervasive.

Dess's crisp azure gaze met her silvery eyes as Kelski drew back enough for their glances to meet. He was hungry, but that small matter held little significance for him at the moment. They wanted to, needed to take their time to understand what had happened, to cope with the shift in paradigms they now faced. He could feel Kelski sifting, plucking, all while she found some difficulty believing it all, just like Dess. But it was true and real, he simply knew it.

"Yeah," Dess replied, unable to keep a small smile from tugging at the corner of his mouth. "I've never felt it of course, and all the words I have heard about it couldn't begin to describe it, really." Description still failed him, the sensation of the bond was so foreign, so marvelous, yet so integral to them that if it suddenly vanished, he knew it would be like part of him was lost.

They continued to touch, idle caresses that were like tangible expressions of their new bond. Dess allowed a calloused hand to pass over the curve of Kelski's rear and up along the subtle swell of her up. It continued over her ribs and across her breast, until the fingers glided over her collarbone. She shamelessly touched him intimately with a gentle stroke of his shaft and the careful fingering of his stones. So soon after release, the caresses did not stir arousal, but a deep, visceral endearment, and it made Dess want to melt into his bondmate. He hummed with content pleasure.

Emotion now drifted freely between them, as they gave their bond no resistance, but coaxed it to find new ground and take root. Dess sensed, with great humility, Kelski's gratitude. Like he, the kelvic hadn't known pleasure like that which they had shared. He felt a sudden trickle of amusement bubble in Kelski, and Dess's grin stretched to a broad smile when she compared him to a plump salmon. "No, not at all, I kind of feel as if I have captured the attention of a beautiful, noble..." Dess paused, trying to think of an appropriate animal to compare her too, then realized how silly that was, " eagle!"

The strongly physical dynamic of the bond was evident to their cores. They could not stop touching one another, eyeing each other, or thinking of the intense pleasure of their intimacy. Kelski voiced the question both were asking. When could they have more of each other again? "I don't want to be filled, I always want to be hungry for you." He agreed in a softer tone. Some things would change, neither would deny, and even as the thoughts drifted quickly through Kelski's mind, Dess was on a parallel journey. His nights would be restless if he could not feel her against him. They would no longer feel the longing ache for intimacy. The deep needs Dess knew would not subside, but he didn't see them as bondage to Kelski. No, there was a freedom in needing each other, for it allowed for so much they had both been missing.

When Kelski's forehead rested against his chest, Dess leaned down to press a kiss to the crown of her damp hair. Dess knew the kelvic was a deep thinker, but with the bond he could feel it, the many emotions, and he felt her thoughts list from joy to uncertainty and concern. His arms instinctively surrounded her again, a bit firmer than before, to provide a sense of security. "This is for us to figure out together, Kel." Dess affirmed. He had sensed her concerns when it came to her fulfillment of some unspoken expectations. Kelski would feel Dess's assurance. There were no expectations laid upon her, other than for her to be herself.

"This kind of thing, it's one day at a time. We take each day and we learn something new, refine something, or learn from a mistake and better ourselves for it." Dess answered. He didn't know how else to do it. His hands moved up and down her back again, dipping below the small of her back to rub the roundness of her bottom and then up again, ceaselessly enamored with the way her contours felt beneath his fingers.

As her fingers continued to tenderly touch him below the water, Dess lowered his head to rest lightly on Kelski's. "I want to walk. I know we need to return, but I don't want to rush." He answered, knowing the kelvic wanted it too. Dess selfishly wanting to stretch out his time with Kelski as much as he could before they returned to their duties.

They reached the shore together, allowing the sea breeze to dry them off. The couple dressed and, hand in hand, made their way towards home. Dess would know before she asked, and Kelski would sense his answer before he replied. Her mate was more than willing to move into the fourth floor of the tower. His pride was not the sort that insisted he hold some male status over Kelski, to insist his bed was where she belonged. Their bond was equal, and when it came to the Meraki, Kelski was the Guildmaster. Her bed would suit them best.
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(Empyreal Demesne) Leaps and Bounds (Kelski)

Postby Kelski on September 29th, 2019, 3:03 am

Kelski was blissfully unaware of any of Dess’ past dalliances or attitudes. It would have mattered not to her anyhow, for she was a creature that didn’t dwell in the past but rather lived for the here and now and for indeed the future. As she took his hand, and as they half waded back to solid ground and dressed, Kelski felt words flee her mind rather than form and exit her mouth.

It was a new sensation, being with someone and not needing to speak to them to know what they were about. Dess was giving off the same attitude Ebon would have after a satiating meal or a healing gone well and having taken his Night Lion form and stretched out in the sun. Only, with Dess, she could feel his contented pleasure like it was a tangible thing wrapped around her. Kelski had once thought being part of a bond would be invasive, and there would be no privacy and no place to hide. She had assumed bonding was like slavery, but even more binding and more subversive. The Sea Eagle had even secretly feared losing her identity in a bond via having the bondmate’s somehow overwhelm or absorb who she was.

With Dessarian, Kelski was certain there was no risk of that. He was fascinated by her, as intrigued by her as she was by him, and more than willing to let her be her. She appreciated that.

What she was feeling was anything but what she’d assumed. The subversion wasn’t present. There was only pride and satisfaction. She stole sideways glances at Dess and admired his profile, the way his still-damp hair curled and fell with an almost aristocratic grace across his jawline. He was a beautiful male, and though he was human she couldn’t hold it against him. It wasn’t his fault what race he was born, even if most of his people were deplorable to her. “Life is busy… good busy and hard busy but busy.” She said softly, gripping his fingers with her own as they walked hand in hand. “You do not have much privacy where you are now on the third floor with the other men. You won’t until everyone has their own chambers and the manor gets fully built off the tower. I would like…. time alone with you. I have privacy to work. We would have more room if you … when you move up to the fourth floor.” She said lightly, sincerely. Kelski wasn’t shy. In fact, she barely noticed her nudity among the other Kelvics and people used to such things living with those of the more bestial nature. “I want to be free to get to know you better there.” There were lines she would cross willingly. The suspension of clothing was one of them, open affection was another, but that’s where the line was firmly drawn with her.

It was hard enough acknowledging the fact that her and Dess had bonded. If there was anyone she’d have sworn to not bond too, it would have been the person that Kelski had been promised too as a child. While not intentional, Kelski tended to chafe at authority like that. It had been the same with learning magic in a city that hated magic. And while Dess had readily let her out of the agreement of betrothal, Kelski had still had concerns. And yet he’d looked for her. He’d not given up on her. The thought made Kelski’s heart swell with gratitude. It was confusing, even to a person that was intelligent and self driven. She’d spent her whole life thinking she’d been unloved, unwanted, rejected due to a fluke of her eyes being silver rather than blue. But it had all been a lie.

And yet here was a man that stood as a testament that she was wanted, and no one had given up on her. He’d kept looking. And now was bonded to him. The thought was almost one she couldn’t process. A grief she hadn’t known she’d possessed infused her, released from some long buried locked place inside her. Wetness filled her eyes and spilled down her cheeks as she released all the pent-up emotions, she’d held so tightly too all the years of her life. It was humbling being worth so much to someone when all she had thought her entire life was that she was worthless and unwanted.

Her hand tightened around his, knowing he would feel the grief and the release. “It’s … humbling, being so wanted.” She said softly, blinking as the tears came more fully. She didn’t sob or gasp. Kelski was almost silent in her release of the poison that had been in her soul a long time. Crying. The Kelvic almost ever cried and yet she had cried in front of him twice. Kelski glanced sideways at him again, her thumb running across the roughness of their fingers interlinked, pensive and

“I plan everything in my life carefully.” She said, blinking back the free-flowing tears and using her free hand to wipe them away. “How could I ever plan for you?” Kelski asked, giving his hand a squeeze. They were close to the Demense now. “Everything I’ve been through… that you’ve been through… all of it leading to this. I feel it so acutely.” She said, her voice rough with her emotion. She was talking about fate. She was talking about things that were intended to be by the powers that were. “There are no words…. “ She said, shaking her head, then tossing her hair and hissing like the bird she was. Sea Eagles had a hundred vocalizations, probably even more than humans had with their common language. In the years to come, he’d learn them all as if learning a second language. She’d learn his tells and body language too. Kelski looked forward to it.

But in the meantime, hearing her heart was easy enough. Kelski wasn’t sure why, and though she couldn’t put thoughts into words, Dessarian would understand clearly. She was uncertain in her happiness, not because she was uncertain she wanted him or that she wanted a mate, but in the fact that she was uncertain what such powerful forces were coming together for. It felt fated. It felt intended. It felt humbling.

“I know you will move up. Thank you for that.” She whispered, stroking his knuckles again. She didn’t want to be apart from him long. And she wondered if that was normal, the need to be around him, to watch him, to meet his needs? What were his needs? He had none right now, none other than being present in the now. The Kelvic tilted her head, tasting the bond between them, testing it like a curious jeweler probing a new necklace with a cut and clarity she’d never seen before. He was content, more settled into the situation than she was. But she mused it was something he’d been used too, surrounded by Damazar and K’etir all his life. And he’d held her hoping they’d bond as an infant. It was something she hadn’t had a lot of time to get used too.

Kelski looked up at the beach and realized she was staring at the sentient dock in the distance and the trail leading up to the tower. They were almost home now. Her hair was almost dry as well. Kelski wondered if she’d look different bonded, and if the others could tell? How would The Gem react? Kelski knew she needed to get a sliver in Dess’ arm as fast as possible because it would go easier living in a sentient building if he could talk to her.

Pausing slightly, Kelski gripped Dess’ hand once more then took a deep breath, pushing away all her insecurities and all the things she had been wondering about. Instead, she took in the scene for what it was. It was home. And with that, Kelski realized she’d never felt more actually at home than she had here, standing beside this man. “It’s starting to look a lot like a home isn’t it?” She said instead of telling him what she was thinking. She knew he’d probably guess. A slight smile flitted across her face. Then she glanced at Dess. “Anywhere you’d be would feel like that, I think.” She added and then started walking again. It was time to go home. Home. No, that wasn’t true at all, Kelski realized. She didn’t have to go home. She was already there.
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(Empyreal Demesne) Leaps and Bounds (Kelski)

Postby Ennisa on January 26th, 2020, 5:41 pm

Grades Awarded


This was a spectacular read. I could taste the smell of the clear forest air, the rush of the sea, and I could almost feel the branches whipping the skin as you both ran. The emotions ran high throughout the entirety of this thread. I am in awe of the skill shown by both of your writings. This was a truly beautiful read.

I also feel that, though I was as careful as I could be grading, that I've missed things. So if either of you feel like I've not been fair in grading, please please PM me, as I'm happy to review if necessary.


Acrobatics: +4
Endurance: +3
Observation: +5
Philosophy: +1
Planning: +1
Running: +5
Seduction: +4
Socialisation: +5
Stealth: +2
Swimming: +2
Teaching: +1


The ED: A beautiful place
Kelski: Plays violin with enthusiasm
Song: “Let the toast pass”
Kelski: Built for survival, yet nevertheless sensual, and not a typical woman
Kelvics: Do not feel self-conscious about nudity
Socialisation: Keeping one’s head above the heat of desire
Kelski: Her opinions on children and creating a family
Kelski: Considers herself broken because she hasn’t bonded
Kelski: Enjoys Dessarian’s eyes on her
Running: Importance of stretches
Kelski: Her thoughts on humans
Endurance: Pushing onwards despite healing injuries
Kelski: A competitive streak?
Running: Taking breaths to avoid cramps
Personal: Humbled by injuries
Kelski: Wants to be touched by Dessarian
Kelski: The shape and contours of her body
Dessarian: So often alone - before Kelski
Running: Finding footing on a downhill run
Kelski: Discovery of the sensitive areas of her body
Philosophy: The meanings of belonging
Kelvic Bonding: Kelski’s bond, a deep understanding of her body and soul
Kelski: One of, if not the most important part of Dessarian’s life
Kelski: Sexual preferences
Personal: Not bound by family tradition any more
Architectrix: A difficult magic to grasp
The Bond: The moment within Matthew’s Bay when the Bond formed
Planning: Formulating thoughts of Dess’ & Kelski’s future together




Dessarian, I love your writing, and your character is so fantastic. The love and patience he shows Kelski is heart-warming. Though I'm sure there will always be challenges for the Meraki and the ED, you now have each other to weather those storms.

I wanted to make a note about parkour - I haven't awarded any specific points to this skill, as I put it as acrobatics instead. However, if you do want parkour specifically, let me know and I can change it. :)


Acrobatics: +4
Dancing: +1
Endurance: +3
Meditation: +1
Philosophy: +3
Play Musical Instrument: Violin: +1
Running: +5
Singing: +1
Seduction: +3
Stealth: +2
Swimming: +2


Svefra: Are willing mediators in business
Zeltiva: Does not have a jewellers
Violin: Playing music with another by adding counter-melodies
Song: “Let the toast pass”
Dessarian: Lean and hard, yet comforting to hold
Dessarian: Enjoys music
Family: Some common physical attributes common to the K’etirs
Dessarian: His opinions on children
Dessarian: Beautiful to behold; both physically and intellectually attractive
Socialisation: Maintaining a conversation through desire
Dessarian: Since childhood has dreamt of being together with Kelski
Dessarian: Has also thought about lying together with Kelski
Philosophy: Nature versus nurture - some preliminary thoughts
Personal: Trusts nobody fully, except Gilthas and now, perhaps, Dessarian
Running: Lapses of concentration lead to falls
Self: The anger is always there
The K’etir: Viewed the world as a child, and the Valterrian its birth
The Damazar: Allied with the K’etir to protect them
K’etir & Damazar Families: Their beliefs sometimes bordered on obsessive
Philosophy: Taking lessons from family history
Seduction: Guiding touch
Dessarian: Relationship worth savouring
Acrobatics: Leaping logs
The ED: A bountiful land - valley of flowers and deer
Running: Catching one’s breath after a run
Dessarian: The curves and planes of his body
Dessarian: Identifying some of the sensitive spots on his body
Stealth: Finding a nook to hide with someone from the rest of the world
Philosophy: Power and the responsibilities attached to it
Matthew’s Bay: More akin to a lake than the sea
Planning: Organising time for pleasure as well as work
Dessarian: Sexual preferences
Personal: Not bound by familial traditions
Kelvic Bond: The understanding of Dessarian in both body and mind
Bond fully formed through the act of love-making with Dessarian
The Bond: The moment within Matthew’s Bay when the Bond formed
The Bond: Learning how it feels for the first time
Dessarian: Kelski’s bondmate
Meditation: Calming simple fears
Personal: No idea how to be a K’etir daughter




This was incredibly beautiful to read. Kelski has come a long, long way. It was amazing to see the anger, doubt, and worries fade away. I really hope that you and Dessarian further strengthen that bond.

A small note on the lores: Some of the lores I have awarded might end up being duplicates as your CS doesn't have them listed, so I'm sorry if that's the case. As I mentioned to Dessarian, I haven't awarded parkour and have instead listed it as acrobatics. If you would prefer parkour, let me know and I can change things. Same if there is anything specific you were looking for that I haven't awarded.
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